Where to Gamble in the Metaverse?

June 13, 2022
Betting Metaverse

The online gambling industry is set to take an entirely new direction as it continues to fuse into the Metaverse. The Metaverse is a virtual world with 3D platforms that allow you to immerse yourself and interact with other users. This is the same concept that has been used for online video games such as CS: GO.

The popularity of Metaverse gambling is rapidly growing. Although this new virtual world is yet to fully launch, punters and operators have already invested millions in cryptocurrencies. We would like to take a closer look at what this platform is all about and how you can benefit from using it.

Exploring Gambling Options in the Metaverse

There is so much to see and do in the Metaverse. The virtual world wasn’t made just for the gambling industry. Many enthusiasts continue to discover multiple investment opportunities while social butterflies are taking advantage of the growing community to meet new friends and expand their horizons. But, if you are specifically looking for a digital Las Vegas, there is a perfect spot designed just for you.

Several Metaverse websites offer an exciting lineup of casino games presented in 3D. As you walk onto different floors, you will also be able to see and interact with other players. You can move from table to table or even go to a higher floor while enjoying a 360-degree view of the environment. Most casinos in the Metaverse are still in the development phase, but they offer some classic games that are prevalent in online or physical outlets.

Players can enjoy poker, blackjack, roulette, and other popular games. Some casinos have even begun to offer slot machine gaming. Although Metaverse gaming options aren’t so plentiful, players will enjoy the fact that instead of using drop-down menus, they can walk around as avatars in the most stylish apparel money can buy.

Best Metaverse Casino Platforms

Metaverse is the next level of internet experience. However, one major challenge for many gamers will be getting VR headgear to help them play on the best casino platforms. In some instances, the hardware may be costly. Nonetheless, numerous operators have launched extremely competitive casinos in the immersive realm with relatively affordable hardware. Now, the Metaverse comprises several virtual platforms where investors can purchase spaces to build casinos or other facilities.

You will find the most promising casinos on one of the most prominent Metaverse platforms, Decentraland. As we mentioned, the virtual world is still under construction, and some casinos are yet to accept real money. Another notable place where you can get the best digital gambling experience is the Bloktopia Metaverse. A group of software development firms backed by deep-pocketed investors is working hard to create an excellent casino district for progressive gamers.

The Sandbox is another section of the Metaverse where explorers can hang out, trade NFTs, and enjoy a night in virtual Vegas. Let’s find out more details on the best casino platforms Metaverse can offer.

Decentraland Casinos

One of the most popular platforms on the Metaverse is Decentraland. This region enables decentralized gambling by making use of the Ethereum blockchain network. Decentraland employs its own currency, MANA. All the games are controlled on the Ethereum network instead of the usual Random Number Generators.

The platform is controlled by its users through DAO systems. This means you are free to purchase a piece of the virtual estate and participate in decision-making processes. The casino area on this platform includes a few notable operators striving to offer an excellent and futuristic gambling environment. Here are some of the outstanding parlors on Decentraland.

Chateau Satoshi

The casino’s name was inspired by the pioneer of digital money, Satoshi Nakamoto. The title is a perfect fit since the casino is one of the most high-tech crypto casinos in the world. Chateau Satoshi will let you pick from a mix of classic games and is set on three floors.

To immerse yourself in the fantastic world, you will need to create an avatar and customize it with super-cool gear. Gamers can use MANA or Ethereum to pay for all services. The environments inside the casino take on an art design theme.

Chateau Satoshi
Chateau Satoshi

Serenity Island

Another gem of a decentralized casino is Serenity Island. This Decentraland casino resembles something you would see on the Vegas strip or in Macau. The palace allows you to walk around and turn 360 degrees as you view all the exciting features.

You can see the leaderboard displaying the names of prominent players, and you can get your name up there by participating in the different challenges at the casino. The gambling hall’s interior is realistic and has a cool carpet that will remind you of your favorite land-based casino. Of course, you can also party in the nightclub.

Serenity Island
Serenity Island

Tominoya Casino

The Tominoya Casino is a massive piece of real estate, incorporating two floors filled with some exciting attractions for the keen explorer in you. There is also a conference room that supports live video streaming. The massive 3D gaming hall takes on a Japanese theme.

The Tominoya arcade is hosted by super-friendly live staff who will ensure that your time in the casino is a pleasure. You can use currencies such as DAI, MANA, and Ethereum as you compete in immersive games. Blackjack, poker, and other fun casino games are on offer for free or for real stakes.

