Astro Babies: First Ever Land Based Crypto Casino

August 24, 2022
Astro Babies

There has been a growing interest from the gaming industry stakeholders in the metaverse. Global technology companies specializing in blockchain solutions are planning with casinos, sports betting companies, gaming centers, and other gaming companies to have a virtual space in the metaverse, allowing users to experience fun in the comfort of their homes.

El Salvador is a country that is famously crypto-inclined. There is a collaboration between the government and Astro Babies to have a physical casino in the country and also a metaverse version. Astro Babies is a Solana-based project that offers the community an out of this world experience that is packed with long term incentives. It is the first multi-dimensional casino in El Salvador where lovers of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, blockchain tech and other guests will be able to gamble and meet.

Astro Babies Ecosystem

The ecosystem is made up of:

Astro Babies NFT

The NFT comprises four unique collections that greatly benefit holders; OG Astro Babies, Astro Apes, Astro Pups and legendary Astro Aliens. The Astro Babies NFT collection shows babies in space suit attire as these babies are citizens of the galaxy and are on a never-ending space journey. Their favorite pass time in the galaxy is gambling. Astro Casino is where they hang out to try their luck in the metaverse. When on earth, the only place to find them is at the Astro club.

As rewards, community members who hold 1 of each Astro NFT collection will be rewarded in the form of revenue reflections from a share of 33% of aftermarket sales. In addition, community holders will have access to enter into a sweepstake to win a Tesla Model 3 along with a 1:1 Astro Babies animated NFT. Astro Babies NFTs gives access to be allowed in the Astro clubhouse.

The Astro Babies NFT will provide a 3D rendered character to explore and interact with the Astro Gallery.

Astro Gallery

Astro Gallery is a virtual reality experience where users can enter and interact as their favorite Astro NFT 3D rendered Avatar. The Astro Gallery will have its own front-end marketplace where all NFTs on Solana can be bought, sold and auctioned. Artists all over the world can showcase their work in the Astro Gallery. The gallery will be exclusive for the Astro club, with membership granted as an Astro NFT holder. There will also be a casino in the gallery. You can access the marketplace directly through the Astro Gallery website.

Astro Casino

The land-based casino will have over 50 casino games, including slot machines, table games, card games, classic roulette, dice and domino, baccarat, slot mania, poker, blackjack and more. This casino allows digital artists and other people to meet and exchange information on their cryptocurrency and NFT experiences. The place will have neon lights, a gaming area, lobby, bar, restaurant, DJ, terrace, and a VIP area.

The Astro metaverse casino will be a mirror of the land-based version in the metaverse and will feature a marketplace that will allow buying, selling and auctioning Astro Babies NFTs. Guests will be able to visit the Astro Casino in the comfort of their homes.

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Astro Casino

Astro Babies Token ($ABB)

$ABB is the official token of the Astro Club metaverse with the sole purpose of delivering utility to the holders. $ABB will provide exclusive benefits to users within the Astro Gallery and the Astro Casino. Holders who hold one NFT of each collection will be liable for $ABB airdrops. The token will be used as a reward system for holders participating in various games, weekly raffles, giveaways, rebates for market participants, governance, dividends for future implementation to shareholders and more.

The Astro Babies and its ecosystem will keep growing and offering new utilities and more collections of arts and games that will contribute to the fun of the Astro community!

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