Cardano Casino: Play Casino Games as The House or Player

August 27, 2022
Cardano Casino NFT

Cardano Casino is a collection of NFTs on the Cardano blockchain that are aiming at building a platform with a set of unique features. Top among these features is to allow players to play card and casino games as either a “player” or the “house”.

Cardano Casino will be built on several metaverse platforms enabling members to interact, pay rent for, or play a role in the future of the project. There will also be a number of weekly and monthly tournaments along with raffle giveaways as the platform is being developed. Not to mention, users can also look forward to a number of perks, merch drops, and collections.

The Cardano Casino platform will allow for P2P bets. Since cross-chain solutions are in existence today, Cardano Casino will have the ability to expand to other platforms whereby other cryptocurrencies can be utilized. Cryptocurrencies can be converted into gambling chips thereby making the Cardano Casino platform more inclusive.

Features of Cardano Casino

Cardano Casino is actively promoting kindness, inclusion, and productivity in the Cardano Casino community. With that said, here are some of the benefits that users get when they join the Cardano Casino platform:

  • NFT Farming & Bidding: As a buyer, you can bid on the amount you wish to spend on an NFT. Only ensure that the price is above the mentioned minimum price.
  • Tournament Participation: Cardano Casino will host poker tournaments with huge prize pools every week. All you have to do is joining the tournament in order to win prizes.
  • DAO Voting: You will have the opportunity to vote on the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in the future.
  • Stake & Earn: With Cardano Casino, you can stake up some of your crypto to earn back rewards. Some rewards you can earn include additional tokens and improved voting rights.
Cardano Casino

NFT Collections


A collection of 5,000 Chippys will drop on the Cardano blockchain. These Chippys will act as a whitelist for future collections that the casino drops. They will also be used to interact with the Cardano Casino metaverse & games.

The top 500 Chippys will enjoy exclusive deals, discounts, and free drops along with official merch in the future. As a chippy holder, you will also receive rewards back through playing games and a raffle point system.

There will later be a second drop of 2,500 Chippys that have special perks. The date is yet to be announced.

Chippys NFT

Slot Machines

There will be a collection of 2,500 Slot Machine parts & games that will need to be assembled in order to get a fully operating machine. The parts include; the body of the slot machine and 1 random game.

The body of the slot machine will consist of 2 parts that need to be matched while the random game can be built by the user using CHIPPY Labs.

$CC token holders will receive rewards based on raffles with royalties set to 5%. Later on, these slot machines will be placed in the Metaverse casino for potential in-game earnings.

Poker Collection

The Poker Collection will consist of 2,000 full decks of cards that can be utilized in the Metaverse in several ways. For instance, a community member can request their deck of cards to be used on tables and get royalty from games played using their deck of cards.

Hours can be earned through activities within the community and then redeemed with your cards to be used for earnings. Other Poker collection utilities will be announced later on.

Cardano Casino Token & Utility

The native Cardano Casino token is $CC. $CC will mostly be used towards metaverse items and games. However, it can also be used to:

  • Participate in tournaments and raffles
  • Stake to earn additional $CC tokens
  • Participate in voting within the DAO
  • Participate in NFT farming & bidding

When it comes to tokenomics, the token max supply is yet to be revealed. However, token allocations will be divided in the following way:

  • Holders and Community Rewards: 20%
  • Staking: 20%
  • DEX Farming and Liquidity: 15%
  • Reserves: 5%
  • Team: 15%
  • Development: 25%


The project’s roadmap consists of three phases that start in Q3 2022 and spread all the way into Q4 2023. With that said, here are the three phases for the project with activities for each phase:

Phase 1 (Q3 2022)

  • Launch of official website and socials
  • Sneak peeks into the project
  • Building an authentic community through various activities, engagements, and giveaways.
  • Collaborate to raise project awareness and build future partnerships
  • Distribution of 850 OG/LW spots among community members (these members will receive discounts on mint prices and quantities they can mint)
  • Release of Chippys NFTs. First supply will be 2,500
  • Distribution of capital towards project development and all marketing efforts.
  • Verification of the Cardano Casino project with Policy ID on secondary markets
  • Implementing a rebate system that has 6% royalty. Half of all royalties will be distributed among users through raffles or giveaway tournaments monthly or quarterly

Phase 2 (Q4 2022)

  • Metaverse land purchase and development and partnerships with other metaverses and metaverse projects.
  • Onboarding blockchain developers to work on the platform
  • Establishing and marketing the brand by keeping the community engaged through giveaways, collaborations, and partnerships
  • Collection of Cardano slot machines
  • Launch of Slot machine and Chippys staking to earn $CC.
  • Season 2 of chippy collection with their own set of unique perks (supply at 2,500)
  • Release of a limited edition deck of cards for every Cardano Casino user.

Phase 3 (Q1 2023-Q4 2023)

  • Chippy holders receive free chippy metaverse characters that will be airdropped to them.
  • Dice collection drip of 1,000 with perks
  • Protocol and network updates including thorough testing, and final release
  • Raising the value of the $CC token and improving the awareness on products and services offered through Cardano Casino 
  • Exploring opportunities for holders to interact within the Casino using tokens from projects they love and hold
  • Development of mobile game
  • Cardano Casino merch drop


The Cardano Casino team consists of:

  • Arash: Arash is the founder of Cardano Casino. He currently resides in California but was originally born in Iran. Arash has a degree in business & accounting with around 5 years of experience in sales and management.
  • Mac: Mac takes on the role of co-founder and Lead Artist. Mac is an emerging artist that specializes in illustrations and 3D modeling. He has experience in several NFT projects on the Cardano blockchain.
  • Lim: Lim takes on the role of Marketer/Promoter. Lim has been involved with multiple projects on Cardano & other chains. He provides the project with updates and information as per the team requests.
  • Castor: Castor takes on the role of minting developer.
Team Cardano Casino

Final Thoughts

There are a ton of online Casino games in existence today. However, a majority of them don’t go as far as to offer P2P betting or the ability to play as the house or as the player. Cardano Casino brings in a new perspective to online gambling where users get the opportunity to play games from both ends.

Although still in its infant development stage, Cardano Casino offers a unique perspective into online gambling that’s bound to work. Whether or not the project will be a success, only time can tell.

If you’d like more information on Cardano Casino, you can find/follow them through the following links:

Website: CardanoCasino

Socials: Twitter, Discord

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