Ridotto: Reinventing Your Gambling Experience

August 22, 2022
Ridotto Casino

Online gambling is a massive industry growing at 11% a year. There is a wide misconception in the gambling space that the house has an edge of winning. Ridotto protocol is making a difference by integrating blockchain technology with gambling and lottery, reinventing your gambling experience with transparency, anonymity, security and fairness.

As the first cross-chain gambling and lottery protocol built on Cardano, the main drive is to be an open protocol driven by the community where users can play or build games and earn rewards by providing liquidity to the DeFi ecosystem.

Ridotto’s casino protocol will be deployed across all major blockchains, including Matic, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Kadena, Cardano and many other blockchains.

Ridotto Games

Players will have access to a large set of cross-chain games driven by smart contracts. It is autonomous, decentralized, transparent and secure. There is a large game catalog of both casino games and innovative crypto games with four main categories from card games to slot games, betting and lottery. Other games the community knows and loves, including Blackjack, Poker, Slots, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Bingo, and all manner of different lotteries, will become available as well.

More games will be held by the Ridotto incubator for a rich gambling experience. Here are some examples of the exclusive Ridotto games:

  • To the moon: a simplified crypto option game
  • Mystery Box: a loot box containing random cryptocurrencies
  • Hidden Gems: cryptocurrency jackpots selected by the community
  • All-Stars: top 10 cryptocurrency slot machines.
Ridotto Games

Ridotto NFTs

To make the platform more fun, Ridotto integrated NFTs to offer exclusive benefits to users interested in maximizing their returns. Ridotto’s three categories of NFTs include:

  • Platform benefits: this first set of NFTs is the masterpiece to deploy on the protocol. They are required to manage all the casino assets across the Ridotto platform
  • Game specific: it offers users unique advantages specific to Ridotto gameplay
  • Social and collaborative: by using the social NFTs, the players will have a unique and improved social experience.

Stake $RDT and earn/farm tradable NFTs that entitle you to own your casino games.

Become the House

Ridotto allows the community to provide liquidity in a manner that accounts for risk preference. The community is the house. Ridotto deviates from traditional “the house always wins” approach by bringing users into the fold. Players can earn rewards by providing liquidity to the protocol, giving them the possibility of becoming the house. Simply choose the game, bankroll it, and earn APY from the casino’s edge. The native token $RDT is used to provide liquidity; community members can earn up to 20% APY to 110% APY from providing liquidity to the ecosystem.

100% of generated revenue will go straight to Ridotto’s community of liquidity providers. From most rewarding to least, the more risk bankrollers assume in funding Ridotto casino games, the more rewards they will potentially earn. However, a percentage of the profit, reserves and staking opportunities will contribute to self-sustaining the ecosystem.

Build casino games utilizing the Ridotto protocol

In order to be accredited in 90% of the globe, an online casino would need to spend millions of dollars on 20 different jurisdiction licenses and sacrifice user anonymity through KYC practices. Ridotto is open to developers of casino games. It offers a complete decentralized environment to build unique games on top of its protocol with a customized UI. Ridotto offers a fast, flexible and secure way to create a casino on-chain. Its features include:

  • Easy to use Software development kit that is quick to launch
  • Easy deployment of game lifecycle management
  • Global integration of extra-layer such as oracles at minimum cost
  • Efficient cross-chain deployment


$RDT is the native token used to power the ecosystem. Transaction fees, staking rewards, liquidity and the multiplier will be indexed on Ridotto token (RDT). You can also earn more $RDT and farm NFTs by staking tokens.

Ridotto App

Ridotto will develop an all-in-one app that offers a vibrant and entertaining gaming experience with a user-friendly interface. The features include:

  • All in one games and pools app
  • Simple UX/UI
  • A Secure and noncustodial wallet to track your assets and earnings.
  • Exclusive crypto games
  • Easy access

Traditional casinos exist to enrich casino operators, Ridotto exists to benefit the community.

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