BetU: Metaverse Casino, Sports Betting and Play to Earn

August 25, 2022
BetU Ecosystem

In this article, we’ll explore what the BetU ecosystem has to offer, including sports betting, metaverse gambling, a play-to-earn prediction game and all the extra features that make it unique. The BetU ecosystem looks as follows:

  • BetU – A sports, esports, & crypto betting platform.
  • EarnU – Play-to-earn sports & esports prediction game.
  • BetU Verse – A licensed metaverse resort and casino.


BetU is a sport, esports and crypto betting platform secured by a smart contract that offers traditional bookmaker services and peer-to-peer betting, resulting in better odds and bigger winnings. BetU aims to become a leader in the global markets worth USD 392 billion.

BetU Sports Betting Platform

BetU Ecosystem explained

The BetU Marketplace will link Bet makers and Bet takers. As a Bet maker you can be your own bookmaker and set the terms of any bet. Bet takers can accept these bets in the BetU Marketplace.

The bets are confirmed in a smart contract and BETU tokens will be locked. Winning bettors will receive their winnings in BETU tokens.


EarnU is a play to earn prediction game. You can predict sports, esports and earn rewards when your prediction is correct. EarnU is not gambling and gives BETU token holders winning thrills without the risk of losing any money – you can only win. Predictions are available for all your favorite major sports like basketball, football, soccer, cricket, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Hockey, MMA and other sports.

The game is integrated with Sports Radar and for match, data, odds feeds and streaming. To encourage a large player base, holding tiers are incorporated into the games.

EarnU Play to Earn prediction game

To get access to this prediction game, you need to hold BETU tokens. However, if you are a holder, you can enjoy this game for free!

BetU Verse

The BetU Verse is a licensed virtual reality platform that enables players to enjoy interactive games and experience fun within the metaverse. It has a metaverse casino, resort and entertainment complex.

The ground level of the metaverse complex has a casino floor where players can earn from their favorite casino games like slot machines, poker, blackjack, roulette and big wheel.

At the same floor, you can also find a sports lounge where players can watch and bet on real world sports (NBA, NFL, EPL, UFC, ICC, ATP, PGA, MLB), esports (CS:GO, Dota2, LOL) and metaverse games (Axie, ZedRun, DeRace).

It finally comes with a Bar where users can meet new people and interact at the bar while being served wine or any other drink by the BetU Verse staff.

The BetU Verse consists of:

  • A resort that has 10,008 condominiums for owners to furnish to their taste. Owners will be able to rent out their condos for private parties and can choose to sell them in the marketplace.
  • A shopping mall that acts like the metaverse official marketplace to purchase items like clothes, wearables, in-game assets, furniture and cars. Real world items can be purchased as well.
  • The entertainment floor will include a nightclub, pool, museum, adult entertainment and other play to earn metaverse games.
  • A conference room to host metaverse events. It can be rented by users.

BetU Verse has 10000 exclusive NFTs that will grant access to resident avatars, luxury condominiums, branded casino tables, slot machines, in-game utilities, exclusive access to VIP rooms and more.

BetU Token

BETU is the sole currency used to power the BetU ecosystem. The token will be used for placing bets, winnings, betting rewards, incentives, staking, token burns after every winning bet or if bettors attempt to cheat, whale holder benefits that will pay zero winning fees, purchasing NFTs and governance voting right.

BETU is listed on Pancakeswap, Bitmart and More information about the BETU token can be found on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap.

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