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  • Big decentralized poker network
  • Rapidly growing player base
  • Interior design
  • ICE Poker Wearable NFT required
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  • Owner:
    Decentral Games
  • Metaverse World:
  • Coordinates:
    -110, 129
  • Accepted currencies:
    MANA, ICE and DG
  • Year founded:

ICE Poker DEXT Lounge

Decentraland is, without a doubt, the most exciting metaverse gambling project. The sheer size of this virtual world has attracted big brands, such as Atari and Bershka, to seek further streams of revenue. However, no one could have expected to see ICE Poker as perhaps the most successful project of them all.

Powered by Decentral Games, this poker network recently opened a new venue – the ICE Poker DEXT Lounge. Today, the GamblingVerse team compiles its findings. Join us in our DEXT Lounge review and discover why we like it, despite offering more of the same. Ready? Let’s go.

ICE Poker DEXT Lounge Location

The ICE Poker DEXT Lounge is located at the following Decentraland coordinates: -110, 129, It’s not a single room in a hall. Instead, it’s a large area in the middle of a skyscraper in Vegas Plaza. You’ll be able to find it across the Amnesia Ibiza club and the Streamers Plaza expo hall.

There are two ways to reach it:

  1. Teleport to the coordinates. This is the easiest way to get to the DEXT Lounge, but we’d only recommend it to experienced players. There’s a lot you can learn on the way to the casino. Think of it as a tutorial.
  2. Walk. Even though this way to the Lounge is much longer, walking lets you learn how to interact with the environment and partake in other Decentraland activities.

Regardless of which way you choose, you won’t be able to miss the DEXT Lounge building. There’s a large black panel with ‘Decentral Games’ and ‘DEXT’ written on it. If you reached the location by walking, just enter the lobby and go through the teleport pad. In an instant, you’ll appear in the middle of the DEXT ICE Poker Lounge.

Dext Lounge - ICE Poker

How to Start Playing at ICE Poker DEXT Lounge

If you’re new to decentralized gambling, don’t worry. There’s no need to create an account or do anything that’ll jeopardize your privacy. Instead, what you can do is:

  1. Pick a crypto wallet. MetaMask is by far the best option, as it lets you hold ICE Wearables NFTs and all kinds of ERC-20 tokens. Write your seed phrase down and never share your private keys with anyone.
  2. Log into Decentraland. MetaMask and similar wallets have browser addons that let you enter Decentraland with a simple login. Once you complete the process, any transactions will be sent to and from the wallet you used to log in.
  3. Create an avatar and spawn. An avatar is a 3D representation of you in Decentraland. Be sure to carefully pick out your accessories, as that’s how other casino-goers will see you. After you’ve chosen a name and avatar, you’ll spawn at Genesis Plaza, the center of Decentraland.
  4. Visit the ICE Poker DEXT Lounge. Choose one of the two ways we described and enjoy the atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to approach other players and use the voice chat option. Good luck.

Interior Design

Since the project is still in its beta phase, we won’t judge the DEXT Lounge too harshly. The midway part of the skyscraper has incredible views that stretch throughout Vegas Plaza. They go amazingly well with the minimalistic interior, only using shades of grey, white and cream. Only the Pepe dealers and tables feature other hues, which is interesting. We can’t wait to see what Decentral Games is going to do with this place during the next update.

ICE Poker DEXT Lounge

Available Games at ICE Poker DEXT Lounge

The only available game at DEXT Lounge is ICE Poker, with standard limits applied. $400 is the barrier to entry, whilst high-rollers might be disappointed with the $2,000 upper threshold. Blinds are $10-20, and a game can only commence if there are 2-6 players at the table.

Deposits & Withdrawals

As of late 2022, the ICE Poker DEXT Lounge accepts MANA, ICE and DG. Players can also accumulate the XP currency through playing. ICE Wearables NFTs can also boost your winnings, but the exact rate depends on the level of the token, as well as its stats. Check the collections on OpenSea for more information.

Customer Support

Decentralized projects usually don’t have support, but you can always reach members of the Decentraland DAO through 24/7. If you can’t wait a few hours to get a response, the Discord server is full of helpful people that might provide you with assistance. Don’t be shy and ask the community for help.

Final Verdict

All things considered, ICE Poker DEXT Lounge is a venue that thrives because of the atmosphere it provides. Big windows give players a glimpse of the stunning Decentraland scenery, while subtle electronic music and friendly Pepe the Frog dealers keep the party going. ICE Poker is a game that won’t disappoint you, and neither will the competition level.