A Detailed Review of HouseMaster 2022

August 26, 2022

HouseMaster is an ambitious iGaming ecosystem that’s set to resolve the majority of the shortcomings of online gambling platforms. The traditional gaming industry has a large number of unutilized assets sitting in player’s gaming accounts in the form of fiat.

Because of this, traditional gaming platforms have a lower player retention and almost always generate income only from games. On the other hand, players always lose their money to the house over time, with the exception of Poker P2P high rollers. Not to mention, gaming transactions from fiat PSPs (payment providers) are always costly.

HouseMaster intends to solve these inefficiencies by leveraging DeFi and blockchain to create a one of a kind iGaming ecosystem.

What is HouseMaster?

HouseMaster is a superior iGaming ecosystem that promises to deliver a superior gaming experience compared to Web2 casinos. The project intends to combine Casinos with DeFi and with a native token that lets investors and players enjoy casino profits and interest respectively.

With HouseMaster, the process of depositing money onto the platform will be a lot easier and have far lesser fees than traditional online casinos. Additionally, all deposits will earn interest thanks to the possibilities of DeFi. At the same time, players will be able to own part of the house through the platform’s native token and even earn part of the house’s profits.

In addition to deposits earning yield, players who stake $MASTER will enjoy significant benefits in partner casinos. Some of these benefits include free spins, VIP customer service, and a chance to receive back their losses every month.

How HouseMaster Works

HouseMaster works by combining both DeFi & online gaming to create the best of both worlds, for the benefit of investors and players. With HouseMaster, you can:

  • Become the House: This allows you to acquire tokens that are bought back and burned with casino profits
  • Earn staking rewards and interest on your gaming capital
  • Play with your community through a plethora of full-suite casinos, sportsbooks, live games, and P2P games.
  • Stake $MASTER token on the HouseMaster platform to receive yield/interest
  • Earn more by running a club: You can monetize your personal sub-community as an influencer by running a club. 
HouseMaster, how it works

Features and Roadmap

The HouseMaster project intends to implement its iGaming platform through a series of 3 phases. Below is a breakdown of all activities within each phase:

Phase 1 (Release Timeline: Q1 2022)


  • Creation of blockchain games such as Dice and Coinflip.
  • Third party slots, live casinos, and game shows
  • Third party sportsbook, live betting, and Esports

Community & Interaction

  • Creation of the crypto community through social channels such as Discord and Telegram

Crypto & Payments

  • Implementation of $MASTER token staking
  • Introduction & implementation of payment gateway for both fiat and crypto wallets to the ecosystem
  • Introduction of incentives for users to convert from fiat to crypto within the ecosystem
  • Acquiring a Licensed casino partner
  • Listing $MASTER on a centralized exchange

Phase 2 (Release Timeline: Q2 2022)

Community & Interactions

  • Enabling stream production
  • Introduction of casino chat feature to enable player interaction on the ecosystem
  • Introduction of P2P tipping
  • Ability to create a personalized profile for users on the platform

Crypto & Payments

  • Enabling cross-chain to serve players using different blockchains

Phase 3 (Release Timeline: Q3 2022)


  • Introduction of P2P games such as RPS, Mahjong, etc

Community & Interactions

  • Interaction with external influencers to enable advertisement
  • Streaming through audience interaction tools such as Twitch and Beam to allow better interaction
  • Enablement of Club and sub-club communities to allow for better interaction with like-minded individuals
  • Integration to Sin City metaverse & the ability to enter the ecosystem through the Sin City Metaverse

Crypto & Payments

  • Franchising $MASTER DeFi vault to external casinos
  • Plug-in Master vault for external gaming operators
  • $MASTER is used and staked by players in multiple casinos
  • All partner casinos use $MASTER as currency and as a player retention strategy.

The HouseMaster Team

The HouseMaster team comprises different professional individuals with expertise in diverse backgrounds such as gaming, content marketing, blockchain technology, metaverse, project management, finance, game and app development, and affiliate marketing. 

With that said, the HouseMaster team includes:

  • Sami Sipila: Sami takes on the role of CEO. He is also the founder of BeastsOfPoker and an ex-senior manager at Accenture.
  • Saska Sandholm: Saska takes on the role of Marketing manager. He is also the head of growth at PhaverDAO and an ex-analyst at Valor Partners.
  • Tomi Fyrqvist: Tomi takes on the role of Finance, DeFi, and Metaverse advisor. He is also the director at Equilibrium Labs, co-founder & CFO at PhaverDAO, advisor to Rens Multiverse, Tesseract, and Blidz.
  • Antero Eloranta: Antero takes on the role of Head of DeFi. He’s the product manager at HouseCat (a crypto investment company). He’s also a crypto analyst at Blidz, and an ex-lead DeFi analyst at Tesseract Investment.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that HouseMaster has the right plan when it comes to iGaming. They have the right partners and an overly qualified team to make online gambling a truly rewarding experience for all parties involved. Not to mention, this isn’t their first rodeo. The team has successfully created prior casino projects with gross margins of between 30-40% where 3rd parties provided the games.

One of their most successful gaming platforms with significant scale include Blitz Poker, formerly known as FTR Poker. There is no doubt that the HouseMaster project is going to be successful. If you’d like more information on the project, feel free to check them out on their official channels below:

Website: HouseMasters

Socials: Twitter, Discord, Telegram  

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