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Astro Casino

Astro Casino is a unique NFT and metaverse gambling project. Keep in mind that it still isn’t finished, as we’ve only gotten small glimpses into what’s in store. Despite this, the GamblingVerse team already has its eyes set on this revolutionary project. So in this review, instead of the usual analysis of a finished project, you’ll get a glimpse into what’s in store.

Continue reading, and we’ll discuss the background of the project and its goals, as well as some innovative solutions and technical details. No matter what, being in the know may give you a slight advantage when Astro Casino is finally launched.

Astro Casino Metaverse on the Solana Blockchain

Astro Casino is based on the Solana blockchain. Launched in 2017, this chain seeks to be the premier solution for payments, entertainment and communication. Backed by the eponymous cryptocurrency (SOL), it quickly amassed global attention. As of early September 2022, it’s the 6th most valuable cryptocurrency, with a $12.5 billion market cap. That’s more than meme coins such as Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

The plan for Astro Casino is to build a metaverse casino on the Solana chain. This is enabled by the fact that Solana uses proof-of-history (POH) to verify blocks of information. Instead of using miners and requiring processing power to solve equations, timestamps verify individual transactions.

Such a mechanism is much faster than proof of work (POW), which requires miners to utilize GPUs and their vRAM to verify a block in the ledger. But Solana is ideal for metaverse gambling because it also uses proof of stake (POS). Individual users and NFT holders can stake their coins and receive dividends later on. This staking process gives the chain enough resources to verify transactions automatically.

For instance, in the Astro Metaverse Casino, you’ll be able to place bets on roulette. And instead of slow and power-intensive verifications, bets are instantly processed and verified. Usually, GamblingVerse encounters decentralized casinos that mainly use ERC-20 tokens and are based on the Ethereum chain.

As impressive as this collaboration is, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Astro Casino. Why? Well, since we’re reviewing the whole project, we couldn’t help but be impressed by the company’s other plans. But first of all, who are they?

Company Background

This decentralized gambling site is run by the team behind the Astro Babies NFT project. On their official website, we can see that Salvadorean entrepreneur Al Mark Radan is the founder of Astro Casino. So far, the company has established itself by releasing four highly-regarded NFT collections: Astro Babies, Astro Apes, Astro Pups and Astro Aliens.

Initial mints for all four collections are over, and each piece was sold on launch day. This just goes to show that there’s a high interest for the project. However, it seems that the AI-generated NFTs are step one of the whole Astro Babies project. Aside from the metaverse casino and NFT collection, you’ll notice that there’s also step 2 – an actual land-based casino.

The Astro Casino in El Salvador

In September 2021, El Salvador became the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. This was followed by the release of a national crypto payments app called Chivo. It came with a $30 sign-up bonus and lots of other perks. All of this made this country the ideal location for the land-based version of Astro Casino.

As of mid-2022, the Astro Babies team announced they were partnering with the government of El Salvador in opening the first land-based crypto casino. They’ve already zeroed down on 4-5 properties, which are already developed. These complexes are in contention to house the Astro Casino venue, as well as an NFT art gallery, which will also have a counterpart in the metaverse.

In recent months, we also got a glimpse of a proposed blueprint:

Astro Casino Blueprint


In addition to enjoying games and entertainment as Astro’s land-based and metaverse venues, users will also be able to stake various coins. Amongst them, the most significant is $ABB, the platform’s proprietary coin. It can be used in the Astro Gallery, which will feature unique NFT goodies and other collections.

However, this metaverse casino is unique because of its liberal stance towards NFT staking. That’s right, you can even use your randomly minted Astro Babies to fund the project and get an interest later on. This works by settling on a price with the Astro Babies platform. Once you’re given a quote and the interest rate, you’ll temporarily relinquish control of the NFT and get it plus the interest in ABB once the staking period is finished.

It goes without saying that this goes on on the Solana blockchain, which means low gas fees and a POW-POH approach make the process as smooth as butter.

Profit Sharing Scheme

The Astro Babies NFT collection is highly sought-after, but it also serves a purpose other than being a collectible. Each of the four existing NFT collections (around 5000 total) serve as shares in the Astro Babies enterprise. This will give NFT owners the same rights as shareholders do, such as profits from the gambling proceeds or from the club and restaurant.

It is not yet clear who will distribute these funds and how big of a share each NFT will represent. The GamblingVerse team will update you with the latest news, as soon as we know more.

Supported Wallets

Again, the Astro Casino project is unfinished, but we have some strong indicators of what the whole system will look like. Since the metaverse casino is Solana-based, it will most likely accept one of these crypto wallets:

  • Solflare
  • Torus
  • Ledger
  • Sollet (app + extension)
  • Phantom
  • Slope

This makes Astro Casino one of the most-accepting sites, at least in terms of wallets. Of course, the success and appeal of the project also depend on which coins appear on the Solana blockchain. SOL is, without a doubt, a fine option, but we all know how badly single-crypto casinos perform. Thus, the only thing we can do is monitor the situation and keep our readers up-to-date on the latest developments.

Learn more about the Astro Babies project in the article below: