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  • Excellent interior
  • Billion-dollar ecosystem
  • Huge community
  • Accepted currencies
  • Pretty quite casino
  • Available games
No bonus available
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  • Owner:
    Yuga Labs LLC
  • Metaverse World:
  • Coordinates:
    -109, 121
  • Accepted currencies:
    MANA, ICE, DG, ETH, and DAI
  • Year founded:

Bored Ape Yacht Club Riverboat Casino

Launched on August 6, 2021, at 6:30 pm, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Riverboat Casino was one of the first venues to gain prominence in Decentraland. Its uncanny interior and exterior design, along with great gameplay, make this NFT-powered casino a joy to visit. And you already know that the GamblingVerse team spent quite some time at the tables.

If you want to know what we think of it, join us as we present our BAYC Riverboat Casino review. You’ll find out about accepted currencies, available games, and all the other reasons why this is one of the best Decentraland casinos. Let’s dive right in.

BAYC Riverboat Casino Location

The BAYC Riverboat Casino is located at the following coordinates in Decentraland: –109, 121. As with all the other metaverse venues we’ve reviewed, this one is also located in Vegas Plaza. To be more specific, the Riverboat is right across the Amnesia Ibiza metaverse club and Streamers Plaza.

New players can reach it by porting to the aforementioned coordinates or by walking their avatar. Either way, the casino has the shape of a distinct wooden riverboat, reminiscent of those that once sailed the Mississippi river.

BAYC Riverboat Casino

How to Start Playing at BAYC Riverboat Casino

If you want to play at the Bored Ape Yacht Club Riverboat Casino, just complete the following steps, and you’ll be all set:

  1. Create a crypto wallet. These encrypted wallets will store MANA, DG and all the other cryptocurrencies you’ll use at the BAYC Riverboat Casino. Don’t give your public key or recovery phrase to anyone.
  2. Log in. Once your wallet has been successfully created, use its password to connect it to the Decentraland website. This will take just a few seconds and won’t have to be repeated. From this point onwards, you’ll be able to use your wallet to fund bets, NFT purchases, and more
  3. Create an avatar. Dozens of available hairstyles, accessories and pieces of clothing can be combined to create a unique 3D image. Other players will be able to interact with your avatar, so take your time when choosing the perfect look.
  4. Enter Decentraland. Your PC will take ~30 seconds to load Decentraland, as it has to download all the objects so that the game can run smoothly in the future. You’ll spawn at Genesis Plaza, the starting point for all new DL denizens.
  5. Play at BAYC Riverboat Casino. As mentioned previously, you can do two things to reach your destination – port by entering the coordinates, or walk and take a look around. Whatever your choice is, just glance at the map every once in a while. Good luck.

Interior Design

As expected, the BAYC Riverboat Casino has a very uncanny interior. The NFTs themselves are pretty unorthodox, so it’s no wonder that some of them grace the walls. You’ll also see neon bananas, parodies of popular paintings and other fun accessories.

The tables are on the ground floor and the first level, while the mingling area is at the top. In addition to the majestic views of Vegas Plaza, players can enjoy a bar and a pool with basketball hoops. Private parties are usually held in the library on the ground floor, as it’s the most secluded part of the casino.

Available Games

ICE Poker is the only available game. There are six available tables, all manned by monkey dealers. Compared to the Pepes we see around Decentraland, these virtual primates are very skillfully designed. When it comes to betting limits, the minimum is $400 while the maximum is $2,000. 2-6 players can sit at a table, with the blinds always being $10-20.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Casino

Deposits & Withdrawals

Players can use MANA, ICE, DG, ETH, and DAI to fund their accounts at the BAYC Riverboat Casino. There’s also the option to accrue FREE, which is basically a self-generating free currency meant for practicing. Out of all the Decentraland Casinos we’ve reviewed, BAYC has by far the most deposit & Withdrawal methods. 

Customer Support

If you encounter any problems, the Decentraland Discord community is at your disposal. Just go to and the website will auto-generate an invite once you request it. Additionally, you can write the development team at However, we believe this email is more aimed at software bugs, not gambling-related issues.

Final Verdict

The Bored Ape Yacht Club Riverboat Casino delivers on its hefty promises relating to both entertainment and metaverse gambling. ICE Poker is the most reliable poker provider in Decentraland, so you can expect smooth gameplay just like in the DEXT Poker Lounge or at the ICE Poker Stronghold. The party area on the top floor is the cherry on top of a casino we’d gladly recommend. It’s an experience you’ll surely enjoy.