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June 21, 2022
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At one point or another, many people have fantasized about being able to escape the stress of daily life and enter a world in which they have more control. Not only is it an excellent way to catch a breather after a long day but it also allows people to immerse themselves in their favorite games. Thanks to the Metaverse, such a pastime is no longer fantasy.

As VR technology has improved in recent years, players can now fully engross themselves in their favorite entertainment projects. But what does this mean for casino gamers?

All Metaverse games are digitally enhanced versions of your favorite online and real-life titles, so you get the best of both worlds. You don’t have to leave your house, but you’ll still get that land-based casino feel. In fact, the opportunities provided by new Metaverse games are virtually limitless. Let’s look at the different casino games you can play in the Metaverse.

Popular Metaverse Games

It’s not easy to single out the best Metaverse game, even if we’re just focusing on casino gaming. This is especially true if we consider different players’ unique preferences. However, based on their popularity, several games stand out. Below is a list of some of these, accompanied by short descriptions on how to play in Metaverse.


When most players think of casinos, slot machines are probably one of the first things that pop into their minds. The flashy designs, bright lights, and beeping sound effects are iconic, and it’s hard to imagine a casino’s gaming floor without them.

In addition, they are perhaps one of the easiest games to play in the Metaverse, working just how you’d expect them to in real life. If spinning virtual reels sounds like your thing, you can find countless simple three-reel Metaverse slot games at Decentraland casinos and other more specialized versions at online casinos.

Metaverse Slots
Metaverse Slots

Crypto Gems

One of the best examples of a popular Metaverse slot machine is Crypto Gems. It’s a crypto-based slot machine you can find on, one of the best active Metaverse casinos. You can place bets via EDG tokens, which you can purchase after creating your account on the website. In our opinion, Crypto Gems stands out from other slot machines in that it chooses a more minimalistic design over the more pompous style choices of different slot games. also lets you adjust the level of fairness so that you can be sure that the outcome of spins is entirely random.

edgeless crypto gems Crypto Gems


Blackjack is another iconic game you can expect to find at any casino worth visiting. In fact, it’s well known to be one of America’s favorite casino games due to the exceptional balance of luck and strategy required to win when you play.

Unlike slot players facing an easy mechanic, new blackjack players may actually have to search “how do you play Metaverse blackjack” to learn the game’s rules. If you’re a blackjack fan looking to get into Metaverse gambling, you won’t be disappointed. Your favorite game can be found at almost every decentralized or Metaverse casino.

metaverse blackjack
Metaverse Blackjack


Sticking to iconic card games, the next entry on our list of popular Metaverse games is baccarat. This casino staple has a very low house edge, making it a favorite for avid gamblers, as the likelihood that you’ll win is much higher for this game.

If you’ve never played baccarat, this is another game for which you may also have to look up the rules, as it’s not completely up to chance as slots are. You can start playing this awesome Italian card game with BET tokens at, another decentralized casino.


Moving on from card games, we have a game whose winning odds are primarily down to chance. Like the rest of the games we’ve discussed, roulette is an integral part of any casino, both in the real and virtual worlds. Next to Metaverse poker and slots, it’s one of the games we feel you must experience when you start getting into virtual gambling.

You won’t have trouble finding at least one roulette game at most decentralized/Metaverse casinos. However, fans of the American version may be disappointed to know that, currently, European Roulette is the most common variation of the classic game.

metaverse roulette
Metaverse Roulette


Lastly, we have the simplest of gambling games. Due to the ease with which a dice game can be simulated compared to the others on this list, you should be able to find it at several different decentralized Metaverse casinos. It’s an adaptation of the standard craps game but uses crypto as the betting stake. You won’t have to crack open a rule book to start playing, and it can be a quick and easy-to-access source of fun while exploring the virtual world through your avatar.

How to Start Playing Metaverse Games

After seeing all the fantastic gambling options, we understand if you’re wondering how to play Metaverse games. Luckily, the process is straightforward and can be broken down into a few steps.

  1. Get Crypto.

At the moment, the vast majority of Metaverse casinos are decentralized. This means that instead of taking fiat as a stake, you have to gamble with various cryptocurrencies depending on your chosen casino. So, your first step should be buying some crypto.

  1. Get Metamask

Any crypto owner needs a good wallet to store their coins, and at the same time, any Metaverse gambler needs a wallet they can connect to their favorite casino. So the next thing you need to do is download Metamask and use it to store your crypto.

  1. Connect Your Wallet.

Once you’ve put your crypto into Metamask, all you have to do is connect your wallet to a Metaverse casino of your choice. This can usually be done via a “Connect Wallet” button and shouldn’t take more than a few clicks.


Playing casino games in the Metaverse is one of the many wonderful possibilities technology has brought us. Live gambling used to be the absolute peak of immersion in online casinos. However, the Metaverse brings us much closer to real-life gaming than ever before.

You can play all of your favorite casino games just as you would in brick-and-mortar gambling establishments without the hassle of making travel plans, spending extra money, and dealing with IRL inconveniences. The best part is you can start right now. All you have to do is buy some crypto, find the right site, and start having fun.

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