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November 9, 2022
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Decentral Games creates games that provide economic freedom to players through aligned incentives, self-custody, and delegation of yield-bearing metaverse assets. For instance, ICE Poker.

Decentral Games ICE Poker is a free metaverse poker game in which players earn tokens by completing daily challenges and competing against one another on a daily leaderboard.

  • ICE is an in-game currency that encourages player liquidity and allows for in-game item upgrades.
  • The utility token DG is used to activate and upgrade ICE Wearables. The governance token, xDG (staked DG), provides access to premium ICE Poker Guild tools as well as votes to modify economic incentives and govern the Decentral Games treasury.

Decentral Games Play and Earn Concept

As a poker player, you have to obtain at least one ICE Wearable through purchase or delegation in order to participate. Players are given a set number of Chips to use when playing ICE Poker.

Players can earn money by:

  • Completing the ICE Poker daily check-in as well as three challenges
  • Competing for daily leaderboard multipliers based on net winnings from Chips
  • Delegating NFT wearables to other poker enthusiasts in exchange for a passive revenue share
  • Accepting delegation to NFT wearables in exchange for a revenue share
  • Minting NFT wearables and selling them on Decentral Games’ Marketplace
  • Buying and selling ultra-rare DG Diamond Hands wearables
  • Mining for ICE to sell to other players in order to mint rarer NFT wearables.
  • Earning xDG, the Decentral Games governance token, which grants holders governance rights and fee sharing in the DG ecosystem, by ranking at the top of the monthly leaderboard.

The goal of Decentral Games’ play-to-earn metaverse poker, the ICE token, and the ICE Wearable market is to create a defensible economic flywheel that encourages deep player liquidity through daily metaverse gameplay and competition.

Decentral Games - Play and Earn

The Decentral Games NFT Marketplace was launched in Q2 2022. This Marketplace allows players players to trade ICE Wearables and other NFT items. Collected fees will accrue to the Decentral Games Treasury.

How to Play-to-Earn?

Each day, each player who owns or has been delegated a wearable NFT receives Chips in order to Play and Earn ICE. The amount of Chips that you will receive depends on how many wearables you hold.

More information can be found in the table below.

Wearable countChips

Chips are non-transferable tokens with no monetary value other than to be used at the Decentral Games poker table. The balances of Player Chips are reset every day at midnight UTC.

Daily ICE Challenges and Tournament

Completing daily challenges with Chips grants players ICE and XP based on their wearable count and rank.

Daily ICE Challenges and Leaderboard

More information on the various challenges can be found below.

Challenge TypeRewardXP Earned
Check-in5 ICE0 XP
Easy25 ICE1 XP
Medium100 ICE2 XP
Hard200 ICE3 XP

NFT Count Multiplier

By having more than one NFT, players earn a multiplier on their base ICE reward:

NFT Count Multiplier1x1.2x1.4x1.6x1.8x


Every day, players earn 5 ICE for winning their first hand.

Easy Challenges

Players earn 25 ICE per day for completing a randomly assigned challenge as listed below:

Challenge1 NFT2 NFTs3 NFTs4 NFTs5 NFTs
See the flop X times2020202020
See the turn X times1515151515
See the river X times1010101010

Medium Challenges

Players earn 100 ICE per day for completing a randomly assigned challenge listed below:

Challenge1 NFT2 NFTs3 NFTs4 NFTs5 NFTs
Win the hand X times1010101010
Get a pair X times1515151515
Get two pair X times55555

Hard Challenges

Players earn 200 ICE per day for completing a randomly assigned challenge listed below:

Challenge1 NFT2 NFTs3 NFTs4 NFTs5 NFTs
Get 3 of a kind X times33333
Get a straight X times22222
Get a flush X times11111
Get a full house X times11111

Daily Leaderboard

To encourage winning with Chips, each player has a performance multiplier based on their daily percentile ranking in net profits. Net profits are calculated as follows:

ScorePlayer = ChipsCurrent – ChipsStarting

At the end of each day, this multiplier adds or subtracts from their total ICE payout.

