Everything You Need to Know About BC.Game’s Degen Pass

August 17, 2022
Degen Pass ticket to Degenverse

If you’re a fan of crypto gambling and online casinos, chances are that you have came across BC.Game. Currently, it’s rated as the best crypto casino of 2022 by industry-powerhouse Sigma iGaming. Additionally, it’s a Sports Partner of Cloud9 which is a leading organization within the esports community.

Launched in 2017, BC.Game began as a classic online casino offering slots, house games, and live dealer titles. Since then, it has widened its offers to include an exciting range of games, lucrative bonuses, daily lotteries, sportsbooks, promotional offers, and NFT adventures.

Their latest offer is a casino NFT collection going by the name Degen Pass. In this article, we take a look at what a Degen Pass is, how you can obtain one, and the benefits of holding a Degen Pass.

What is a Degen Pass?

Degen Pass is BC.Game’s collection of 1,777 genesis passes on the Ethereum blockchain. With a Degen Pass, a holder earns access to the Degenverse. The Degenverse ecosystem is BC.Game’s version of the Metaverse that’s ruled by the DegenGod, who makes all the rules.

You will need a Degen Pass to access all this action. The Degenverse is backed up by BC.Game Casino but it extends far beyond their betting site. In the ecosystem, every pass holder can access a plethora of benefits such as a portfolio of casinos, decentralized betting apps, and mystery airdrops.

The world is slowly progressing to a world where individuals can easily access the metaverse at any time. Therefore, BC.Game is trying to revolutionize iGaming in Web3 by providing an immersive and customizable digital world.

Apart from accessing the already massive BC.Game network, holders of the Degen Pass will also receive elite offers and custom advantages inside the Degenverse.

BC.GAME Degen Pass

A Little More About BC.Game

BC.Game is 2022’s best crypto casino platform with a plethora of games available to play. The platform offers deposit and withdrawal options for more than 20 cryptocurrencies, which is more than most crypto gambling platforms offer.

One of the best features of BC.Game is that they publicly display the house edge of every game, while also offering player anonymity.

BC.GAME crypto casino

Here is a quick summary of BC.Game:

  • It receives around 1 million visitors per month according to data from SimilarWeb.
  • Transactions on the platform are quick and instant
  • It has a fast support system (5 minutes to get a response)
  • It uses a transparent & fair system

With that said, let’s take a look at how you can get your hands on a Degen Pass.  

How to Obtain a Degen Pass?

As you can imagine, there is a high demand for the Degen Pass already. The BC.Game network receives about 3 million users globally. The total supply of Degen Passes is limited to only 1,777. With that said, here are a few ways to get your hands on a Degen Pass:

  1. Win: You can win an official whitelist spot by taking part in their social activities through BC.Game’s official Twitter, Discord, or BC Game forum. Simply take part in the giveaways and win.
  2. Play: BC.Game will be holding events such as the BIG BANG promotion from time to time. Among the prizes during such events is the Degen Pass. Ensure that you are in the final top 10 for a chance of winning a Degen Pass. You don’t want to miss out on these events. Check out their official event page for details.
  3. Wager: You can also wager in BC.Game casino. If you wager enough, there is a chance that the Casino might pick you as a winner. All the lucky players will be contacted by BC.Game and offered a chance to join the Degenverse.
  4. Buy: There will be a private sale for all whitelist members. However, there will also be a public sale that’s open for everyone else. Since there is a limited number, they’ll only be up for grabs for a specified period of time. Also, only one pass will be available for minting per wallet.

All giveaway and event dates are TBA (to be announced). You might want to follow BC.Game on all their official social media accounts.

Advantages of Being a Degen Pass Holder

The Degen Pass is a sweet deal that offers never-ending returns. With it, you have access to the Degenverse which is only the start of what the ecosystem has in store. The benefits that come with being a Degen Pass holder include:

  • Early access to decentralized betting apps backed up by BC.Game
  • Guaranteed mystery airdrops as a genesis holder
  • Full access to Degenverse along with a VIP permit to all BC.Game partner casinos
  • A share of jackpot prizes from multiple betting sites
  • A custom avatar that will be displayed on BC.Game
  • Guaranteed access to the portfolio of partner casinos


When it comes to adventure and innovative ways to explore the cryptocurrency and metaverse world, BC.Game is way ahead of the pack. It has revolutionized how to interact with online casinos and NFTs through the release of their metaverse, the Degenverse.

If you want to be part of this new exciting world, you might want to get in on the action early. With passes only limited to 1,777, the best time to get your hands on one is now. Go on to BC. Game and start playing.

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