The Mad Pigz: Metaverse and Casino Gaming with VR Technology

November 11, 2022
The Mad Pigz Casino

The Mad Pigz is an online gaming platform that seamlessly integrates blockchain technology and makes use of the most recent advances in VR technology.

Online casinos are infiltrating the traditional gaming community in unprecedented numbers. Offering all of the games and guarantees that a casino can, while maintaining anonymity and putting convenience, proximity, and practicality first.

Furthermore, The Mad Pigz have formed several partnerships and implemented the necessary technology to provide players with a diverse range of opportunities. This includes virtual reality games that will be available in almost every country.

Players will feel as if they are in a real 3D casino. Spinning reels and discovering truly interactive slot games, thanks to their virtual casino’s 360º view.

The VR experience is completed with the ability to play live dealer games that are seamlessly integrated into the VR casino. Players can not only interact in real time with their dealer, but also chat with them.

The project’s goal is to provide people from all over the world with the opportunity to gamble in a real casino. Initially, the live broadcasts will be available in panoramic video format on the web platform. In the future, also via virtual reality headsets and other metaverse hardware.

This is an excellent opportunity for citizens of many countries where casinos are illegal.

Mad Pigz Casino Lobby

The Mad Pigz Metaverse Casino

We first heard the term “metaverse” about 20 years ago and assumed it was just an idea.

But now, in 2022, we’ve discovered that the metaverse is taking root all over the internet. This makes the rise of Web3 companies inevitable.

The Mad Pigz, leveraging this metaverse technology, creates a form of entertainment for users of Web 3.0 and a growing potential for new investors in this field.

They also offer their users the opportunity to start their own businesses through their casinos. In the future, investors will be able to claim different casinos with a personalized theme that can earn them a passive profit.

Wild Pigs Slot

Wild Pigs Slot Demo

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The Mad Pigz’s protocol

Mad Pigz’s goal is to develop a protocol that will allow investors to build decentralized, customizable, and profitable casinos.

The Mad Pigz protocol is made up of a series of smart contracts that serve to manage the platform. Specifically, the protocol utilizes two smart contracts.

The first is an ERC-721, which facilitates the minting of The Mad Pigz’s NFTs.

The second smart contract manages the auctions using a fully on-chain and decentralized system, acting as an unbiased escrow. This guarantees transparency and consistency of execution to all parties involved.

All smart contracts are created with Solidity and deployed on the Ethereum Main Network.

The Mad Pigz NFTs

With the growth of NFT technology, many digital artists have begun to sell their work on the major existing marketplaces, with speculative potential not always matching artistic value.

This has resulted in a glut of digital art supply. Investor focus has shifted away from algorithmic JPEG collections and toward ‘utility NFTs’ that are part of social or gaming ecosystems and thus tied to the success of the ecosystem.

Mad Pigz NFTs are unique in this market because of features such as the uniqueness of each work, the universal and overarching fame of the artworks’ creators, and the authenticity attested by recognized institutions in the traditional art world.

Mad Pigz NFTs have collector’s value and can be used in Metaverse exhibitions, but they also grant access into a ‘Golden Circle’ of great art lovers.

The Mad Pigz Casino NFT Collection

Over 1000+ unique handmade NFTs

Mad Pigz NFTs are handcrafted by their graphic team, who began creating them on January 12, 2022.


Never forget about those who need your help. This is why 2% of the profits will be used to combat cancer and support as many children as possible.

Online Casino using VR Technology

Purpose of selling The Mad Pigz NFTs is to create a base fund to develop a complex virtual reality (VR) casino, that will be accessible worldwide.

What benefits do you receive?

Depending on its rarity, members receive different benefits. Rare NFTs can set up a casino (Business Pig + Hostess Pig), while the others have different bonuses in the casino and the ability to unlock perks for it.

What about rewards?

Each pig has a rarity index based on the number and type of accessories. The higher the index, the better the pig’s perk.

Premium pigs have a rarity index close to the maximum and can be used to build casinos.

Casino bonus statuses are not stackable, but decrease the more pigs you have. For example: +15% slots luck and +15% slots luck will result in 25% slots luck.

The pig can only have 9 accessories at a time and has a maximum rarity index of 27.

Depending on the size of your casino and the number of pigs you have, the amounts can extend up to $10,000 per day.

What do you need to do?

Once you’ve customized and launched your casino, all you have to do is market it, invite people, offer them bonuses, and sit back and watch your casino grow.

Security Fund for Big Wins

We are all aware that the house always wins in the casino business. It’s also important for players to remember that big wins are possible. That’s why The Mad Pigz needed to develop a solid financial plan in order to stay in business in the long run.

NFT owners receive a portion of the casino’s profits without incurring any losses. This is because The Mad Pigz will retain a 10% security fund when it launches.

Every casino has an edge, which is what keeps the entire ecosystem alive. Every gambler is aware of this. Depending on the game, the advantage varies.

As a result, all large wins are safeguarded in order to protect the community and NFT holders at all times.

More information about The Mad Pigz

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