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  • Great interior
  • Blackjack and Roulette
  • Quite during weekdays
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  • Owner:
    Decentral Games
  • Metaverse World:
  • Coordinates:
    -146, 112
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Serenity Island Casino

Like in the real world, we’re used to Decentraland casinos being humongous venues focused on gambling. Don’t get us wrong – GamblingVerse loves these big structures, but everyone longs for a cozier, more intimate experience every now and then. And for this reason, Serenity Island Casino is one of our favorites.

Not only does it reimagine what a casino should look and feel like, but it’s also located at one of the most exclusive locations in DL. That alone makes it one of the most popular metaverse options, but we want to know more about this decentralized casino.

What about the games? Is there any entertainment? Which features can you enjoy? All these questions, and more, will be answered in our Serenity Island Casino review. Let’s have a closer look!

Serenity Island Casino Location

The entrance to Serenity Island Casino is at -146, 112. Unlike most other decentralized gambling venues, it’s not in the center of Vegas Plaza. Instead, it’s located on an isolated stretch of land near the Western border of Decentraland. There, Decentral Games built an entire sand island, on top of which the casino is situated. A Serenity Island, if you will.

You can move using your arrow keys or WASD, but Jumping straight to the coordinates is a better idea. The nearest venue is the Flamingos Casino, at -133, 109. Thus, the walk gets a bit boring.

How to Start Playing at Serenity Island Casino

Reaching Serenity Island Casino isn’t different from getting to any other venue in Decentralized. You probably know this if you’ve dabbled in metaverse websites before. However, data indicates that a majority of players are beginners. For this reason, here’s how the full process goes:

  1. Choose a crypto wallet. Most rookies don’t pay much attention to this step, but make no mistake – a bad choice could end with you losing your entire portfolio. The best crypto wallets for metaverse games should have tight security and the option to hold Polygon and Ethereum-based NFTs, as well as all the popular cryptos.
  2. Connect it to Decentraland. This is perhaps one of the most underrated benefits of playing at Serenity Island Casino. The only thing you need to do to register is to provide DL with your public wallet key. Doing so will directly send any winnings to the wallet.
  3. Design your avatar and pick a name. Even though you’re here to play casino games, don’t forget about the socialization part. Serenity Island is, after all, a club-casino hybrid, so mingling is a big part of the equation. Pick out the facial features, clothes and accessories to stand out. Don’t forget the name, but try and stay anonymous.
  4. Venture into Decentraland. All new denizens start at Genesis Plaza. As soon as all the models, textures and everything else loads, that’s where you’ll appear. Test the controls a bit and give the Helpers a try.
  5. Go to Serenity Island Casino. Jump to the following coordinates – 146, 112. However, if you really want to experience the island as a whole, you can walk from the Genesis Plaza or Jump to a nearby location.

What if you don’t have a crypto wallet yet, but still want to see what all the fuss is about? Fortunately, you can visit this Decentraland casino as a Guest, too. This special mode lets you create an avatar and talk to other people at the casino, but you can’t place bets on games. If you like Serenity Island, just connect a wallet and return.

Interior Design

Don’t get us wrong – we love Satoshi Casino and Tominoya Casino. Both venues stretch the limits of what a casino can look like from the inside, but Serenity Island has an entirely new concept. Instead of building an enormous venue that could house thousands of people, they opted for a smaller chateau instead.

If you thought the sand and palm trees were imposing, wait until you take a step inside. It’s as if someone took the whole of Monte Carlo and condensed it into a small yet luxurious metaverse casino. The main style is rustic and royal, with gold, grey and black creating a unique and soothing atmosphere.

Upon entering, you’ll notice that the ground floor is devoted solely to roulette. Dealers are all computer-based, donning the appearance of Pepe the Frog. The tables themselves have a rudimentary design but are good enough to give you that iconic Vegas-styled exuberance.

When you enter the floor above, you’ll notice the slightly strange classical paintings. Even though they feature famous images such as the Creation of Adam, there are slightly psychedelic details that turn them into something completely new. It’s a stunning little detail that ties everything together. Once you climb up the stairwell, it’s blackjack galore.

And when you feel overwhelmed or just want to admire the view, the top-floor balconies are at your disposal. Thanks to the higher altitude of Serenity Island Casino and the island it’s on, you can see all of Vegas Plaza.

Available Games

As mentioned, Serenity Island Casino offers two games – blackjack and roulette.

Interestingly, this version of Decentral Games blackjack is played with a single deck. Thus, you can expect fast-paced gameplay. The mandatory minimum for a game to be organized is just one player, while four is the maximum. Per hand, the most you can bet is 1000 MANA.

Decentral Games roulette, the second available game, is a classic European-styled wheel with a single 0 and numbers 1-36. Unlike BJ, where you can only bet a maximum of 1000 MANA per hand, this table lets you stake 1000 MANA per wheel slot. So let’s say you want to place a Street bet. The maximum bet is 3000 MANA since there are only three slots the bet covers.

Currently, there are no available bonuses and multipliers. Expect this to change, though. Decentral Games constantly updates its venues and offers. Expect GamblingVerse to update this article when any new features are released.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Serenity Island Casino accepts the following cryptocurrencies: MANA, DG, and DAI. All transactions are completed in 15-45 minutes, so you’ll never have to wait more than an hour for your withdrawal to arrive.

MANA is the proprietary currency of the Decentraland metaverse. Its main uses involve staking and participating in transactions and projects on the DL platform. Nomic Labs have audited the coin and verified it as secure.

DAI is a stablecoin, whose purpose is to always be worth approximately $1. Therefore, it’s a great option if you’re looking for stability. Other altcoins may be able to gain value quickly, but they can also fall off a cliff in the blink of an eye. That’s why DAI is ideal for metaverse gambling – there’s no volatility.

And last but most certainly not least, DG is by far the most interesting coin of this trio. Holders get exclusive voting rights on future plans and projects. Since Decentral Games is a DAO, its proprietary coin lets members control the direction and affect casino developments. Staking is an option, too.

Customer Support

This Decentraland Casino doesn’t have its own dedicated support staff. However, you can always seek help from people at the Decentraland Discord. Someone, whether a member or a DL employee, will always help you with your issues.

In case you’re unable to find an answer there, send an email to We’d advise you to use this link if the matter at hand is more than just a simple bug. Expect an answer in no more than 12 hours.

Extra Features & Facilities

Aside from the casino area, Serenity Island has its very own underground club. Just take one of the stairwells on the side of the room, and you’ll venture down immediately. While there aren’t many people there on weekdays, Fridays and weekends often draw a large crowd.

As the GamblingVerse team was hanging out at one of these parties, we noticed another interesting feature – the whole venue changes colors depending on whether it’s night or day. The gold and black combo dominates the daytime, while every dusk causes the interior to switch to black, purpose and a lot of bright strobe lights.

It might not seem like much, but it’s an ingenious addition to a casino that’s already one of Decentraland’s main social hubs. If more games get added in the future, we can see Serenity Island rivaling Chateau Satoshi and Atari Casino.

Final Verdict

From top to bottom, Serenity Island Casino oozes uniqueness. Not only is it on a tropical island, but it also features an uncanny interior. Instead of focusing on the magnitude and offering dozens of tables, Decentral Games opted for a more intimate environment. There are just two floors, with blackjack and roulette awaiting you upon entering.

But the real treat is located down below, in the underground club. If you like quality metaverse websites, then you’ll simply adore Serenity Island on weekends. Take a few friends with you, play some roulette and grab a virtual drink or two. Good luck!