MetaBET: Play to Earn and GameFi Casino Ecosystem

August 28, 2022

The term Metaverse has been a hot topic lately. Major tech-companies such as Microsoft and Facebook have made the announcement that they are going all-in on the concept. Right now, online gambling is all the rage and some of the above companies have mentioned plans to host casinos.

With that said, the online gambling industry has grown to a massive value of $220 billion USD as of June, 2022. Additionally, the number of online gambling platforms has hit an all-time-high of 1,551. MetaBET, an online gambling platform, is one of the newest industry projects to hit the Metaverse, GameFi, and gambling streets.

MetaBET promises to create a user-friendly, trustworthy, and professional virtual platform that’s focused only on Casino games rather than the actual avatars. With that said, let’s take a deep-dive into the MetaBET platform uncovering everything you need to know about the platform.

What is MetaBET Casino?

MetaBET Casino is the latest Play To Earn & GameFi Casino ecosystem to hit the online gambling industry streets. At its core, MetaBET intends to deliver much more than a casino experience, P2E games, or even a Metaverse. It aims to be a one-stop shop for decentralized socialization and gambling.

Players within the MetaBET ecosystem will have the freedom to socialize and play without the burden of a governing body. The unique point of MetaBET is that you will have the opportunity to actually travel to the MetaBET Casino virtually through their all-inclusive Metaverse.

Although other Metaverse platforms focus on the avatar experience and its look, MetaBET promises to focus on the Casino experience. The intent is to provide players with a truly unique experience.

MetaBET Features

MetaBET is currently in its production phase of its unique features that they have been keeping close to their chest. With that said, here are some of the features of MetaBET that you can expect:

NFT Avatars (Poker Face Collection)

As part of their 3D game environment release, MetaBET intends to introduce a special collection of 999 NFTs. These NFTs will be known as the “Poker Face” collection. They will release exclusively on Voxel X NFT marketplace, SuperKluster.

Out of the 999 NFT avatars, there will be a special 99 that will include special avatar features such as hats, glasses, and cigars. All the NFTs will have real-use within the MetaBET 3D environment. At the moment, they are being tested within live Casino game play.

MetaBET 3D – P2E Casino

The MetaBET 3D ecosystem will be the phase one release of the Metaverse environment. This environment will feature games such as Blackjack, Texas Holdem, Roulette Tables, and 3 versions of Slot machines.

Users of the MetaBET 3D Casino will be able to use NFT avatars to interact with the games one-on-one. They will also be able to interact with other players within the environment as well. Additionally, the MetaBET 3D environment will offer players the option of staking, along with monthly tournaments.

Later on, there are plans to introduce a “Crypto” style lottery using the platform’s native token, the $MBET. To take part, users will have to buy a ticket within the 3D environment to be in the run for the jackpot.

MetaBET Metaverse (Casinoverse)

The MetaBET Metaverse, otherwise known as the Casinoverse, will incorporate the full Metaverse ecosystem. In the Casinoverse, players will have endless opportunities such as being able to be part of the online Casino world or own pieces of Casino Land.

The MetaBET Metaverse will have a lot of features that will complement the MetaBET ecosystem and community. There will be a lot more features to be released. However, these advances and features will be announced as time goes by.

The MetaBET Token ($MBET)

MetaBET’s native token will be known as $MBET. Apart from being the platform’s native token, this token will also have utility in the following ways:

  • Governance: $MBET will have utility in the governance system, providing holders with the opportunity to vote on matters such as tournament types, additional features on games, and development on NFTs for the ecosystem.
  • Liquidity Pairing (LP): MetaBET will have a redistribution model that will offer 75% of Casino profits. MetaBET emphasizes lucrative returns back to the community that holds it up. Holders of $MBET will be well compensated.

The Team

The current success of MetaBET springs from its developing leadership team that’s working towards building a community-oriented ecosystem. The team includes (but is not limited to):

  • Nick Hill: Nick is the founder & the heart & soul of MetaBET. Not only is he an important individual on the leadership team but also, he takes on the role of team director.
  • Josh Gordon: Josh takes on the role of content creation and technical expert. He will be writing content for MetaBET around announcements & utility across all platforms.
  • Dale Sender: Dale takes on the role of community development and social media management. He is responsible for running the official MetaBET Twitter account. Additionally, he will on occasion be active on Telegram prompting the community to stay active.
  • Pappy John: Pappy takes on the role of Solidity developer. Pappy wrote and deployed the original MetaBET contract. Therefore, he will be involved in blockchain integration & utility development.


So far, MetaBET has made a strategic partnership with Voxel X Network. At the moment, MetaBET is officially listed on Voxel X Network. This partnership with Voxel X will enable MetaBET to exclusively trade NFT assets on their NFT marketplace, SuperKluster.

The partnership will also enable MetaBET to achieve the following:

  • To access a host of NFT creators
  • To access GameFi, Metaverse, & NFT communities
  • To achieve extensive marketing exposure through their social media and communication platforms
  • To access high level support from Voxel X smart contract to metaverse development, marketing, and operations team.
  • The connectivity of MetaBET’s Metaverse environment amongst communities
  • To access the Voxel X Node Network
  • To access the VoxDEX Exchange platform


MetaBET’s mission is to be an industry leader at the forefront of decentralized Casino gambling taking advantage of Web 3.0, P2E (Play to Earn), & Metaverse technologies. Currently, many online casinos and gambling platforms are limited in terms of their presentation & game mechanics. MetaBET aims to improve this through the use of the Metaverse and Web 3.0.

If you’d like more information on MetaBET, you can find them through the following links:

Official Website:

Publications: Medium

Socials: Telegram & Twitter

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