LasMeta: Decentralized Metaverse VR Poker Platform

September 24, 2022
LasMeta VR Poker

The demand to own, trade, or even make money from in-game items has existed for a very long time in the gaming market. Blockchain technology has further improved this need and taken it even to higher heights.

Unfortunately, the biggest shortcoming of today’s games is that they are not really user-friendly. For instance, let’s consider one of those casino or poker apps which you can download from the Play Store/App Store. You have to watch ads or take a subscription in order to receive some chips to play with. Additionally, prizes/chips you might win are most of the time useless in real life. This results in loss of time and money.

LasMeta will solve these issues by creating a unique product that brings a breath of fresh air to users in the market. At the core of LasMeta is a fantastic user experience. With that said, let’s take a deep-dive into LasMeta.

What is LasMeta?

LasMeta is a Play to Earn VR (Virtual Reality) poker platform. It’s built on Ethereum and is Unreal Engine 5-powered. It offers players the ability to participate in games for free and also earn LasMeta Gems. LasMeta Gems will be converted to LASM and then sent to your wallet.

According to the official LasMeta website, LasMeta is the Las Vegas of the Metaverse. The name LasMeta, is a play on words of Las Vegas and Metaverse. The combination of the two words brings out the project’s name; LasMeta.

One unique thing about LasMeta is that participation is completely free. Although token holders are still eligible to enter the games. Unlike other platforms, you don’t have to spend or lose any real money or tokens. As a player, when you lose, you only lose “reputation points” (REPPS). Winning players earn REPPs.

Features of LasMeta

Some of the features of LasMeta include:

A Community-Based Game: The platform has created a community-based game that allows users to become either owners or investors.

Community Decision-Making: The community will have the ability to choose games that will be created and released in the future. Once the community decides, the team will create the game and make it available for everyone.

Blockchain Technology & Virtual Reality (VR): The platform takes advantage of blockchain technology and VR to present a unique VR experience. Users will have fun as they navigate the platform, feeling as if they are in a real poker room.

Swap-In Game: You can convert LasMeta Gems you earn from games to LasMeta tokens and send them to your wallet.

Friendly Competition & Cooperation: Players on the platform will engage in a fun-filled competition with and against each other. However, they will also be able to form consensus & make decisions together. They may decide to form a partnership and even become casino owners.

NFT Collections: The platform offers a unique set of NFTs known as Gambdeers Club (GDC) NFTs. The GDC NFT is a collection of 7,000 pieces that belong to the LasMeta Metaverse VR poker game platform. Each Gambdeer Club NFT can be more valuable than the other. That is, each GDC NFT will be unique and possess rare traits. There’s a total of 231 traits. As a GDC holder, you will also have the ability to gain extra bonuses in game winnings. Additionally, you will have access to unique privileges and opportunities.

Earn Profit: As a LasMeta player, you will be able to earn profit by participating in many in-game activities. Some of these activities include:

  • Watch-to-earn
  • Poker tournaments
  • Trading NFTs
  • Holding $LASM
  • Participating in platform
  • Hosting tournaments in your own casino
  • Owning a casino
  • Selling analysis & predictions
  • Bringing in new players (referrals)
  • Bug report programs

LasMeta Token & Utility

LasMeta’s management and utility token is known as $LASM. This is an ERC-20 token, created using the Ethereum blockchain. Holders of $LASM can earn income through staking and benefit from various passive income mechanisms related to the platform.

With that said, here are some of the utilities derived from the $LASM token:

  • Governance

The $LASM token is also a governance token. It acts as the governance instrument, enabling the community to vote on new game development, effectively allocating the treasury funds and adjusting ecosystem parameters to manage risk.

$LASM holders who stake in the governance contract will be able to decide on partnerships, new games, advertisements, new NFT collections, challenges and difficulty variables.

  • Tax Functionality

There is a 10% tax that’s deducted. Out of this 10%, 4% is transferred to $LASM holders, 4% to the liquidity pool and 2% to the team. Additionally, all $LASM transactions incurs a 4% fee which redistributes the tokens amongst all holders. Redistribution is governed by a smart contract and is reflected real-time in the holder’s balance.

  • Deflationary Model

To keep the $LASM token and its ecosystem strong, the platform will engage in buybacks from some of its tax cuts. Regular burns will be made from these buybacks to ensure that the project remains alive. From the collected 2% tax for the team, 50% of it is deducted & used to buy $LASM automatically.


Currently the project is on Q3 – 2022 of its roadmap, specifically seed sale. With that said, here is a comprehensive view of LasMeta’s roadmap:

Q4 2021

  • Formation of the team
  • Initiation of idea and analysis
  • Market research

Q1 2022

  • Project plan
  • Design & technical specification
  • Initiation
  • Capital Structure
  • Strategy Planning
  • Development of Project Concept
  • Creation of the token
  • Creation of Smart Contract
  • Launch of the website
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) & Project Audit

Q2 2022

  • 5,000 Twitter members
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • Forming strategic Partnerships
  • Announcement of Discord Channels
  • Launch of first game trailer

Q3 2022

  • Update of the website
  • Listing on CoinGecko
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Seed Sale
  • Private Sale
  • Public Sale
  • Giveaways, Airdrop

Late Q3 2022

  • Minting of NFTs
  • Preparing Game Scenario
  • Defining Game Concept
  • Character Development
  • First Gameplay Trailer

Late Q4 2022

  • Listing the token on UniSwap V2-V3


The LasMeta team consists of 11 people in total. Currently, the project is looking for new team members to expand the team. The current team members are based in Finland and they include:

  • Mert Eren: Founder & CEO
  • Antonio Ansari: CFO
  • Lauri Ahtisaari: Marketing Specialist
  • Hakan Diyartepe: CMO
  • Berat Dalgar: COO
  • Mustafa: Full Stack Developer
  • Milos: Lead Blockchain Dev
  • Otto S.: Community Manager
  • Heikki E.: Art Director
  • Ukasha Adamu: Community Manager
  • Tugberk G.: NFT & Content Artist

Final Thoughts

LasMeta offers the opportunity to get a unique VR poker gaming experience while earning some income. Unlike its competitors, the LasMeta platform is not a real gambling platform. It’s a metaverse poker game platform.

If you’d like to find more information about the project, feel free to check it out on the following channels:

Website: Visit here

Socials: Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, Discord, Telegram, YouTube, GitHub.

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