Age of Orcs: NFT and Metaverse Casino Project

September 21, 2022
Age of Orcs NFT and Metaverse Casino Project

Today, we are going to review a new and exciting NFT/Metaverse project being developed by a reputable mobile gaming studio. At the forefront of the project are the Age of Orcs NFTs, spearheading development into a fully decentralized metaverse casino project.

Let’s take a closer look at the project, determining what it is, its features, the project’s roadmap, & the team behind it. Let’s get started!

What is Age of Orcs?

Age of Orcs is both an NFT and Metaverse casino project that’s built by the already established gaming studio, Snowball. The NFT collection consists of approximately 5,000 unique NFTs generated on the Cardano Blockchain. Each NFT features a unique design & style.

The Age of Orcs NFTs are the gateway to Snowball’s more ambitious project; a fully decentralized gambling platform in the Metaverse. At this platform, users will have the ability to take over several roles. One can either be a gambler or a Casino tycoon.

Users will also have the ability to own a part of the fractionalized Casino. This will give them voting rights to decide on the future of the Casino. With that said, the whole project is built on the Cardano blockchain.

According to their official website, they chose to build on the Cardano blockchain as it offered an immense place for growth with an amazing audience.

Age of Orcs NFT Utility

As reiterated earlier, the Orcs are meant to be the gateway of Snowball’s eventual project; a fully decentralized gambling platform in the Metaverse. The studio’s vision is for the Orcs to develop into fully functional Metaverse characters that can be used anywhere in their 3D world.

Anyone who holds an Orc will be granted exclusive rights into the “Mirage.” Additionally, any Orc holder will collect passive income from the main themed Orc Casino in Mirage. This Metaverse Casino will be situated in the middle of the map.

Orc holders will also have the right to purchase land, participate in monthly raffles and customize Orc characters.

Features of the Age of Orcs Project

Some of the most standout features of the Age of Orcs project include:

Project Mirage

Project ‘Mirage’ will be the first-of-its-kind decentralized gambling/casino platform on Cardano. This Metaverse Casino will feature more than 2,000 different gambling games. The project will partner with a reputable betting company as well.

Every casino within the Mirage Metaverse will vary in size. The casino will be constructed on plots, with each plot representing fractionalized ownership for the holders. All the profits generated from a particular casino will all be distributed to all holders of the land and the project.

Mirage will also have empty land parcels that will be sold either to classic land buyers or companies in the gambling niche that want to enter the Web 3.0 casino space. The gambling platform will obtain gambling licenses in several countries from the start to ensure the creation of a legal gambling platform on the Cardano blockchain.

As a Casino plot holder, you will also have exclusive rights, along with others, to determine what games will be featured in the casino. Furthermore, you will also be able to organize events, advertise your events and earn a portion of the profits made from gamblers in the Casino.

Therefore, you get a chance to earn passive income by owning a part of the Casino and actively contribute to decisions regarding it.

Age of Orcs Casino

Orcs 3D

By simply buying an Orc NFT, you will be buying the PFP (Profile Picture) behind the 3D character. Every Orc character is 3D modeled and the team possesses the models behind the PFPs.

As the project progresses, holders of Orcs will be able to connect their wallets & download their PFP as a full 3D model. They can then proceed to use the model as per their wish.

Additionally, holders will be able to customize their models within the Mirage with already created items such as clothes. These items will also be addable to every Orc a user holds in the same wallet.

VIP Cards

VIP cards will hold tremendous value to their holders. This is because VIP cards will attract rewards such as a monthly share of royalties, VIP airdrops, access to free NFT giveaways and a secured whitelist spot on the main drop. Holders will also be able to mint 3 NFTs at a discounted rate. Alternatively, users can use their VIP cards to upgrade and mutate their own Orc.

VIP Card


The Age of the Orcs roadmap is as stipulated below:

Q2 – 2022

  • Orcs begin their gathering rituals on their social networks
  • 5,000 Orcs are created
  • The Orc website is built
  • The Orc project gets listed on major markets
  • Partnerships, collaborations, giveaways & challenges begin
  • Whitelist allocations are delegated through the Orc community involvement

Q3 – 2022

  • Minting date is set
  • Launch date gets confirmed
  • Main drop of the Orcs
  • Additional staff gets hired to start working on the land modeling of the metaverse
  • Creation of art such as land parcels, Orcs casino, buildings, & the environment
  • Commencement of monthly raffles for royalties
  • Mutations of the Orcs begins
  • Partnership with a reputable top-notch betting company
  • Buying gaming licenses in selected countries
  • First land drop

Q4 – 2022

  • Token Airdrop
  • Functional map that can be explored
  • Successful drop of the first part of the map & buildings
  • Orc NFT staking begins
  • The rest of the map is created
  • Development of the gambling system
  • Successful drop of the rest of the map

Age of Orcs Team

The team behind the Age of Orcs project consists of passionate individuals with outstanding skillsets who make up the Snowball Studio. Snowball, an experienced indie gaming studio, is well-versed in the game-creation economy.

So far, the studio has created, developed and published several fun mobile games. One of their most famous games is “Yatzy” that has been downloaded by over 500,000 Android users. The team consists of vigorous game designers, developers, art gurus, testing wizards, marketers and tech support engineers.

Although these individuals are in different backgrounds, they all have one thing in common; they all have a background in gaming. This is either playing a lot of video games, developing them, testing them, or simply analyzing their impact on the market.

Together, this team of highly motivated talent with exquisite ideas has created the gaming studio Snowball. Some of the team members include;

  • Darko: Head of Development
  • BoTas: CEO of Snowball & Synami
  • Ikaz: Head of Marketing

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Age of Orcs is an ambitious project that’s set to evolve from Orc NFTs into a fully grown decentralized gambling metaverse. Will the project make it? Only time can tell. If you’d like to know more about the project, feel free to check them out on the following channels:

Website: visit here

Socials: Twitter, Instagram, Discord

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