Bloktopia Metaverse Gambling Review

September 1, 2022
Bloktopia Review

It’s safe to say that everyone and their dog is trying to start a metaverse website nowadays. The problem lies in the fact that most of these projects are badly executed. Sure, some people have good ideas about the future of decentralized gaming and P2E casinos, but only the most adept metaverse experts can deliver on their promise. And it seems the Bloktopia metaverse fits the bill perfectly.

This unique project is currently under development, but news surrounding its format and features has been floating around for some time now. So, without further ado, GamblingVerse will be reviewing the Bloktopia metaverse, its gambling prospects and everything else players can do in this world.

What is Bloktopia?

Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse built on the Polygon blockchain. Many view it as the heir to the Ethereum chain, whose gas fees and other inefficiencies have become more apparent in the early 2020s. With improvements in speed, Polygon became a prominent solution for anyone looking to start a metaverse gambling project.

This virtual world, in particular, is focused on creating a curated experience for players to enjoy. In fact, the whole concept can be summed up into four main activities:

  • Learning. Bloktopia seeks to teach gamblers and other crypto enthusiasts all about web3, how to gamble safely in the metaverse and much more. The difference compared to other metaverses is that Bloktopia provides this information in an easy-to-understand and accessible way.
  • Earning. Once players learn all about how Bloktopia works and what are its underlying principles, they can partake in various P2E systems, such as selling and reselling real estate, renting out plots of land and more. Staking and advertising are also meant to serve as means of passive income for Bloktopia players.
  • Enjoying games. Perhaps the best thing about Bloktopia is its gamified nature. While there will be fun and free content, most venues will be dedicated to metaverse gambling. Whether it’s old-school casino games or something completely unheard of is up to the landowners to decide.
  • Building. GamblingVerse likes this aspect of Bloktopia the most. Too many times have creative individuals encountered difficulties realizing their plans due to a lack of technical know-how. Bloktopia, on the other hand, provides tools that can be used out-of-the-box to create engaging artwork, games and experiences.

From the get-go, this decentralized casino looks promising because it strives to involve the community in the building process. This is a stark difference from the usual de-facto centralization we encounter.

How Does Bloktopia Look

The Bloktopia metaverse has the form of a 21-story skyscraper. This number was chosen particularly because of the fact there are 21 million Bitcoins in circulation. Every floor features something different, whether it’s event halls, galleries, gambling venues, or something different. Compared to, let’s say, the Sandbox, property owners have more freedom to design their private facilities.

To enter this metaverse, you first have to create a virtual avatar. It’s similar to the ones in Decentraland and will be your image in the eyes of other people. Once you’ve chosen your accessories, you’ll spawn in front of the Bloktopia building. Level One is the ground floor and is the gathering place for all Bloktopia denizens. Here, one can see all the upcoming events, promotions, new arrival and lots more.

Activities Inside Bloktopia

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this metaverse is the fact that it’s ever-changing. Because each of the 21 floors contains lots of real estate space, you can essentially find everything. Big names such as Binance, Coingecko and Coinmarketcap have their presence. In addition, there are many private halls, art galleries and all kinds of gambling-centered venues.

How Does the Economy of Bloktopia Work

The basis of Bloktopia’s ecosystem is the $BLOK token. Its primary purpose is to serve as the official currency of this metaverse. Thus, players can use it to purchase Bloktopia NFTs on the marketplace, as well as acquire assets such as land and advertising revenue. To understand the whole concept more easily, it’s best to divide the Bloktopia tokenomics into the following aspects:

  1. $BLOK. As mentioned previously, this is the primary currency in Bloktopia. In addition to gambling on this metaverse website, users can also stake it in exchange for interest and other perks.
  2. REBLOK tokens. These are proprietary NFTs that only serve the purpose of verifying the ownership of a land asset in Bloktopia. And due to the decentralized nature of the whole project, each REBLOK token equals one vote in the Bloktopia DAO. Thus, landowners have a legitimate say in the direction Bloktopia goes in.
  3. ADBLOK. Many facilities and venues in Bloktopia have big virtual screens. While the in-game development tool lets you tweak them however you want, the Bloktopia team encourages REBLOK owners to use their screens for advertising. ADBLOK tokens are purchased and serve as an ID that’s required to claim $BLOK gained from the ads on your screen. All brands are community-chosen.

Gambling Options in Bloktopia

So far, only some poker and blackjack rooms are available in Bloktopia. Again, this is a metaverse that’s still in development, so expect to see more ambitious projects in the future. As always, GamblingVerse will monitor this decentralized casino and track its progress. We’ll also review each available game individually, in addition to ensuring the payments are legit and sent in full.


In a world full of social metaverses, this project provides something brand new. Not only is this metaverse P2E-oriented, but its graphical appeal is also at a high level. There’s almost no lag and the futuristic look of the skyscraper never ceases to amaze us. This is also a clever way to save money on development costs, as Bloktopia rivals Decentraland in content but is many times smaller.

Gambling-wise, Bloktopia is still growing. There have been some independent blackjack and poker projects, but nothing permanent is currently available. As soon as we see established providers and trustworthy games within the premises, you’ll be the first to know about them.

More information on this project can be found on Bloktopia’s Website.

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