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  • Pioneer in arcade games
  • Design & interior
  • Multi-purpose venue
  • Quite during weekdays
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  • Owner:
    Atari & Decentraland
  • Metaverse World:
  • Coordinates:
    -95, 110
  • Accepted currencies:
    PLAY, DG, MANA, and ATRI
  • Year founded:

Atari Casino

If there’s one company that propelled video games into the stratosphere in the 1980s, it has to be Atari. Pong, Asteroids, Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong were the foundations upon which later titles were based. With so many valuable and exciting IPs to their name, Atari also wanted to give online casinos a try.

Together with Pariplay, they launched a regular casino site. It was a mix of their proprietary slots and titles from other suppliers. But in 2021, they made the biggest leap yet. They opened the first Atari metaverse casino – Atari Casino Decentraland. Both the content and the extravagant opening party turned a lot of heads.

That’s why today’s Atari Casino review will tackle all the topics surrounding this new decentralized casino. We’ll point out the location, along with descriptions of games and interior design choices. Ready to step into Decentraland?

Atari Casino Location

Atari Casino is located at -95, 110, in Vegas Plaza. You can find it right across the Metaverse Summit Virtual Experience. It’s one of the tallest buildings in Decentraland, shaped somewhat like the Atari logo, resembling a capital A. You can’t miss it.

After creating your avatar and connecting your wallet, jump to the coordinates mentioned above or walk to the location using WASD or the arrow keys. Keep in mind that Vegas Plaza (the gambling district) is far from the starting point.

If you choose to jump to the coordinates, you will be ported to the bottom floor. There are three levels, with the upper two being reachable from the main one. Overall, the building is quite large and is connected to other venues using the futuristic pink/mint roads.

How to Start Playing at Atari Casino

Since Atari Casino is a part of Decentraland, you have to join this virtual world in order to partake in casino games. If you’re unsure how follow these steps, and you’ll be able to start in a matter of minutes:

  1. Go to You can play at this Decentraland casino via the desktop app or your browser. Due to the high graphical demands of this metaverse gambling venue, you can’t use your smartphone. VR support is coming soon, according to rumors.
  2. Connect your wallet. It’s also possible to play as a Guest, but this means you won’t be able to play all the games and interact with the environment fully. To proceed with your metaverse gambling experience, you have to create a wallet and connect it to Decentraland. The world supports MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnec and Fortmatic. 
  3. Create an avatar. To play at Atari Casino, you need to have an avatar. It’s a visual representation of you in the metaverse. There are thousands of wearable accessories, some even purchasable in NFT form. You don’t have to have an avatar that resembles you. Once you’re fully satisfied, enter the world.
  4. Enter the metaverse. If this is your first time entering Decentraland, the site will take some time to load. It has to download all the necessary for you to interact with the world smoothly. Expect a minute or so of loading time. Make sure you have the right specs to support Decentraland, otherwise you’ll experience lag.  
  5. Pick a game and start playing. Atari Casino is one of the newest venues in Decentraland. Thus, games are added and take out all the time, as Decentral Games and Atari look to find the ideal combination. Make sure you have enough cryptos in your wallet so that you can play immediately. If not, acquire some from an exchange.

Interior Design

Unlike many other decentralized gambling venues, Atari Casino is not a new brand. On the contrary, Atari has a rich history in gaming. Thus, it’s no surprise that the theme behind this casino is futuristic and very reminiscent of 1980s arcade gaming. Red and black are the dominant colors, with the red net creating a neon-like feel.

Players can enter Atari Casino from anywhere, as the bottom floor is an open space. It was designed with parties and other social events in mind. In fact, the venue was opened with a Dillon Francis party on 28 April, 2021. There was also a prize pool in the form of ATRI tokens, as well as an auction featuring unique NFT art.

As of July 2022, there’s also a mini-exhibition featuring the following four NFT artworks.

  • Bitcoin Origins – The Creation (ETH 25). A visual account of Satoshi Nakamoto minting the first Bitcoin, The Creation takes inspiration from ancient East Asian art, as well as motives from the comic book mythos. It resembles a scratch card, but only features black and white.
  • Forward Together – Ethereum Edition (never sold) by: Josie Bellini. This NFT features a woman in a shiny suit wearing a gas mask while surrounded by various shapes and objects surrounding her. Even Nyan Cat is included in the mix. The artist also added a floating globe, a samurai sword and a futuristic theme.
  • Forward Together – Bitcoin Edition (never sold) by: Josie Bellini. Just like the ETH version, Forward Together BTC is centered around a female figure with symbolism surrounding her body. We have letters and numbers, along with a laurel and the inscription ‘In code we trust’ around the lady.
  • Show me the ways! (never sold) Currently owned by Aeron-treasures, this digital artwork features an angel and a child looking through a telescope while many things are going on in the sky. There’s a lady engulfed in fire, as well as a shooting star.

The other two floors are more low-key and are based around a series of nooks and corners where players can try out games or chat with others. Both levels can be reached using a teleporter. The same one that brought you upwards will lead you downwards, as well.

Atari Casino
Atari Casino

Available Games at Atari Casino

As of August 2022, Atari Casino is in the midst of a rework. Atari has stated that they’re in the midst of creating blockchain-compatible casino games, with the intention of introducing them before 2023. Beforehand, one could enjoy blackjack, roulette and Atari-themed slots. It is unclear whether the games will return in the same form or whether there will be significant updates. GamblingVerse will keep you posted on all developments on Atari Casino and all other metaverse options.

Atari Blackjack
Atari Blackjack

Deposits & Withdrawals

At Atari Casino, players can use the following cryptocurrencies: PLAY, DG, MANA, and ATRI. If you’re wondering what’s ATRI – it’s the Atari Casino crypto. It’s an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum platform. Atari themselves developed and made it the proprietary token for their newest venture. As a means of promoting the token, the opening of the casino saw Atari and DG give out $20,000 to random raffle entrants.

The good news is that ATRI is tested. Atari already tested in its online casino, and now they’re ready to conquer metaverse websites as well. The price has been relatively stable, in addition to the company’s plans to use it in future projects. Overall, the GamblingVerse team is pleased with the choice of cryptos for deposits and withdrawals.

Extra Features & Facilities

Atari Casino is a multi-purpose venue. Like we said above, this is most evident on the ground floor. There’s a DJ booth in the middle of the room, where real-life musicians can live stream their performances from anywhere in the world.

There are also other social events organized on the premises. Check Decentraland’s social pages, as well as Atari’s, for up-to-date information about upcoming shows and exhibitions.

In addition to hosting games, the upper two levels are also a more intimate club-like area. There are lots of secluded corners, and we can’t fail to point out the splendid views of Vegas Plaza at sunset.

But perhaps the main extra feature of Atari Casino is the fact that the operator holds exclusive rights to Atari IPs. Instead of having to reinvent the wheel, DG is poised to deliver a plethora of nostalgia-inducing slots and other Atari-themed games.

Final Verdict

In terms of metaverse gambling options, Atari Casino is definitely the most ‘daring’ one. Compared to Tominoya Casino and Chateau Satoshi Casino, this venue isn’t afraid to devote the core of its building to music and entertainment.

GamblingVerse has noticed that Decentraland casinos have changed their layouts a couple of times, but none have dared to devote so much space to just socializing. Is Atari Casino better than ICE Poker? We’re not quite sure yet. The potential is there, so we’d definitely recommend giving this casino a try.

An added bonus is that ATRI, Atari’s own crypto, is supported at all tables and slots. If you want to experience something unique and be part of a developing project, step into Decentraland and give Atari Casino a try. Good luck.