Into the CasinoVerse: MaziMatic, the Next Fun Social Platform

August 18, 2022
MaziMatic Casino

The recent evolution in the gaming industry has brought along metaverse games. Players are entering into the real metaverse to experience next-level gaming. MaziMatic is bringing that next step of gaming into virtual reality through the metaverse. MaziMatic runs the most trusted gaming platform on the metaverse “MaziVerse”, a sophisticated VR environment with multiple realms merging fun, games, excitement and entertainment. However, Maziverse goes beyond gaming and features clubbing and a social living experience.

MaziVerse can be launched on mobile, desktop or by using virtual reality hardware. Each of these modes allows you have a spectacular roller coaster ride of fun from the start to the end. The realms include CasinoVerse, PartyVerse, AdventureVerse, InfluencerVerse and the trading floor.

MaziMatic CasinoVerse

MaziMatic CasinoVerse features a VR-AR experience in a casino where users on the platform can meet, earn and play. As the first licensed metaverse casino platform, it presents a royale casino with over 50 in-house games like card games, classic roulette, dice and domino, slot machine, baccarat, slotomania, poker, blackjack and more. Players can invite their friends, interact with other players in the CasinoVerse and collaborate to enjoy the games together.

Unlike other online casinos, that are pre-programmed or algorithm-based designed to have a specific outcome, MaziMatic casino is streamed live and all users share the same experience regardless of location. Players get real-live experiences and the outcomes are unpredictable.

The beginning of the fun part of the MaziMatic CasinoVerse starts with a grand entry into the casino using luxury. Players are free to make a well-polished and sophisticated entry using a yacht like the History supreme, Eclipse and Radiant. Players can also arrive using the best world cars like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maybach, Range Rover, Tesla and more. Luxurious clothing, shoe brands and accessories are not left out. You can choose to be accompanied by lady luck, who will act as a companion throughout your stay in the CasionoVerse.

You can personalize avatars, customize characters, shop for accessories and do real-item purchases at the MaziVerse exclusive NFT marketplace (NFTKart) to personalize your unique experience. There is a native token (MZM) used to pay for rent or services of lady luck and more to get a more fun experience.

To get started, Players need to purchase the MaziMatic token (MZM) with stablecoins, connect their wallet and be ready to play and earn!

MaziMatic CasinoVerse


The MaziMatic PartyVerse allows you to party across the world in the comfort of your home. You will meet and earn an all-expenses paid trip to another country that allows you to meet other people. You can switch to a club in Las Vegas and switch to another party in Macau in seconds. MaziMatic PartyVerse will bring the nightclub to your home, featuring an elegant, raunchy, freaky and hyped nightclub. Talking about pole dancers, exclusive DJs, jazz lights, and artiste that give a real-life party experience. All that is required to get unlimited access to the PartyVerse is to hold just one MaziMatic NFT.



The AdventureVerse is designed to enable users to visit places of their dreams with a VR headset and a patented MaziVerse chair, rather than spending $20,000 to visit your dream location. Users are able to play all kinds of sports, ride their favorite rides and visit places of their dreams. Users will have a real-life experience of their desired location in the comfort of their homes. Travel anywhere in the blink of an eye.



InfluencerVerse makes it possible to meet your favorite influencer by just simply buying their NFTs. It features a scenic environment where you can hang out under the Eiffel Tower or on a boat ride where you can have a real-time conversation with them. In the InfluencerVerse you can even attend a live concert of your favorite influencer.


MaziMatic Trading Floor

The trading floor represents an actual trading floor of Wall Street where users can buy, sell and trade their collectibles and can become the Wolf of Wall Street of the Metaverse.

Blockchain technology has made the integration of gaming into the metaverse decentralized and transparent. The MaziMatic CasinoVerse is built on the Polygon network for you to have a smooth ride of fun with faster throughput and less transaction fee.

Join the MaziMatic rollercoaster of Play to Earn, Enjoy to Earn and a lot of exciting (virtual) real-life experiences!

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