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  • Owner:
    New Frontier Presents
  • Year founded:
  • Metaverse World:
    Somnium Space
  • Coordinates:
    Parcel #4326

Odds City Casino

One of the most significant advantages of metaverse websites is that you can do everything you’d do in, let’s say, Vegas, but without the hassle. Players can move around, mingle and test their skills from the comfort of their own living room. The only problem is that the options are limited. It’s primarily only blackjack and poker. However, Odds City casino seeks to change this.

This decentralized casino wants to rethink what metaverse gambling really is. Instead of offering a rudimentary experience, the operator spared no expense in depicting their futuristic vision. In this Odds City casino review, we’ll explore what this site has to offer, including games, payment methods and all the extra features that make it unique. So, if you want to see metaverse casinos in a new light, bear with us and continue reading.

Odds City Classic Casino
Odds City classic casino

How Does Odds City Casino Work?

Odds City is a metaverse casino built on the Ethereum blockchain. It exists in three forms: as a classic online casino, a metaverse accessible via augmented reality (AR) and a part of Somnium Space. You can enter this metaverse via web or AR and interact with the games and slot machines directly.

All three ways of playing at Odds City require a crypto wallet. This is a crypto-only casino, as it’s commonplace with all metaverse options. The GamblingVerse feels the need to point this out because this is the only hybrid gambling site we’ve seen yet.

Somnium Space is a different world from Decentraland, where Decentral Games operate most casinos. Somnium is still reputable, though. They are partnered with the likes of Sony, Polygon, OpenSea and others. In addition, odds City owns a casino/complex in the world called the Odds City Pyramid. It occupies parcel #4326.

How to Start Playing at Odds City Casino

There are three ways to begin your journey at this metaverse site. The basic way of playing is to create an account using your email. From that point onwards, just connect your crypto wallet to your Odds City account and change almost any coin into NFP. It’s the proprietary metaverse gambling coin by New Frontier Presents.

The second way involves your phone. Instead of accessing the entire Somnium Space metaverse, you can visit the AR version of Odds City through your device. The instructions will appear on the screen as soon as you enter the venue, showing you how to interact with all the different games available.

If you have a VR headset, connect it to your PC, download the Somnium Space VR client, and the world will be accessible. Don’t worry, this metaverse supports all major headsets.

Odds City in Somnium Space
Odds City in Somnium Space

Available Games

Another thing that stands out with this casino is the fact that you’re not limited to just one or two games. Don’t get us wrong, ICE Poker is a splendid game, but there’s only so much Texas Hold’em you can play in one day. Odds City takes a completely different route. New Frontier Presents offers 10+ titles, separated into the following categories:


As of mid-2022, Odds City offers three slots: Animal Slot, Fruit Slot and a collaboration with the Deadfellaz NFT collection, Deadfellaz Slot. All three games follow the same theme – a dark background that makes the colorful symbols and characters stand out.

We love the fact that the spinning animation is fluid, even on older devices. Compared to Decentraland, spinning the slots feels realistic. The maximum bet is 200 NFP, which is another thing to appreciate. It’s easy to get carried away with crypto, so GamblingVerse supports any kind of safe gambling measure.

Table Games

Card games are not easy to recreate in the metaverse, but New Frontier Presents may have found the recipe for success. Neither Blackjack nor Baccarat were meant to be super-realistic, but they have a wonderful theme and work very smoothly. This is becoming a theme, not just with NFP but with Somnium space as a whole. And from a design standpoint, it’s better to have a non-realistic style that works well.

Casino Hold’Em follows traditional rules and is quite dynamic, but Video Poker could use a little work. It’s still a bit rough around the edges, so to speak. Roulette is quite nice, especially the Multi-Player version. That way, players in 2D can join others in the metaverse and place bets on the same spin.

Other Games

Most decentralized gambling sites are barely able to take care of the classics, such as poker or blackjack. Odds City, on the other hand, offers everything in pristine condition and a lot more as a bonus.

Crypto Prediction has to be our favorite example. It’s a short-term betting game where one can wager NFP on how an asset’s price will move in the next 15, 30 and 60 seconds. Wins pay 1:1 while losses void the wager. All data is sourced live from crypto exchanges, so any ‘long’ and ‘short’ precisions will correspond to the real-life state of the market.

Heads or Tails is a simple concept but very hard to carry over to the metaverse. Odds City only sticks to the basics. However, the casino once again delivers the smoothness people have been asking for. The same goes for Robo Racing, a digital homage to the virtual sports niche of greyhound racing.

Overall, this has to be amongst the top 3 metaverse casino game collections we’ve ever seen. There’s something for everyone, and the venue at Somnium Space is only getting better.

Deposits & Withdrawals

To play at Odds City, you need a web3-compatible wallet. You can connect, Fortmatic, WalletConnect, MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet at this moment. To make a deposit, you’ll have to authenticate your wallet via Uniswap, an online crypto exchange app. Whichever coin you wish to deposit, it will be exchanged directly into NFP, the Odds City gambling crypto. Withdrawals are processed the same way.

Extra Features

Perhaps one of the best things about Odds City casino is the fact that this metaverse website is technically a hybrid. All the games you see on the homepage, as well as in separate categories, are playable both in your web browser and with a VR setup, and on your smartphone with AR technology.

So far, New Frontier Presents is the only decentralized gambling operator to offer this feature. Through their website and physical location in the Somnium metaverse, players can interact with games and enjoy the same mechanisms across all platforms.

Sure, you can always marvel at the wonders of a Decentraland casino such as Chateau Satoshi, but GamblingVerse believes Odds City is better executed. What’s more, the upcoming update to the Pyramid will bring more games and a more elaborate interior design.

And we love the futuristic touch, along with enough space for pop-up shops and different zones. Without a doubt, Odds City Pyramid is stretching the possibilities of digital architecture and interior design.

We also can’t forget about the P2E program, which lets you earn NFP as you play and interact with other players. There are different promotions, earnings models and other ways to play to earn all the time, so stay glued to the homepage.

Final Verdict

What do we think about Odds City? It’s a unique metaverse casino, that’s for sure. Crypto Prediction, Table and Multi-Player Roulette were some of the most fun games we’ve tested in years. Video Poker and Blackjack are impressive, too.

Our favorite thing is not the games but the three different ways in which you can enjoy Odds City games. Even if you don’t have a VR headset or a phone with AR capabilities, each game can be tested online. All payments are conducted with NFP, plus the P2E system seems reasonable and fair.

Overall, GamblingVerse would recommend Odds City. Visit them in the Somnium Space metaverse at parcel #4326. It’s one of the poshest venues we’ve seen.