Best VR Headsets for Metaverse

July 1, 2022
Best VR Headsets for Metaverse

The metaverse is bigger than ever. It’s hard to believe the concept itself is barely five years old, but here we are. Aside from social interactions and shows, denizens can also enjoy metaverse gambling. Companies, both big and small, have invested hundreds of millions into these projects. And as we can see, it’s paying off.

However, there’s still a long way to go until we turn decentralized gambling into the futuristic utopia we’ve always dreamed of. The next step? According to experts, a metaverse bodysuit just might change the whole scenery.

Until then, your best bet for enjoying yourself is to find the best VR headset for metaverse exploration. Fortunately, GamblingVerse will be joining you on that quest. Here’s how to pick the best hardware for playing at VR online casinos!

Top Metaverse VR Headsets in 2022

After hours of testing and deliberation, the GamblingVerse team has concluded that these VR headsets are the best for metaverse gambling. Some may be a few years old, but they have what it takes to transport you into a new reality.

1. Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2
Oculus Quest 2

One of the main qualms about early VR headsets for metaverse gaming was their refresh rate. Despite impressing with their field of view, 30 Hz just wasn’t enough. Meta’s latest iteration of the Oculus series, the Quest 2, brings that number up to 90 Hz. It proves to be much better for metaverse casinos, especially if a large crowd of people is involved.

It’s also compatible with every big casino in Decentraland, as well as other worlds. Under the hood, a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 ensures that all images are shown in 1832×1920 per eye. Such a resolution proves to be soothing, without too many details that would make it overwhelming.

There are two options – wired and wireless. Even though the speakers are the best on this list, we’d still advise you to use the 3.5mm audio jack. If you have a nice pair of headphones, playing poker and blackjack will feel better than ever.

2. Valve Index VR HMD

Valve Index VR HMD
Valve Index VR HMD

Valve revolutionized the gaming sphere with its Steam platform, so its announced venture into virtual reality was much anticipated. They developed the Steam VR platform for the HTC Vive project but ultimately decided to do their own thing. As a result, the Valve Index VR HMD is fully compatible with the Vive.

One of the best things about this VR headset is its unorthodox yet sturdy build. Both the cables and the hard parts can withstand significant wear and tear. Despite this, it’s expensive compared to its counterparts. The innovative knuckle controllers are amazing, but few, if any, metaverse casinos support their use.

As of Q3 of 2022, you can view Valve’s new VR headset as a risky investment for the future. Its potential far outweighs the cases for use in present-day casinos. If you’re a geek for futuristic gadgets, then it might be that glimpse into Star Trek you’ve always wanted.

3. HP Reverb G2

HP Reverb G2
HP Reverb G2

Comfort is the most important thing to consider when buying a VR headset for metaverse casinos. Even though you can play at virtual poker tables while lying in bed, you still need to wear your gear. And if the headband or edges of the glasses aren’t right, it won’t be an enjoyable experience.

That’s why we love HP’s Reverb G2 so much. It provides a cozy fit, especially for longer sessions. Instead of cheap rubber or cotton, the head support is a two-banded contraption made out of breathable foam. It greatly reduces sweating, discomfort and even itchiness.

The controllers could be a bit better, but you’re in luck – most metaverse websites only support visual input. In addition, the Reverb G2 probably has the best audio on this list, thanks to its large and cleverly positioned speakers.

We’d even go as far as to say that it’s an excellent alternative to the Valve VR headset. It’s cross-compatible with Steam VR, despite being a Microsoft-powered device. This is a good way to ensure all casinos can be accessed.

4. HTC Vive Pro 2

HTC Vive Pro 2
HTC Vive Pro 2

Don’t be fooled by the marketing targeted toward eSports players and artists. This VR headset is one of the best on the market for casino escapades. Its 5K display is amazing for the VR feature in Decentraland. Unlike most other companies, HTC seeks to create a cohesive experience.

First and foremost, the device is easy to use and adjust. A volume rocker on the side of the headband is an fantastic addition. You won’t have to take the headset off and adjust the volume on your PC. In metaverse casinos, details like these are what make the difference.

The ergonomic build of the hardware makes it the second-most futuristic device on the list, after Valve’s. Even though the exterior could look a bit smoother, the Hi-Res Audio is beautifully spacious and makes every round realistic and immersive.

If you’re familiar with the HTC VIVE Focus 3, think of this as its more artistically-oriented cousin. This is evident by looking at the quality of textures at blackjack tables, as well as aspects of interior design.

5. Pimax Vision 8K Plus

Pimax Vision 8K Plus
Pimax Vision 8K Plus

LCD may be a technology of the past, but Pimax’s dual 4K panels make excellent work of it. The resolution is a stunning 3840×2160, split between two eyes. The standard refresh rate is 90 Hz, although we suggest visiting Atari Casino and trying out the 110 Hz experimental mode.

