Decentral Games Launched ICE Poker Flex

October 10, 2022
ICE Poker Flex

Decentral Games is a social gaming organization that develops metaverse casino games. This, in turn, allows its users to earn real money in the shape of tokens by playing casino games like poker, roulette and blackjack. 

Decentral Games is based in the Vegas City district of Decentraland. The current 6 Decentraland Casinos are Tominoya Casino, Serenity Island, Chateau Satoshi, Atari Casino, The Aquarium Casino and DEXT Poker Lounge.

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is one of the leading metaverse projects that operate on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to buy land, build buildings, such as casinos, and run a virtual business while earning real money. Decentraland features its own native currency as well: MANA.

What is ICE Poker Flex? 

Decentral Games developed and launched ICE Poker, a free 3D metaverse poker game, in October 2021. This game is based on a play to earn model, allowing players to earn ICE tokens simply by playing the game and completing the daily in-game tasks.

$ICE is the in-game currency token that also simultaneously incentivizes player liquidity and enables upgrades of in-game items such as wearable NFTs.

ICE Poker Flex is designed to run on any (mobile) web browser, so that users that do not have access to the metaverse can also play poker. In other words, ICE Poker Flex is a web progressive application (PWA).

Decentral Games ICE Poker Flex

The 2 Game Modes

As of October 2022, ICE Poker Flex features 2 in-game modes; Tournament Mode and Challenge Mode (currently being developed). Both of these in-game modes are available in Decentraland and on Flex.

In the Tournament mode of ICE Poker, a fast-paced 6-player single-elimination tournament takes place that is much akin to an SNG (Sit N Go) tournament. Whereas in the Challenge Mode, players complete daily tasks and compete against other online players on a daily leaderboard.

ICE Poker Metaverse Platform

The metaverse version of the game is known as ICE Poker. In the Metaverse, players get to have an all-new exposure to playing online casino games that stands in stark difference from traditional online casino games. The ICE Poker gaming experience in the metaverse is much like visiting a casino in real life!

ICE Poker Flex Platform

The web app version is known as ICE Poker Flex. It was made to enable ICE Poker on the go. Since the user base in the metaverse is not big enough and many new potential players do not have the access to Decentraland, this web application seeks to scale its user base up by millions!

ICE Poker Wearables

Even though ICE Poker is free to play, it is not possible to join tournaments if you do not have any ICE Wearables (NFTs). This means that you have to buy one in order to join the fun. However, even if you own an ICE wearable, you cannot just sit down at every poker table of your choice.

There are currently 3 different types of ICE wearables that determine the games you can join;

  • Tournament Wearables
  • Flex Wearables
  • All-Access Wearables

Tournament Wearables

Tournament Wearables are best suited for beginners and as the name suggests, it gives access to the tournament mode of ICE Poker. The good news, however, is that it gives you access to the poker tournaments on both platforms (Decentraland and ICE Poker Flex).

Flex Wearables

Flex Wearables are best suited for mid-level players and as the same suggests, it gives players access to ICE Poker Flex. The good news here is that players can enjoy both tournament modes. This means that you can join both the Tournament and the Challenge Mode on the go, anytime and anywhere!

All-Access Wearables

The All-Access ICE Wearables are best reserved for pro ICE Poker players. With this wearable, players can join all games on both platforms, as well as access both game modes – Tournament Mode and Challenge Mode.

ICE Poker Badges


While wearables give players access to ICE Poker games and game modes, Shine is required to enter tournaments. 

Shine are available in discrete numbers, such as 1,2,3, etc., and the amount of shine required to enter a tournament depends on the game platform, venue, as well as occasion. Whenever a player enters a tournament, Shine are deducted from their wearables. 

In order to add Shine to your wearables, you have to burn ICE tokens. For instance, 1000 $ICE results in +9 Shine, which will be added to your wearable.

In ICE Poker Tournaments, the last 2 players from the initial 6-player match are the winners. The 2nd place winner gets the Shine back that were deducted to enter the tournament. The winner gets a number of tournament badges equal to the number of Shine required to enter the tournament.

Badges can then be traded for All-Access wearables, Shine, or $ICE. More prizes will be added over time.

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