Slotie NFT: DeFi in Gambling

August 23, 2022
Slotie NFT

These days NFTs are created by almost everyone in hope for monetization. Big brands and companies are drawn to the NFT arena for trends and money-making opportunities, rather than being utilized for its use case. Recently, we started to see other creative use cases for NFTs that bring added benefits to ownership like access to exclusivity in the games, virtual world and the real world.

The gambling industry is highly centralized which has resulted in frictions between user and online casino. Embracing blockchain technology and NFT can jack up the experience and value of the gambling industry. One project that is embracing NFT with gambling to give you a fun experience in a metaverse casino is Slotie NFT. Slotie is integrating smart contracts and decentralization into the world of online gambling that translates into transparency and fairness by letting NFT holders become co-owners of online casinos.

Slotie NFT Utility

Sloties are a collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens (ERC-721) that grant holders access into an online casino on the blockchain. It acts as your ticket into the largest and fastest growing online casino on the blockchain. Every Slotie NFT holder gains membership access to the Slotie Club, whose benefits and offerings are as follows.

  • Exclusive Holder Reward

Exclusive Holder Reward is a popular reward for every Slotie Junior holder based on the rarity of the NFT. Sloties generate passive income for holders by giving them 80% of the commissions that Slotie earns on casino games in their crypto casinos. The passive income rewards are permanent and come with no risk for NFT holders.

  • NFT staking

Holding a Slotie NFT allows you to stake your NFT on a slot machine for more rewards. This way the community becomes the supply of NFTs in 150 partnered casinos.

  • Breeding

Breeding in DeFi protocol allows NFTs to be transformed or upgraded into new NFTs. Breed Sloties to get a new JSlotie Junior NFT that doubles all your rewards. Owning a Slotie Junior grants access to SlotieVerse and gives increased rewards. To get started on breeding, you need two original Sloties and 1800 WATTs tokens.

5000 Junior Sloties will be able to be bred by current Slotie NFT holders. The last 50 are for Giveaways and Slottery Winners.

Slotie Junior
  • Token Rewards

Slotie NFT has WATTs as the token that powers the Sloties world. It is the official utility token that fuels the Slotie games. Slotie NFT holders are rewarded with 10 WATTs daily. This will enable them to breed Sloties in 3 months.

You can purchase WATTs from other owners on the secondary market.

The utility for WATTs are breeding, slotteries, governance and exclusive event access in SlotieVerse.

  • Rakeback

Beyond holding and staking NFTs, Slotie owners will become VIP members and will have up to 20% rakeback on wagered money in partnered casinos. The rakeback means that NFT owners will be reimbursed a 20% of all their lost bets.

  • Slottery

On weekly basis, Slotie holders get to test their luck for 50 WATTs each to win more WATTs, NFTs, free spins in partner casinos, or other rewards.

Rarity of Sloties

Each Slotie NFT is unique with varying degrees of rarity. The rarer your Slotie, the more rewards it will generate. You can purchase Sloties from a secondary market like Rarible. The rarities are; skin, hats, eyes, ears, teeth, clothes and backgrounds.

Slotie NFTs


SlotieVerse is a virtual reality “metaverse” platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain, bringing you fun, games and a social experience from Las Vegas. You can jump right from the comfort of your room to Las Vegas to have that fun. Metaverse casinos in SlotieVerse can concentrate on building eye-catching buildings, hosting live concerts, and rewarding their customers, while developers and designers can benefit from creating awesome designs and game logic, which will then be adopted by the casinos featured in this virtual Las Vegas. SlotieVerse is an opportunity for anyone who wants to contribute to the decentralized ecosystem.

To get access to the SlotieVerse, you need to obtain a Junior Slotie. Junior Sloties are gotten from breeding 2 original NFTs and 1800 WATTs. In addition to the rewards, owning a Junior Slotie lets you automatically have a plot of land in the SlotieVerse, own a land in Sandbox (which will serve as bridge to SlotieVerse) and own a unique statue in your name.


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