Online Casinos vs. VR and Metaverse Casinos

July 1, 2022
Online Casinos vs. VR and Metaverse Casinos

As computers and the internet have developed over the years, so have online casinos. But even with new innovations coming out all the time, we’ve never really managed to capture the feeling of gaming at a land-based casino fully. Now, with the development of VR and Metaverse casinos, players can experience a much deeper form of simulated gambling.

While VR and Metaverse gaming share many similarities with the online gambling you know and love, there are also many differences that you need to be aware of. This guide will explore all of these differences and hopefully give you a better understanding of them so you can improve your gambling experience.

What Are VR and Metaverse Casinos?

VR is an acronym that stands for “Virtual Reality,” and the Metaverse is a form of the internet that will enable users to experience different services a lot better. Both casino types exist in simulated realities. Through the use of specialized gear such as virtual or augmented reality headsets, you can fully explore and interact with these virtual casinos and other players that visit them.

In other words, you can play all your favorite games, move around on the casino floor, and meet and talk to other players as if you were there. All you’d need to do to start Metaverse gambling is get the right equipment and create your avatar.

Comparing Online Casinos to VR and Metaverse Casinos

For decades, the only way you could experience simulated casino gaming was through online gaming sites. However, the increased immersion and interactivity brought by improving VR technologies and the Metaverse give us a lot more to look forward to. But before you jump onto the virtual bandwagon, let’s compare our options.

Winning Odds

The chances of winning should definitely be a big factor regarding which option you may or may not want to go with. However, you may or may not be pleased to hear that your odds of winning in either are roughly the same. Both regular online casinos and VR/Metaverse casinos rely on random number generators to determine the outcome of a bet you make. This means that, unless you’re playing rigged games, you have the same odds of winning at a VR slot machine as you do at a standard online slot machine.

Social Interaction

When it comes to social interaction, the average VR decentralized casino beats even the best online casinos. Instead of staring at a computer screen, VR casinos usually allow you to interact and communicate with other players through your avatars. Some VR casinos even allow you to shake hands and hug.

This undoubtedly beats sending each other text messages in the chat function of even the most interactive online casinos. Depending on which VR casino you’re playing at, the level of social interaction may not be identical to real life, but it’s definitely a step up.

Cost of Gaming

While VR casinos beat online gaming platforms regarding social interaction, this extra immersion comes at a cost. If you’d like to start gambling in VR, you will need to invest in a lot of special equipment. This might mean upgrading your PC or laptop.

It will mean buying one of the best VR headsets for Metaverse gaming, which certainly won’t be cheap, with some costing as much as $999. This isn’t even mentioning other items such as bodysuits and VR treadmills, which mean additional expenses. In comparison, whatever you’re using to read this guide will likely be more than adequate for most online casinos.

Which is More Fun?

Due to the increased levels of immersion, most people would agree with us that VR Casinos definitely provide a much higher level of fun than online casinos. Visiting a virtual casino isn’t simply opening a website and playing a game. With your Metaverse bodysuit and headset, you can explore the casino floor as if you were in a real casino.

Motion sensors and haptic feedback technology allow you to look and walk in all directions and interact with every game individually. This is on top of the social interaction we mentioned earlier, in case you want to meet and talk to other gamers.

Which is More Popular?

At the time of writing, online casinos are still more popular. This is because they’ve been around for longer, and there are far more options for online gambling than for VR and Metaverse games. As we mentioned above, it’s also far cheaper to start online gambling than get into virtual reality gambling due to equipment costs. However, this is likely to change in the future. Just as online casinos became more popular than land-based casinos, we could very well see a future where Metaverse casinos take over online casinos.

What’s the Safer Option?

Because Metaverse casinos rely on decentralized gambling, which is currently unregulated, and provides an unmatched level of anonymity, we’d say VR or Metaverse casinos are safer. When you sign up for a Metaverse casino, you can completely hide your identity, as any of your crypto transactions are nearly impossible to trace back to you.

This means that neither the government nor hackers can monitor your gambling activities, nor can people steal your data, especially if you use a VPN. In contrast, most online casinos will require you to use your bank card or an e-wallet connected to it.

How to Decide the Best Option for You

After reading this far, you may have noticed that there are plenty of factors you may need to consider before deciding which type of gambling is best for you.


The depth of your wallet is the first thing you need to consider. If you can afford to buy all the necessary gear, you may find that Metaverse Gambling is best for you. If cash is tight and you can’t afford to set any aside to buy everything you’ll need, you may have to stick to regular online gambling.

Introvert or Extrovert

Next, you’ll need to consider what kind of person you are. If you’re an introvert, regular online gambling might be better for you since you won’t have to interact with other people if you don’t want to. However, extroverts who love to talk to people may love the interactivity provided by VR casinos.


While both VR/Metaverse casinos and regular online casinos are accessible from the comfort of home, many differences are worth considering. After reading our guide, we’re sure that you are now much more familiar with these differences and how they affect the two different kinds of gambling. You should also have a better idea of how to play Metaverse games based on some of the things we’ve discussed. Now, all you need to do is consider which one suits you best and go for it.

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