Top 4 Ways You Can Make Money Gambling In The Metaverse 

October 14, 2022
Metaverse Gambling

Gambling has been in existence for ages and is still going strong for various reasons.

The basic reason for most bettors is the hope of gaining something more valuable than their bet on the outcome of the game (of course, there’s also the risk of losing your bet, which makes the process even more interesting). 

Equally important is the evolution of the gambling market, with bookmakers and betting companies finding new ways to improve the market and make gambling more attractive to both bettors and neutrals. 

This thirst for an improvement in the gambling experience for users has led to the online gambling industry. Which currently rakes in billions of dollars in revenue for bookmakers globally.

Now there’s a transition going on from online gambling to metaverse gambling, with some bookies integrating their gambling platforms with the metaverse.

With gambling now moving to the metaverse, it’s important as a bettor that you know how to exploit this new development in the gambling market for your own benefits.

However, before we get to the ways metaverse gambling can make you money, let’s first explain why you should consider metaverse gambling in the first place.

Why Should You Consider Metaverse Gambling?

Why should I buy a $500 VR headset just to bet? This is a question that you may ask about metaverse gambling.

First, you won’t actually need a VR headset to gamble in the metaverse.

Projects such as webvr (web-based virtual reality) are making it possible to access virtual reality platforms on a website without a VR headset or other head-mounted displays.

In addition, you can visit metaverse casino platforms in a metaverse such as Decentraland, where you don’t need to buy properties to enjoy their metaverse platform.

Below are two other reasons why you should give gambling in the metaverse a try.

It’s More Fun Than Online Gambling

The majority of gambling platforms online are boring and don’t offer any features that will make you want to stick around a little longer than the “login and place a bet” period.

On the other hand, gambling in the metaverse offers a more entertaining experience to bettors by creating an immersive experience in a 3D virtual environment where they can socialize with other bettors.

In the metaverse, you’re not just visiting your favorite casino; you’ll get to see other beautiful virtual properties and interact with other people just like in the real world.

Metaverse Gambling is Bettor-centric

Traditional and online gambling companies are designed to rip you off while the bookmaker or casino smiles at the bank with profit.

Most metaverse casino projects are betting-centric, unlike their counterparts.

Projects such as ICE Poker, Ape In Poker and ZenSportsia are examples of metaverse gambling platforms that have made their projects about you and others who are members of their community.

So if you’re still here with us, let’s find out in what ways metaverse gambling can make you money.

How You Can Make Money Gambling In The Metaverse

With traditional and online gambling methods, you deposit, you place your bets and then you withdraw your money if you win or just walk away if you lose.

Metaverse casinos offer you more than that.

The fascinating thing is that they make it possible for you to earn money as long as you’re a part of the community.

Without further ado, here are ways you can make money with metaverse gambling platforms.

Free-to-play Gambling

As crazy as it may sound, it’s possible to gamble in the metaverse without actually staking your money.

To be fair, gambling for free sounded like a fantasy until ICE Poker came along.

The Decentraland metaverse gambling platform has made it possible for you to play poker in the metaverse and earn free crypto without losing a dime.

You don’t have to wager money to gamble in the ICE Poker casino, though you do need to buy an NFT wearable that will be your avatar and grant you access to the poker tables.

It gets better. If you don’t own an NFT wearable or can’t afford one, you can simply borrow one from another player. 

When you win at the poker tables, the NFT owner pockets 40% of your winnings while you get the remaining 60%.

This free gambling feature has attracted hundreds of thousands players to ICE Poker, with the casino now the most visited site in Decentraland, accounting for 60% of the metaverse’s total traffic.

The Aquarium Casino is another metaverse casino that makes it possible to earn rewards by participating in free-to-play gambling competitions.

Earn Regardless of the Game’s Outcome

With traditional gambling, the outcome of the game determines your fate.

Metaverse gambling platforms such as, Ape In Poker, and have a no-risk gambling approach that rewards users.

As a bettor in metaverse casinos, the earning possibilities don’t stop at the gaming tables.

You can also earn rewards for being part of the community, staking native tokens, or owning an NFT.

In addition, you’re entitled to giveaways, airdrops, and other rewards as a user of their gambling platform and, subsequently, a member of their metaverse community.

Cryptocurrency Rewards

Crypto is the currency of the metaverse, and it’s the financial system adopted by metaverse gambling platforms.

These platforms give out crypto rewards in giveaways, airdrops, cashbacks, and daily ownership rewards for holding their tokens in your gambling account or wallet.

NFT Rewards

Metaverse NFTs serve as identities (avatars) and currencies in the metaverse, but metaverse casinos have taken the utilities of NFTs to a whole new level.

Now you can gain access to exclusive events and competitions with their NFT, and you can earn airdrops and giveaways, earn passive income in crypto tokens for owning the NFTs, as well as a reduction in betting fees.

Final Thoughts

Metaverse gambling, despite being in its early days, has shown a lot of potential.

The no-risk feature of most metaverse gambling projects makes them a better option than traditional gambling.

Therefore, you should give gambling in the metaverse a try.

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