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    The Aquarium Casino
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The Aquarium Casino

Metaverse casinos are increasing at an exponential rate as gambling companies are getting ready to take the next big step in the gambling market and improve the gambling experience for users.

Taking gambling into the metaverse by building virtual reality casinos in computer-simulated virtual environments is one of the major attempts at making casinos more attractive to users.

These efforts have taken casinos to various metaverse platforms used to host casinos, one of which is Decentraland.

Casinos in the Decentraland metaverse have grown, producing fascinating casinos such as The Aquarium Casino and ICE Poker.

The latter, which currently accounts for about one-third of Decentraland’s daily traffic. With over 150,000 monthly players, $3.2 million in revenue, and an NFT wearable collection that reached $50 million in revenue in Q2 of 2022.

In view of this huge potential that casinos in the metaverse are exhibiting, let’s take a look at The Aquarium Casino.

A casino that is taking gambling to a whole new level in Decentraland and the metaverse at large.

The Aquarium in Decentraland

What Exactly Is The Aquarium Casino?

Developed by MetaSkins, The Aquarium Casino is an underwater-themed metaverse casino located in Decentraland.

The Aquarium Casino is a luxurious location in Decentraland, created by a dedicated team committed to bringing you unique and creative experiences.

Imagine an underwater palace filled to the brim with decadent neon lights and massive water tanks that house the most exoctic underwater sea life. With its majestic aesthetics and a sense of glamour and wonder, The Aquarium serves as both an underwater playground and an all-in-one lounge for all forms of entertainment.

Unlike online casinos in which players simply browse their gambling experience, The Aquarium Casino makes both the gaming and gambling experience more interesting and interactive for its players by making them live their experience.

In short, players don’t just open a link and click different icons on the screen of their smart devices.

They move around the metaverse casino with their avatars (virtual representations of themselves) and socialize with other players while competing for rewards.

The Metaverse platform offers various features, including a free-to-play games that allows players to gamble on a number of metaverse casino games in a virtual-world environment.

In addition, the underwater-themed virtual casino is designed within a 3D artificial environment featuring virtual fishes moving around the casino floor, neon lights, and aquatic artworks that make up a huge part of the immersive experience in the metaverse casino.

How Gambling in the Aquarium Casino Works

In The Aquarium Casino, visitors can play table games (blackjack and roulette), spin wheels, and participate in other gaming activities in order to win crypto.

Several tournaments are held to allow players to compete to win prizes such as cryptocurrency tokens, Decentral Games NFTs, or other wearable NFT assets.

Blackjack and roulette are the only gambling games currently available in the casino, but the team have announced on their website that they plan to include games such as poker and slots.

To play, bet, and win in tournaments and competitions at The Aquarium Casino, you will need to install a compatible crypto wallet and create an avatar.

Here are steps to take to install a compatible wallet and how to create an avatar.

You have to choose either MetaMask or Fortmatic, as they are currently the two recommended crypto wallets.

Once you’ve decided on the wallet of your choice between these two recommended wallets, you will have to set up your wallet.

1. Using your desktop browser, install MetaMask (login using your browser). Or install Fortmatic (login using your email or phone).

2. Go to and click on the “PLAY” button.

3. Select the wallet of your choice (MetaMask or Fortmatic) to sign up and then log in to the Decentraland site.

Once you’re done with logging in using your MetaMask or Fortmatic wallet, go ahead and create your avatar.

Blackjack in Decentraland Casino

How to Create Your Avatar and Get Started in The Aquarium Casino

Creating an avatar on Decentraland is free, and the metaverse platform’s avatar creation feature makes the whole process simple.

All you need to do to create (customize) your avatar’s appearance is to make a choice from the various options for your avatar’s outfit, hairstyle, and face.

Once you’re satisfied with your avatar’s appearance, you can then press “DONE” and your version in the metaverse is created.

You can then choose your name and accept the terms and conditions to complete your account creation.

Once you’re done with the account creation procedure, move your avatar to one of the game tables and follow the in-game instructions to start playing.

The Aquarium Casino

Features of The Aquarium Casino

On the surface, you might think The Aquarium Casino is just a metaverse casino project that offers you the ability to play Blackjack or Roulette with other players.

However, when you dig deeper, you will discover there are many other amazing features of the underwater-themed metaverse casino.

Below you can find some of the amazing features of The Aquarium Casino.

Free-to-play Competitions

For most people, the fear of losing money is what keeps them away from gambling games.

The Aquarium Casino eliminates this fear factor by making it possible to gamble in free-to-play competitions without risking your own money.

To make things even better, the fact that you don’t gamble with your own money doesn’t mean you won’t earn rewards when you participate in the games and win.

Players Can Win NFTs

Cryptocurrency isn’t the only digital asset you can win when you participate in competitions. You can win NFTs such as Decentral Games NFTs.

Competitions and virtual events

The Aquarium Casino also serves as a host to several blackjack and roulette competitions as well as other events.

The most notable one: being the first ever live MMA fight broadcast in the metaverse, which was hosted at The Aquarium Casino on August 21st, 2021.

The MMA fight took place in Norwich but was broadcast live to Decentraland’s virtual MMA fans, with The Aquarium Casino being the virtual location.

Free play blackjack competitions (every Tuesday), Metactivism charity event (June 9, 2022), First ever Metaskins’ “Danger and Thrill” show (April 15, 2022), and other Decentraland events are some notable metaverse events that have been held in The Aquarium Casino since its launch.

The Aquarium also hosted the launch of the Holy Ones NFT project.

Final Thoughts

The Aquarium Casino seems to be an amazing project, not only for the present but also for the future of Decentraland, casinos in the metaverse, and the metaverse as a whole.