Cloverland: Bringing gambling to the digital immersive area

January 18, 2023
Cloverland Metaverse Casino

Casino gaming and gambling as a whole are industries that many casinos and bookmakers have struggled to bring into the metaverse for years.

With the metaverse’s potential to attract millions of users, one would think that stakeholders in the gambling industry would have figured out ways in which bettors, casinos, and other stakeholders in the industry can benefit from the amazing technological and financial innovations that come with integrating gambling in the metaverse.

However, the gambling industry is still yet to make the most of an opportunity presented by a technological innovation that was valued at $47.5 billion (in 2022) and projected to generate a global economic opportunity of $5 trillion in the years to come.

In this article, you’ll learn about, one of the metaverse casino projects currently making the most of the opportunity to integrate the gambling industry with the metaverse.

What is Cloverland?

Cloverland is a metaverse casino platform that aims to deliver a real-life gaming experience for users in the metaverse.

Through the use of extended reality (XR), virtual reality (VR), and blockchain technology, Cloverland plans to launch a casino gaming project that will be set in a 3D virtual environment where players and bettors can interact with each other as if they were in a physical casino.

How the Cloverland Metaverse Works

The metaverse gambling platform uses XR, VR, blockchain, and NFT technologies to create a metaverse platform where users can enjoy an immersive gambling and gaming experience while they make money.

Aligned with the expectations of gamers and consumers, Cloverland deeply brings visitors into an immersive experience with high-quality graphics made possible by “state of the art” XR technologies such as Unreal Engine (Epic Games) the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool that supports the development of immersive VR and XR environment, including the creation of a private Metaverse.

The creators of this metaverse platform also plan to make it possible for the Cloverland casino experience to be accessible to users on any device. This way players can interact with one another, whether they’re using a VR or XR equipment or not.

In short, users can access the Cloverland metaverse through their VR headset, mobile phone, and web browser.

Cloverland Map Insight

CLOV Token

The doors of Cloverland will be open to all. Any passionate fans of gambling will be able to discover highly immersive universes thanks to Cloverland XR technologies whatever the AR/VR equipment they use. Cloverland relies on the use of Blockchain technology to create a positive economy for gambling where all services will be available only to token holders:

  • Playing at all available card games and associated  tournaments. Receive bonus and cash price.
  • Create, store and exchange NFTs which represents ownership of avatars, items, wearables. 
  • Access to staking system which allows poker players to open part of their bankroll to investors to finance their participation in tournaments. In return, part of their winnings are paid back to those who bet on their success. 
  • Participate in exclusive events, tournaments and shows. 
  • Create your own private or public gaming room  
  • Coaching sessions by professionals gamblers to improve your chance to succeed.
  • Enables the community to vote on new game development, new features, partnership and NFT collections.

Players will be able to exchange fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies for CLOV Tokens at the casino entrance. The Cloverland platform detects users holding Cloverland Tokens and NFT holders in their decision-making processes regarding the future of the platform.

CLOV Token

Business Model

The business model is primarily based on the Win/Lose profits of the casino, as are all real and online casino models. Revenues are supplemented by fees from Token issuance, NFT creation, sale or trading and products sold at their partners’ corners.

A virtual casino does not mean that it does not have to follow the same rules as a real casino. At Cloverland they understand this. Developing a business model based on multiple revenue streams will allow them to ensure the sustainability of the casino with an adequate cash pool for the distribution of winnings, investment in R&D, and sufficient resources to cover the internal expenses of running the business.

Cloverland’s strong fundamentals are also a guarantee that the Cloverland Token’s valuation will evolve over the long term.

Revenue From the Sale of NFTs

Cloverland plan to sell NFTs of unique skin designs for holographic and virtual assets such as one-of-a-kind designs for Black Jack tables, roulette tables, slot machines, decks of cards, casino chips, in-game avatar clothing, and wearables. They plan to do revenue sharing agreements with 3D artists, celebrities and influencers that will list NFTs for sale in our store.

Cloverland NFT Marketplace

Benefits from having a double side B2C and B2B business model

  • B2C segment is a free-to-play social casino model where Cloverland will generate revenue from sales of in-game casino chips, transaction fee on each bet.
  • B2B segment is a SaaS model where they expect to generate revenue from technology licensing fees and revenue sharing fees from both, social casinos and for-money licensed casinos.

SaaS clients will be required to be licensed in each state where they want to launch Casino games and pay a setup fee of $25,000 plus a monthly fee of $5,000 per game with increasing scales based on the number of players.

Amazing Features of the Cloverland Metaverse

Cloverland has some amazing features, like the play-to-earn feature, which allows users to earn rewards while they play games and gamble at the casino.

Here are some interesting features of the Cloverland metaverse casino project.

Community-driven Decentralized Project

The gaming industry is under the control of centralized authorities who dictate how the market works and are constantly seeking new ways they can exploit players and make more money.

Cloverland is a community-driven, decentralized project that is transparent and gives power to the members of the community, rather than putting the burden of decision-making on a few individuals.

The Cloverland metaverse allows any user to check the liquidity balance of each table game and get an insight into the finance of the game.


Interoperability is one of the major challenges that the gaming industry is currently facing. 

Most gaming projects fail to incorporate the use of gaming, gambling, blockchain technology, smart contracts, NFTs, cryptocurrency, and metaverse technologies into one single project. Most who even attempt to do so fail woefully most times, which leaves users with an undesirable gaming experience.

Cloverland has set a new standard for the gaming industry with their approach to the concept of interoperability. Making it easy for players to play online casino games, gamble, socialize with other players, and win NFT and cryptocurrency rewards all on one single platform.

Cloverland NFTs

Cloverland NFTs primarily serve as “access IDs” in the Cloverland metaverse. Each member of the community needs to create their own Cloverland NFTs.

Cloverland NFTs also serve as a user’s personal card and can be used to create collectible NFTs that can be traded on the marketplace, gain access to all the games and services at the casino, increase their win/loss ratio on certain games, track the time spent playing in the casino, ensure the traceability of financial flows, and determine rankings in the casino. 

Own Branded Casinos in the Cloverland Metaverse

Companies, licensed physical casinos and enthusiasts will be able to have their own casino room in the Cloverland. Looking long-term and setting the foundations for further development. Players will be able to visit Cloverland from home at any time of the day and from anywhere with no entry restrictions for their avatar. Nevertheless, the casino will remain a place of goodwill, and any inappropriate behaviour within its walls will result in a ban.

Special Events and Reward Programs

Being a member of the Cloverland community comes with access to special events, such as exclusive tournaments organized for members of the community who meet the requirements.

You can also participate in the reward programs organized for members of the community.

Protection Against Fraud

With the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology, Cloverland makes sure every piece of information used on the blockchain is transparent and secure.

With Cloverland, you have access to secure payments through blockchain technology, unlike traditional online casinos where scamming is rife.

Final Thoughts

Cloverland is a project with great potential and amazing features that set new standards for projects in the casino industry.

The Cloverland metaverse makes use of XR, VR, blockchain and other technologies to create an interoperable metaverse casino project that offers an immersive gambling experience to users. Definitely a good reason to check them out!

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