Player PercentilePerformance Multiplier
0 – 5%2x ICE
6 – 10%1.75x ICE
11 – 15%1.5x ICE
16 – 20%1.35x ICE
21 – 25%1.2x ICE
26 – 30%1.1x ICE
31 – 35%1.05x ICE
36 – 40%1x ICE
41 – 45%0.95x ICE
46 – 50%0.9x ICE
51 – 55%0.8x ICE
56 – 60%0.7x ICE
61 – 65%0.6x ICE
66 – 70%0.5x ICE
71 – 75%0.4x ICE
76 – 80%0.3x ICE
81 – 85%0.2x ICE
86 – 90%0.15x ICE
91 – 95%0.1x ICE
96 – 100%0.05x ICE

ICE Wearables

Players can earn ICE by completing daily challenges while playing poker with Chips and using ICE Wearables. On the Decentral Games Account page, players can view, buy, and delegate their ICED NFT wearables.

How to Obtain an ICE Wearable?

The Decentral Games team distributes ICE Wearables to the community through drops on the Decentral Games Marketplace:

Decentral Games Marketplace

You can also get an ICE Wearable from the secondary market, OpenSea:

Decentral Games on OpenSea

Activation fee

There is no activation fee if you mint directly from the DG Marketplace. Activation costs 2,500 ICE if you buy an ICE Wearable from OpenSea or transfer an ICE Wearable to a new address.

How to Delegate an ICE Wearable?

Holders of an ICE wearable may delegate their NFT to a player who wishes to play and earn a revenue split of ICE rewards. The default is 60% ICE to the player and 40% ICE to the NFT owner, with the split increasingly favoring the owner as the wearable’s rank increases. Only the owner of the NFT receives XP.

Delegate ICE Wearable

ICE wearable owners can delegate their wearables to a player by entering their ETH address on the Decentral Games website’s ICE Wearables page. Delegation can be assigned to each wearable separately.

How to upgrade an ICE Wearable?

ICE Wearable bonuses provide players with additional ICE on top of the ICE earned by completing daily challenges. A higher wearable rank corresponds to a higher ICE Bonus, and the player earns XP for each challenge successfully completed per day. To upgrade an NFT wearable rank, the player must burn enough ICE and XP, pay 100 DG, and burn the old NFT.

How to upgrade an ICE Wearable?

ICE Bonus

When a wearable is upgraded, it receives an ICE bonus value that falls within a certain range:

RankMinting FeeICE Bonus
Rank 1tbd ETH or ICE+ 1 – 7%
Rank 2100 DGBurn 5,000 ICE50 XP+ 8 – 15%
Rank 3100 DG Burn 7,500 ICE75 XP+ 16 – 24%
Rank 4100 DGBurn 10,000 ICE100 XP+ 25 – 34%
Diamond Hands100 DGBurn 12,500 ICE125 XP+ 35 – 45%

When a wearable is moved to a new address, it must be reactivated for 500 DG.

Exclusive Poker Tournaments

Decentral Games hosts highly exclusive poker freeroll tournaments with crypto prizes for Diamond Hands Wearables holders with no entry fee.

Decentral Games Player Journey

Below you can find the complete Decentral Games player journey. From delegated ICE Poker player, to player-owner, to guild owner. By purchasing one or more ICE Wearables, a player can skip Steps 2 and 3.

Step 1: Delegated Player

Delegation to ICE Wearable for Player

Using the Decentral Games website, a player receives delegation to an ICE Wearable from an ICE Wearable owner.

Playing ICE Poker as a Delegated Player Earns the Player 60% Rewards ICE

As a delegated player, you will be given a set number of Chips to use to complete daily challenges and compete for ICE multipliers in the daily leaderboard. By default (for rank 1 wearables), rewards are split. 60% to the delegated player and 40% to the wearable owner.

