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  • NFT utility
  • Casino is still in its early days
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  • Owner:
    The Holy Ones
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    -147, 133
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The Holy Temple Casino

Gambling in Decentraland is a thriving business as metaverse casinos account for most of the metaverse platform’s active user base.

These metaverse casinos are attracting users to Decentraland through various exciting gambling features and fascinating 3D artificial environments.

The status that gambling in Decentraland has achieved, has paved the way for new metaverse casino projects that aim to take the metaverse ecosystem by storm and compete with prominent casinos in the Decentraland metaverse.

The Holy Temple Casino is one of such amazing projects. The casino aims to become one of the best venues in the metaverse and a hub of gaming and gambling in the metaverse gambling market.

Here’s all you need to know about the new Decentraland metaverse casino that everyone is talking about.

The Holy Temple Casino in Decentraland

What is the Holy Temple Casino?

The Holy Temple Casino is a 42-parcel estate in Decentraland that offers an exciting casino experience to users through immersive technology.

The gambling venue aims to be a hub for gaming, parties, events, and all things entertainment in the metaverse.

The Holy Temple Casino belongs to the Holy Ones NFT project. It serves as the platform on which people will participate in the Holy One’s latest game releases and compete against other players and the house.

The Holy Ones is a metaverse NFT project that aims to change the game by building the framework for the future of NFT and other play-to-earn gaming projects.

They have developed a number of metaverse casino games, which we will introduce to you below.

The Holy Ones: ManaMania

ManaMania is a meta-lottery-style game of the THO Royalty Based Gaming Ecosystem, held on-chain. The way it works is simple for the user:

As a user, you walk up to either the ManaMania machine, or kiosk, select the game you would like to participate in, and obtain a ticket.

If the game costs 1 MANA and is a 24-hour time-based game, then those that purchase 1 MANA ticket in that period will be part of the game/session. (A ticket will print out of the machine when purchased).

How does the game work?

ManaMania uses a Meta Transaction server to accept payments from inside Decentraland. Once the payment is received, which is close to instantly, your willet will be confirmed as part of the game.

Once the wallet is received, The Holy Ones will use Chainlink to randomize the wallets taking part in the game. Chainlink then spits out a winner.

Games modes

The games can be:

  • Time-based
  • Token-based
  • Game Manager Based (Manager can push the game when ready).
ManaMania by The Holy Ones

Holy War

Holy War is a metaverse spinoff of the traditional war card game, a game that is simple and fun for all.

War is a simple card game usually played by two players, but despite its name, this game is only as serious as you let it be. It is designed to be fun, competitive and entertaining.

A perfect concept for The Holy Ones Royalty Based Gaming Ecosystem to put its spin on it. This game will follow Rock, Paper, Scissors, and ManaMania in the Holy Trinity of games being developed and beta tested right now.

Holy War Decentraland Casino

Features of The Holy Temple Casino

You might be wondering why The Holy Temple Casino is attracting attention from both users and the metaverse media.

Though the metaverse casino is still new, it has some amazing features, such as the size of the venue, which makes it a party hub suitable to host big events.

Below you can find some of the other features of this metaverse casino.

Metaverse Gambling

The Holy Temple Casino makes gambling fun through the use of metaverse concepts that create an immersive experience for gamblers and other visitors of the casino.

If you want to gamble in the metaverse, The Holy Temple Casino is simply the right place to go.

Gaming Ecosystem

Imagine having all your favorite games all in one place. Therefor not having to go through the stress of leaving one platform to login to another, because there’s no all-in-one platform that hosts all your favorite casino games.

The Holy Temple Casino has a wide gaming ecosystem that consists of gambling games such as Blackjack, ManaMania (Metaverse Lottery), and Holy War.

Host Events and Competitions in The Holy Temple Casino

To us, the most incredible thing of The Holy Temple Casino is its size (and they may not be wrong). The casino’s 42-parcel estate makes it suitable for a party hub for the metaverse community.

The casino will not only host the Holy Ones’ latest game releases; it will also host other metaverse events and competitions that are not a part of the Holy Ones ecosystem.