Tominoya Casino
Tominoya Casino

Atari Casino

Atari Casino Decentraland is yet another attraction you won’t want to miss when visiting the Metaverse. Just like other casinos in its class, the gambling hub uses MANA as a currency. However, there are so many ways to convert your fiat currency to cryptocurrency so you can access the games hassle-free.

Although it was only launched in 2021, the gambling hub is causing a stir in the Metaverse gambling landscape, drawing the curiosity of thousands of users. The operator has an excellent reputation as a video game designer, and you can look forward to a magical casino atmosphere.

Atari Casino
Atari Casino

ICE Poker

Get ready to put your best poker face on as you step into the virtual world of ICE poker. This piece of the Metaverse has become the most popular spot to sit back and socialize with other gamers. Unlike the Atari Metaverse casino, ICE specializes in poker rooms. Here, you will be able to enter tournaments and win fantastic prizes.

Another brilliant feature is that you can earn NFT rewards and buy a piece of the casino. Talk about getting an edge over the house! Another advantage to playing at a Decentraland casino is the transparency facilitated by blockchain tie.

ICE Poker
ICE Poker

Bloktopia Casino Floor

Bloktopia Metaverse casinos are built on a completely different platform. However, they offer an equally enjoyable gaming environment. The Bloktopia world is a masterpiece with 21 floors full of various activities. Established in 2021, this Metaverse environment delivers vast opportunities for both business and pleasure.

The top-most floor will house several poker casinos where players can roam and try their luck. The floor is mostly unfinished at the moment, but things are really looking up. The platform will use a crypto token known as BLOK. And another interesting fact is that patrons will be known as Bloktopians. You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase various securities on this platform, including digital real estate.

Bloktopia Casino
Bloktopia Casino

Sandbox Metaverse Casinos

The Sandbox is an upcoming Metaverse where players can shop for gaming opportunities. Animoca Brands Corporation built the platform in 2018. While developers are still finalizing and perfecting certain aspects, large portions of real estate are up for grabs.

The Sandbox virtual district will be crucial in revolutionizing the online gaming business by offering a swift and secure immersive experience. Few casinos have been launched on this network so far, but you can check out SandVegas, which has an impressive array of gripping attractions.

SandVegas Casino

All casinos on the Sandbox network will utilize a token known as SAND. This will ensure easier transactions for all punters. When it launches fully, SandVegas will be the biggest casino on the Sandbox network, offering a wide range of classic casino games alongside some exclusive attractions.

The group offers the virtual gaming community a chance to purchase its stake in the company. Investors will get to share in the profits when the project takes off. This means the company will run on the DAO system, where multiple shareholders get a say in the company’s operations.

SandVegas Casino
SandVegas Casino

What are the Advantages of Playing Casino Games in the Metaverse?

The future is here! The Metaverse is the epitome of human interaction regardless of distance. Furthermore, the casinos here project a more realistic replica of real-life Vegas or Macau. It is also interesting that a casino like Atari uses MANA not only as an in-house currency but for decentralizing its games. This ensures a higher level of transparency.

The game selection is another great benefit. These virtual gaming parlors will offer traditional casino-style games combined with other crypto-specific games. You can also walk on carpeted floors to your favorite tables or slot kiosks rather than flip through a drop-down menu. Bottom line, the Metaverse offers a more intricate reality compared to ordinary internet casinos.

Metaverse Casino Games & Where to Play Them FAQ

What exactly is the Metaverse?

In simple terms, the Metaverse is the new version of the worldwide web, where users are immersed in the 3D environment through VR headsets and other hardware.

Can I use fiat currency in Metaverse Casinos?

No. Developers set up their worlds to create a universal marketplace with a specific crypto token. For example, to play in Satoshi Casino on Decentraland, you will need to use MANA or Ethereum.

How do I create my avatar?

Your avatar is how others see you in the Metaverse as a character. Once you create an account, the casino will let you pick a pre-made avatar. You can customize it as you go.

Can I win real money playing in the Metaverse?

Yes. To play real money games, you must create an account and deposit crypto. You can then cash out your winnings and convert them to your desired currency.

Are there many users in the Metaverse now?

The casinos in the Metaverse have become quite popular among casino gamers everywhere. You’ll typically find thousands of active users at any given time.

Is Metaverse Gambling Legal?

It is a grey area. Since the Metaverse includes gambling activity, the next question about the legal status of Metaverse gambling is inevitable. Just like real casinos, gambling in the Metaverse is influenced by your state and country’s respective rules and regulations. So, you must read about the local casino and gambling laws before getting into this.

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