UniPlay: Powering the Future of Decentralized Casinos

November 8, 2022
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UniPlay is a gaming cryptocurrency that will power the future of decentralized gambling and casinos. They are developing an improved way for gamers to play online while being compensated for their time.

UniPlay provides a tangible product that has the potential to become the most popular iGaming project in the world, allowing people all over the world to earn and play whenever and wherever they want.

This project has a strong focus on social casinos. The team is developing a blockchain platform that combines Play to Earn, NFTs, and Metaverse in order to create a new and exciting paradigm in the iGaming industry. They are in a unique position to offer their users a new way to earn money, while having fun in the social casinos.

UniPlay Casino

UniPlay Mission

In 2023, the global online gambling market is expected to be worth 95-100 billion US dollars.

That’s a lot of money, but nearly 90% of the players only claim free bets, free spins and no deposit bonuses. And, repeat this behavior on other casino sites.

UniPlay came up with a solution to this. They recognize that there is a new way to do iGaming, and that’s through Web3 and blockchain technology.

They reward the player for participating in their play-to-earn ecosystem, and the player is free to join and play. UniPlay tokens are awarded to players as they progress through the platform’s player journey. With their earned tokens, players can enter higher-level special tournaments, where prizes include NFT minting, Tokens, Cash, Vouchers, and so on. Alternatively, players can move their tokens to the secondary market and use them on any platform that supports them.

UniPlay is developing a safe and secure Web3 social casino with play-to-earn mechanics in a legal environment. A community for streamers and gaming entertainers to showcase their skills as tournament hosts. While competing in tournaments, players can chat, play, and earn tokens.

UniPlay Social iGaming Platform

The online gambling industry is flooded with operator-centric, fund deposit-dominated platforms. Those platforms are designed to drain player’s funds and provide rewards based solely on algorithm timing luck.

UniPlay’s Social iGaming platform, on the other hand, explicitly excludes the possibility of transferring any funds (crypto or fiat) to the platform. Yet, they provide multiple real money winning opportunities. They do this by rewarding all participants for operating their accounts and spending time within the platform ecosystem.

This concept is known as “mining”, which means gamers can play without fear of regulatory violations or affordability concerns.

Furthermore, and more fundamentally, the platform generates “Ecosystem Assets” that can be traded for real-world liquidity – a mutual benefit, especially since an ultra-dynamic metaverse will evolve by default.

The Social iGaming platform makes money from advertising and metaverse trading margins. This income is used to fund real money winnings and metaverse rewards.

How Does it Work?

It’s as simple as one, two, three!

  • Sign up – Register with your crypto wallet at any UniPlay-enabled casino.
  • Play – Play your favorite games, compete in tournaments and Earn UniPlay.
  • Hold or Trade – UniPlay’s can now be used like any other cryptocurrency. Stake, trade, or play to increase your earnings.
UniPlay - Play to Earn

UniPlay Token

UniPlay ($UNP) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency and decentralized gaming platform. Players can earn UniPlays by playing and winning, which they can then use to purchase NFTs from the marketplace or sell for real money.

UniPlay Token Utilities

To ensure efficiency and to deliver the ground-breaking dual rewards, a unique, self-funded Return-to-Player online gambling site requires a similarly unique, in-site cryptocurrency. The UniPlay, an ERC-20 token, is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency designed specifically for the Social iGaming platform.

UniPlay can be used within the platform to play the 140 market-leading games licensed from PlayPearls, pay winnings, or purchase characters, collectibles, or digital assets minted as NFTs, all of which reduces costs and increases token circulation.

Externally, the UniPlay is designed to be a medium of exchange and a tradeable asset that can be exchanged for NFTs or real-world currencies such as the Euro and US Dollar. UniPlay will eventually become a monetary unit that can be used on other gambling websites and metaverse casinos.

The limited supply of 100 billion UniPlay tokens, as well as the lack of mint and burn functions, add a unique dimension to the UniPlay and lay the groundwork for a token that can only grow in value.

Social iGaming Platform and Metaverse Benefits

Below you can find the most important benefits of the iGaming Platform and metaverse benefits.

Exponential Accessibility

The world is made up of jurisdictions that regulate and tax gambling, and prohibit gambling. In grey jurisdictions, there are no gambling site restrictions, whereas jurisdictions that regulate or prohibit gambling invariably have laws that are based on players depositing with a gaming site.

Because the Social iGaming platform expressly prohibits the transfer of any funds to the platform, the site’s activities are not caught by regulated jurisdiction laws or fall under the definition of prohibited gambling laws. Thus, making the Social iGaming platform accessible in a large number of jurisdictions around the world, which exponentially increases the number of players who may legitimately register and play on the Social iGaming platform.

Affordability Concerns

The traditional gaming/sports betting industry, as well as the newer eSports industry, are constantly chastised for harmful responsible gambling practices, based on vast sums of money spent on thousands of online casinos. Because the Social iGaming platform expressly prohibits the transfer of any funds to the site, and thus costs participants nothing but their time, it completely negates all affordability and responsible gambling concerns and criticisms.

Operational Cost Savings

All gambling/casino sites that accept payments via any method are vulnerable to fraud and charge backs, as fraudsters become more cunning and banking partners narrow their mitigation criteria and increase costs to fight player/card owner claims.

Because the Social iGaming platform does not accept payments in any form, it will not incur the costs of fraud or chargebacks, nor will it incur the third-party costs associated with fraud or chargebacks, nor will it be required to employ a team to deal with them.

Rewards for Participants

UniPlay tokens, that participants will receive while playing games, as winnings, rewards, or from metaverse trades will be tradeable on crypto exchanges and thus have value. UniPlay will eventually be usable in other metaverse casinos, increasing its demand and, consequently, its value, potentially providing an additional return for UniPlay token holders.

UniPlay Token - P2E

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