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Ape In Poker

Statistically speaking, there are over 100 million online poker players globally. What these statistics reveal is that poker is one of the world’s most popular casino games.

With this huge following that the game enjoys, it’s important that there are attempts to make the game evolve and become more interesting so it can appeal to more people and bring in more players both online and physically.

These various companies’ efforts to increase the popularity of online poker resulted in the brilliant idea of Poker in the Metaverse, in which Ape In Poker is a standout performer.

Here’s all you need to know about Ape In Poker, the Web3 project bringing poker in the metaverse to the gambling market.

What exactly is Ape In Poker?

Ape In Poker is a metaverse poker project that aims to bridge traditional poker to the metaverse through the use of web3 technology.

With many industries struggling to cope with the disruptive technology that is the metaverse and bridging their businesses to the metaverse, Ape In Poker aims to simplify the transition from online (Internet) poker games to the metaverse, enhancing the user experience and making it possible for them to have more fun and benefits while playing poker in an interactive simulated virtual environment. Players get to interact with other players and exchange information as well as strategies about the game.

The team plans to offer solutions to online players who have fallen victim to scammers running poker sites. As an alternative solution to these scam sites, Ape In Poker aims to provide secure metaverse poker rooms that will utilize blockchain technology for a transparent and efficient financial system.

How Does Ape In Poker Work?

You’ve probably heard this many times as a gambler: “The house always wins”. This statement is true for the casino industry, except in the case of Ape In Poker, where the players/NFT holders are the house.

The metaverse casino offers players the opportunity to play with their money held in their wallet. As they play and win, they can walk away with their rewards easily. In addition, holders of the Ape In Poker Genesis Participant Card NFTs are also entitled to numerous benefits.

The team also plans to purchase land on large metaverse platforms such as Decentraland, Sandbox and Solanaverse. These parcels of land will be used to build poker rooms throughout the metaverse, so that metaverse enthusiasts and gamblers can find the Ape In Poker rooms from wherever they are.

Interesting Features of Ape In Poker

There are a lot of interesting features that Ape In Poker currently has or aims to have.

The most notable is the GPS (Gaming, Poker, and Sports) feature, which means that Ape In Poker has more than just the gambling rooms in the metaverse to offer.

Below you can find other interesting features of this project. 

Host Poker Games and Tournaments in the Metaverse

Ape In Poker plans to provide a platform for poker communities, clubs and single players to host and play games and tournaments both online and in the metaverse. This as part of their quest to make the gambling world interoperable.

They are launching poker rooms that secondary communities can use to play poker games in the metaverse.


One of the biggest challenges many online industries are facing, is interoperability. Gambling in the metaverse isn’t an exception.

One fantastic way the team is dealing with interoperability challenges, is by allowing the use of avatars from other platforms in Ape In Poker’s casinos.

This means that no matter what avatar a player has decided to use, they will be able to use their avatar in Ape In Poker’s casinos no matter what platform the avatar belongs to.

This “come one, come all” is aimed at making the Ape In Poker metaverse the alpha location for poker games and metaverse casinos at large.

Ape In Poker NFTs

Ape In Poker NFTs are another amazing aspect of the project, called Genesis Participant Card NFTs.

The NFT project is a collection of 5555 unique NFTs with different levels of rarity that were minted on the Solana blockchain.

Holders of the Genesis Participant Card have access to several benefits as members of the community.

Here are some benefits of holding Ape In Poker NFTs:

  • Enjoy access to the APE IN POKER TOUR, and in-person Championship tournaments.
  • They will also enjoy a reduced entry fee for tournaments.
  • NFT holders will receive a weekly yield of the $HOUSE token. They will earn $HOUSE tokens based on how many NFTs they hold in their wallet and their card level as follows.
  1. Silver cards: 10 $HOUSE tokens weekly.
  2. Gold cards: 30 $HOUSE tokens weekly.
  3. Platinum cards: 70 $HOUSE tokens weekly. 
  4. Herculean: 200 $HOUSE tokens weekly.
Ape In Poker Genesis Players Card NFTs


There is a saying that “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. “

Keeping this in mind, the project has partnered with companies and individuals to help the project achieve its dream of becoming a hub for poker players in the metaverse.

Ape In Poker recently partnered with Kenna James, a world-famous professional poker player, who has won 20 poker titles and over 4 million dollars playing tournaments and is considered one of the best players in the game.

This partnership will allow James to use his experience to help players get to a new level and “take the project’s momentum and catapult it into the hands of the online poker community.”

In addition, the project was also listed on Sharky.Fi. This is a collaboration that made Ape In Poker official lenders on the NFT lending/borrowing platform.

Final Thoughts

The metaverse is here. It’s therefore important that industries leverage this amazing technology so that they are not left behind when virtual worlds become a reality for everyone.

This is why poker gaming communities are exploring the possibilities of playing poker in the metaverse for a better experience.

Currently, Ape In Poker is the one (at least for a lot of people) leading the charge for the integration of poker with the metaverse.

However, the long term will determine whether the future of poker in the metaverse is in safe hands.