MetaHero Casino & Metaverse Project Review

August 31, 2022

Autonomy is one of the main reasons why metaverse gambling is taking off so quickly. Players want to have control over their funds, information and betting habits. Fiat currency sites don’t offer anywhere near the amount of freedom decentralized casinos do. And that’s without even mentioning VR, blockchain interconnectivity and other perks. MetaHero is one brand that successfully applies all of these features.

They’ve garnered quite the attention thanks to their $HERO token and future plans. In today’s review, the GamblingVerse team takes a quick look at the MetaHero casino and metaverse project.  Even though it’s yet to be completed, we’ll take a look at how things are as of September 2022. As always, we’ll update the review with fresh info when it comes out.

What is MetaHero?

MetaHero is a metaverse that combines elements of gambling, entertainment, investing and AR/VR tech. While many projects claim to embody the same things, MetaHero doesn’t just talk the talk. Using cutting-edge tech called ‘the metascanner’, the company wants to make avatars and activities more realistic than anything else on the market.

The metascanner can scan and analyze any object, allowing developers easier ways to encode things into the metaverse. To complete the scan, an object is put into a chamber with ultra-HD 16K cameras that map it in its entirety. The same company that works with MetaHero, Wolf Studios, provided these same scans for the landmark game Cyberpunk 2077.

For instance, MetaHero recently collaborated with FAME MMA to develop a virtual MMA mini-game that’s set to release with the MetaHero metaverse. Compared to what we’re used to seeing, this project’s creators understand what decentralized casino enthusiasts want.

How Does MetaHero Look Like?

Available footage shows the MetaHero metaverse to look more like a video game than something you can see in Decentraland or Sandbox. With that in mind, we can expect ultra-realistic casino games that resemble the real deal. No one else has a plan to scan objects and insert them into the metaverse, so MetaHero is definitely up to something here.

Press releases and statements by the CEO indicate that the concept will be similar to Decentraland casinos, with a large open-space world and purchasable plots of land. Casino gambling and metaverse sports betting are definitely a part of the plan.

How Do MetaHero Tokenomics Work

The MetaHero metaverse website uses the HERO token ($HERO) to power its economy and inner workings. Based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), this token went up for sale on Pancakeswap v2, attracting lots of gamers, crypto enthusiasts and influencers.

As for its uses, the HERO token will be the primary means of purchasing 3D NFTs, one of the key perks of this metaverse. Using the aforementioned metascanner, MetaHero intends to make NFTs something you can interact with using just a simple VR headset. This will, obviously, translate into unique casino rewards and all kinds of strange gambling experiences.

Gambling Options at MetaHero

So far, there hasn’t been any confirmation on the exact content gamblers will be able to enjoy. Nevertheless, experts and industry insiders believe MetaHero intends to partner with big providers to open up entire venues. More information about this is bound to come out once the initial real estate sale is complete. As of September 2022, there’s no indication as to when this might occur.


The MetaHero casino project has barely started. Regardless of its novelty status, this metaverse already has a lot of buzz surrounding it. Of course, this is mainly because of metascanning, revolutionary 16K ultra-HD chambers that’ll be used to scan real people and insert them into the metaverse. Using these avatars, players will be able to enter virtual casinos and mingle with others.

When it comes to these decentralized casinos, the project’s founders have been tight-lipped so far. This leads us to believe that big things are coming in the future. Don’t forget to visit the GamblingVerse website and see whenever our MetaHero review gets updated.

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