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  • Daily ICE Poker Challenges
  • ICE Bonuses
  • Only ICE Poker is available
  • No slots and table games
  • Quite during weekdays
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  • Owner:
    Decentral Games
  • Metaverse World:
  • Coordinates:
    -75, 75
  • Accepted currencies:
    DG, ETH, ICE
  • Year founded:

Chateau Satoshi Casino

If there’s one name synonymous with the world of crypto, it’s definitely Satoshi Nakamoto. There would be no metaverse gambling without him, as he is the alleged creator of Bitcoin. So, it’s only right that the first casino in Decentraland is named after him.

Launched in mid-2019, this spectacular venue immediately turned heads with its innovative and entertainment-centric approach to gambling. Three years into its existence and Chateau Satoshi Casino is still going strong.

In today’s review, we’ll explore everything that makes this casino great. And since this is a metaverse casino, you already know we’ll focus on the whole venue and not just the games themselves. After all, it’s all about immersion, right? Let’s see what Chateau Satoshi casino has to offer.

Chateau Satoshi Location

The entrance to Satoshi Casino is located at -75, 75, on Vegas Plaza. You can use these coordinates to Jump into the venue right away, or you can walk towards the location using W, A, S, and D to move, and your mouse cursor to change the camera angle.

If you’re having a hard time finding Chateau Satoshi, it’s right across the street from the Jazz Club and next to The Theatre. The exterior features a lot of white, gold and some kind of stone texture, so it catches people’s attention right away.

How to Start Playing at Chateau Satoshi Casino

There are two ways to visit Chateau Satoshi. The first one involves creating a guest account. Just create an avatar, customize it and enter Decentraland. However, this method means you won’t be able to participate in any games or place any wagers.

Still, GamblingVerse advises players to use this method for the first time. Explore the venue, see what tables there are and mingle with other people. It should give you a good feel of the atmosphere.

Once you’re done with your Guest Account exploration, it’s time to join Decentraland and play at Chateau Satoshi. Here’s how:

  • Connect your crypto wallet. Every form of decentralized gambling involves using crypto. Since ICE Poker allows you to earn extra funds, you’re going to need to find the best wallets if your portfolio is to remain secure. There’s no other personal information that you need to share.
  • Create an avatar and pick a nickname. Your avatar is how other Chateau Satoshi Casino players will see you once you enter the venue. At this point, it’s also possible to purchase NFT wearables, which will be useful when playing ICE Poker at the casino.
  • Step into Decentraland. It might take a bit of time for the world to load, especially since it’s your first time. Once all the files and textures are downloaded, you can start moving around and exploring.
  • Enter Chateau Satoshi. As mentioned previously, the location of the entrance is -75, 75. However, you can also Jump In at -78, 76 since it’s considered the center point of the whole structure. Don’t hesitate to talk to other players or ask the dealers or other personnel for help. Good luck!

Interior Design

Unlike one of its neighbors, Tominoya Casino, Chateau Satoshi didn’t want to go with a Japanese or Vegas-styled interior. Instead, they drew inspiration from Art Deco, a famous art style created in 1920s France. It exudes opulence and luxury while putting an emphasis on premium craftsmanship and visual appeal.

The moment you see the big stone gate with CHATEAU SATOSHI on it, you already know what you’re in for. Once you pass the gate and the red carpet, the main lobby will emerge. It’s bright and open, mainly due to its gold-framed windows and tall ceiling.

Even though the poker tables look like something you’ll see in Vegas, the bottom part is futuristic and outlined with neon lights. While this might seem overwhelming in a vacuum, it fits perfectly with the psychedelic carpet design and the tame colors on the walls.

There’s also a second floor, which you can reach via two staircases. The interior design here is much easier on the eyes, but still uses iconic Art Deco elements, such as metal and stone combinations.

As for the last floor, it’s mainly an outdoor area. The entirety of Vegas Plaza is visible from it. Players say it’s one of the main reasons they frequent Chateau Satoshi and we can’t blame them.

Available Games

Currently, only ICE Poker is available at Chateau Casino. Keep in mind that we’re analyzing the situation in July 2022. While there have been 3-reel slots and roulette tables before, the venue is in the midst of rebuilding. They’re constantly trying new things, so we believe some expansions are due in the near future.

ICE Poker is an NFT and crypto-powered version of Texas Hold’em. The blinds are $10-20, and the minimum bet is $400. The maximum isn’t too far off, at $2,000. Only 2-6 players can sit at the same time. There aren’t any options for betting behind, but it’s a feature Decentraland denizens have been asking for.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Chateau Satoshi Casino accepts DG, ETH, and ICE. DG is the proprietary cryptocurrency of Decentral Games, the operator behind all decentralized gambling venues in this world.

However, ICE Wearables NFTs are mandatory if you want to play at ICE Poker tables. They serve as the entry fee and as a mechanism allowing players to earn ICE tokens passively. One can purchase them on public marketplaces like OpenSea or acquire them from a verified Chateau Satoshi Casino player.

Customer Support

If you run into any issues or believe you’ve been defrauded, you must contact Decentraland staff directly. This might sound a bit convoluted, but there’s a reason for this line of communication. Despite being associated with the main DAO, Decentral Games only has ownership rights over the venue. Therefore, they can’t control or fix this without input from others.

Thus, you can join the Decentraland Discord or send an email to Discord mods are online 24/7, while email responses arrive after 12-24 hours at most.

Extra Features & Facilities

Satoshi Casino is packed with special features and perks for ICE Wearables NFT holders. Here are some of the most significant things you can expect:

  • Daily ICE Poker challenges. Instead of just playing and earning the same amount of ICE as always, you can increase your P2E rate by completing three challenges per day. There’s also a daily long bonus.
  • Multipliers. At the end of each day in Satoshi Casino, a leaderboard is formed. Players are ranked according to the number of chips they won during the day. The higher the amount you won, the bigger the multiplier on your winnings.
  • Delegating ICE Wearables. If you have an ICE NFT already and you want to earn even more cryptos, it can be ‘rented out’ to another player. In exchange for the ability to play at Satoshi Casino tables, you get a share of their winnings. As far as GamblingVerse is aware, no other metaverse websites offer this.
  • Governance via DG. As the biggest player in decentralized gambling, Decentral Games is always on the lookout for funding. If you purchase, earn or win DG coins, they give you the right to vote on business decisions, changes and other community-related issues. The more coins you have, the ‘louder’ your voice will be.
  • ICE bonuses. A single ICE NFT allows you to play ICE Poker, but it also boosts your winnings. And the best thing about this feature is that you can acquire multiple NFTs and wear them all at once for a massive boost. There are five ranks, with Diamond Hands being the rarest and best tier. In the future, DH NFTs will serve as a ticket to VIP poker tournaments and shows.
  • Guilds. This casino lets you earn passively as a single player, but that doesn’t mean you can’t group up with others. By creating a guild, you can compete with other small communities and beat them out for valuable NFT and crypto rewards.

Final Verdict

Let’s make one thing clear – Chateau Satoshi Casino is far from a finished product. And we don’t mean this as a downside. On the contrary – it’s rare to see such a young project attract so much attention. This venue is, without a doubt, one of the best metaverse options for poker enthusiasts.

The economy takes a bit of time to learn, but GamblingVerse believes the effort is worth it in the end. Decentral Games filled the casino with exciting P2E features. If you’re unsure how everything works, enter Satoshi Casino as a guest and take a look around. Have fun and play wisely!