Perhaps the best thing is that you can buy it with or without the Knuckles controllers, mainly due to the price of $800 for just the headset alone. If you want a device that will last for the next couple of years, the Vision 8K Plus is the way to go.

Compared to other models, it has better tracking and reliability. Meta’s Oculus series is notorious for freezing here and there, so it’s a thing to keep an eye out for. The field of view just might be the best on this list, as it works perfectly with the crisp image quality.

One downside is that it may not be the best solution for beginners. There are many features to tweak and try out, so it would be best if you had a AAA to experiment with before gambling in the metaverse.

How to Start with Metaverse Casinos?

Congratulations, now you know the best VR headsets for metaverse exploration. While there are no holograms or complex animations just yet, these devices have become noticeably lighter and cheaper than before. This, with added immersiveness, can transform your gambling experience from the ground up.

But with so much fanfare about VR headsets and casinos, there’s rare mentions of how to get started. If you want to become a denizen of the metaverse and engage in poker, blackjack and other games, here’s how to proceed:

  1. Create an account. Joining a virtual world is like creating an account on any other website. Provide your name, email and crypto wallet. Since you’ll be playing at metaverse casinos, you’ll need a wallet address to draw deposits from.
  2. Design an avatar. All metaverse games have extensive character customization features. Whether it’s beards, hairdos or even obscure accessories, you can have your avatar look just like you in real life. Or completely different – it’s your choice. Explore these metaverse options and prepare to interact with other people.
  3. Try out the VR headset. Upon entering the metaverse, you should immediately try out your hardware. Even though the transition seems simple, it’s going to take some time for your eyes to get used to it. The almost-360-degree view can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t keep it on for too long, especially if the audio is loud.
  4. Visit the casino and start playing. Once you’ve learned how to navigate the metaverse, find the nearest NFT casino. Each venue has its own unique coordinates. To reach them, just walk using WASD. Use your microphone to talk to other players and engage in some friendly competition.

Why Play at Metaverse Casinos?

Even the best metaverse game might not be enough to convince you to play, especially if this is your first time. Sure, entertainment is the centerpiece, but there’s a lot more to this iGaming niche. If metaverse gambling sounds intriguing, these aspects might pique your interest even more.

  • Be an entrepreneur. Since metaverses allow you to own plots of land, that means you can become a casino owner. Given that you have enough capital, that is. In worlds such as Decentraland, multiple users can create enterprises by joining forces. The most spectacular casinos require ventures between dozens of investors. If your project takes off, large profits are attainable.
  • Play to earn. At some casinos, the operator is sometimes willing to encourage the use of a particular crypto. As a result, you may get another coin as cashback. Be careful, though, as these tokens are often worthless in the long run. Conduct research about the market cap and the volatility before entering any P2E system.
  • Meet other players. With a VR headset, you can see other metaverse gamblers as they play in real-time. With great headphones or built-in speakers, everything will feel like you’re on the Vegas Strip. Most worlds require you to just press T to turn on your mic, so chatting is a breeze.
  • Better payments. Wire transfers and even PayPal deposits can take some time to clear. That’s the downside of using banks. Employees have to manually process everything, whereas crypto deposits get verified by other users on the blockchain network. Additionally, every transaction is permanently recorded and can’t be altered.
  • Everything’s decentralized. Every decentralized casino can only evolve if its shareholders wish to do so. Regardless of the platform its own, the venue is only susceptible to the decisions of owners. And since ownership is verified via smart contracts, no one can impersonate a landowner.

Do I Need a PC for VR Headsets?

As of mid-2022, you need a good PC to use a VR headset. Both the GPU and the CPU will be under a considerable amount of strain while you’re in the metaverse. The cooling should be sufficient so as not to risk the device overheating.

Mobile devices don’t have the power to accurately depict metaverse gambling venues. There are rumors that Apple is coming out with an iPhone-compatible VR headset, but nothing has been confirmed yet. So, your best bet is to check the minimum requirements for each virtual world and proceed with caution.

How Does Playing at VR Metaverse Casinos Feel?

Playing new metaverse games at the casino is a unique feeling. On the one hand, the animations and avatars are striking. On the other hand, everything is 3D, and the field of view is unnaturally wide for something virtual. This combination of effects tricks the brain and creates an immersive experience.

However, don’t forget to put your VR headset down every once in a while. Staring at a screen that close to the eyes isn’t healthy. It can induce headaches and discomfort. Never go over 3-4 hours at a time. In addition, ergonomics is a priority. Memory foam is the best and most comfortable option, whereas rubber and synthetic fibers are to be avoided.

Are Metaverse Casino Games Fair?

If you’re looking for the best metaverse game but have doubts about fairness, you’re not the only one. The technology is relatively new, and scammers are out and about. In big metaverses like Decentraland, the gaming venues are legitimate and often have a license from Curacao.

This means they have to answer to the authorities, in addition to purchasing only software from licensed operators. If everything checks out, then you can proceed. A third-party lab verifying the RNG is a plus, too.

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