Step 2: Player-Owner

Player Purchases Own ICE Wearable

A player buys their own ICE Wearable from a mint (with ETH or ICE) or from a secondary marketplace (with ETH) like OpenSea.

Player-Owner Participates in Games and Earns 100% Rewards

A player-owner receives 100% of the ICE rewards from playing poker with Chips to complete daily challenges and compete on the daily leaderboard.

Player Upgrades NFTs by burning ICE

Player-Owner burns ICE, XP, and an existing wearable to mint a new, rarer, and flashier wearable. A higher-ranked wearable earns a greater ICE bonus.

Step 3: Guild Owner

Player collects wearables in order to start ICE Poker Guild

After acquiring one or more wearables, a player may delegate them to form an ICE Poker Guild. This entails renting out wearables to delegated players in exchange for a revenue share, which is usually 60% to the player and 40% to the wearable owner.

Player Upgrades NFTs by burning ICE

Guild owners burn ICE, XP, and existing wearables to mint new, rarer, and more flashy wearables. A higher-ranked wearable receives a larger ICE bonus and a more favorable revenue split.

ICE Poker Guilds

All ICE Poker guild owners have access to the Basic ICE Poker Guild management tools. Premium ICE Poker Guild management tools will require 1k xDG per ICE wearable.

If a guild has only two wearables, they can unlock all features with 2,000 xDG; if a guild has twelve wearables, they must keep a balance of 12,000 xDG to unlock all features.

Basic ICE Poker Guild Package

  • Able to mint during ICE Poker wearables drops (with current 1k xDG requirement)
  • Native ICE wearables delegation
  • Trustless daily revenue share and payouts

Premium ICE Poker Guild Package

  • Delegation dashboard that allows you to (1) see historical performance per player, (2) delegate and undelegate from the dashboard, and (3) view your guild’s historical ICE earnings.
  • The ability to name your guild and its members
  • Access to the ICE Poker player lookup tool, which allows guild owners to review a player’s past performance before delegating (in development)
  • The ability to add a guild manager who can view your delegation dashboard and make delegations/undelegations on your behalf (in development).

More premium features will be added over time to enhance the ICE Poker guild management experience.

Guild Leagues

Guild League - ICE Poker

Your guild can join an ICE Poker league based on its size and xDG stake, which features month-long seasons with prizes distributed in xDG. You must meet the xDG staking requirement throughout the season to qualify for an ICE Poker league.

Fren League – 5k xDG (5+ Players)

  • 1st place: $2k in xDG
  • 2nd place: $1k in xDG
  • 3rd place: $500 in xDG
  • 4th place: $250 in xDG
  • 5th place: $100 in xDG

Ape League- 10k xDG (10+ Players)

  • 1st place: $5k in xDG
  • 2nd place: $2.5k in xDG
  • 3rd place: $1.3k in xDG
  • 4th place: $700 in xDG
  • 5th place: $350 in xDG

Chad League – 25k xDG (25+ Players)

  • 1st place: $10k in xDG
  • 2nd place: $5k in xDG
  • 3rd place: $3k in xDG
  • 4th place: $1.5k in xDG
  • 5th place: $750 in xDG

Extra Chad League Feature: For 25k ICE plus 500 ICE per wearable, submit your name/logo to create custom non-ICE guild wearables (via a template for shirts, polos, jerseys, or hoodies). Guild owners will be able to mint these for their players to wear while playing to represent their guild.


Each guild will be assigned a Guild Score, which will be calculated as follows:

Guild score = (net chips)/(number of active wearables)^0.9

Net chips = total net winnings of all players in your guild during the season.

Number of active wearables = the maximum number of active wearables in your guild at any point during the season.

Each ICE Poker league’s top five scoring guilds will receive xDG prizes redeemable at the end of the season.


  • If you fall below the xDG staking requirement in the middle of the season, you are removed from the league.
  • You can join any league at any time during the season, but you can only join one league at a time.
  • If you join a league in the middle of the season, your Guild Score is only based on the player data collected after you join.
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