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  • Big casino network
  • Rapidly growing player base
  • Lots of opportunities to earn passive income
  • Delegate NFT wearables to other players for a passive revenue share
  • If you don't own an ICE Poker Wearable NFT, you can't play
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  • Owner:
    Decentral Games
  • Metaverse World:
  • Coordinates:
    -102, 129
  • Accepted currencies:
    ICE, DG
  • Year founded:

ICE Poker

Decentral Games ICE Poker is by far the most popular game in all of Decentraland. While everyone loves good old Texas Hold’em, there must be something else that sets this game apart from all the rest.

First and foremost, it’s spread around the entire metaverse. And perhaps most importantly, ICE Poker lets you earn cryptos passively, all through a complex web of NFTs and in-game systems. GamblingVerse wanted to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, so we decided to write a comprehensive ICE Poker Decentraland review.

Continue reading to find out everything about locations, ICE Poker Wearables and more about one of the best metaverse options out there.

ICE Poker Locations

In terms of metaverse gambling, it’s best to describe ICE Poker as a project, not a casino. That’s why you can play this game at almost every Decentral Games venue in Decentraland. In addition, individual casino owners and operators can strike a deal with DG and add a few tables.

The GamblingVerse staff explored the main Decentraland realms (DG, ARTEMIS, ODIN, MARVEL) and went to all the places where you can play ICE Poker. Here is a list of them, including the coordinates and limits for each location:

Chateau Satoshi Casino (-75, 75)

On the other side of the street from the Jazz Club, you’ll see a large Art Deco structure – the Chateau Satoshi Casino. It’s named after the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Here, ICE Poker is the only game available. In 2019, you could play slots and RNG roulette, but as of 2022, there are a dozen or so Texas Hold’em tables at this decentralized casino.

  • Blinds are $10-20, bet limits are $400-2,000, and 2-6 players can participate.
  • Accepts: DG, ETH, ICE

Tominoya Casino (-120, 135)

Tominoya Casino is near the center point of Vegas Plaza. You might find it across the street from Amnesia Ibiza and Streamers Plaza. One of the things we really like about this venue is that each ICE Poker table has its own coordinates. There are four tables in total, all located on the venue’s top floor.

  • 2-6 players per table, blinds are $10-20, bets are $400-$2,000
  • Accepts: DG, ICE, MANA, ETH, DAI

ICE Poker – Osiris (-108, 135)

While Tominoya Casino and Chateau Satoshi Casino have unique themes, the ICE Poker Osiris Lounge is more akin to a club from a Star Trek episode. It’s metal, neon and shining lights all around, as players congregate around the 12 available tables. This particular venue is always full, so you’d best gather a group and ‘snatch’ a table to keep it for longer.

  • Blinds*: $10-20, bets: $400-$2,000, Players: 2-6
  • Accepts**: DG, ICE

* & **: These limits and cryptos are the same for all ICE Poker-only casinos (Stronghold & DEXT Lounge)

ICE Poker – The Stronghold (-101, 128)

This is the first poker-specific lounge created by Decentral Games. It’s the most popular of all metaverse websites since the pros often frequent the venue on weekends. However, we’d only advise you to visit it once you’re more experienced in DG poker. There are only ten tables.

Design-wise, this has to be our favorite Decentraland casino, mainly due to the ceiling. It’s semi-transparent but has purple crystals sticking out of it simultaneously. Together with the hexagonal pattern on the floor, Decentraland Games succeeded in creating a unique look.

ICE Poker – DEXT Lounge (-110, 129)

And last but not least, we have the newest decentralized gambling venue devoted solely to ICE Poker. As of July 2022, this venue is still under construction. You can enter it either by Jumping or through a port in Chataeu Satoshi or the ground floor. The entire poker room is perched on top of a large tower that looks over all of Vegas Plaza.

Compared to the ICE Poker Stronghold and the ICE Poker Osiris, this venue is designed to be more lowkey, despite its extravagant placement. There are only eight tables, and the limits are the same as in other locations.

How to Play ICE Poker

Playing ICE Poker in Decentraland is a bit different from other games. You need a special NFT to enter, which we’ll explain in just a bit. For now, follow these steps to begin playing at ICE Poker Osiris or another venue of your choice:

  1. Create a Decentraland avatar. Go to, and you should be redirected to the avatar creator. You can wear hundreds of possible looks, even some exclusive ones. It doesn’t have to look like you in real life.
  2. Connect your crypto wallet. Since ICE Poker allows you to bet and receive cryptocurrencies, you can only participate in games if you have a wallet. Otherwise, there’s no way for you to both receive and send funds to and from the casino’s address. MetaMask is one of the best crypto wallets for this purpose, as it houses both NFTs and Ethereum/Polygon/based tokens.
  3. Buy an ICE Wearables NFT or receive delegation. This is the main difference between regular Decenetraland Casinos and ICE Poker. You must own an ICE Poker Wearables NFT. It’s your entry fee and ticket. If you know another player that already owns one, they can loan you a token in exchange for a slice of your winnings. To buy your first one, just go to the ICE Poker OpenSea page and browse the various available collections. 
  4. Play at an ICE Poker venue. After creating your Decentraland avatar and connecting a wallet, you must step into the metaverse. All new denizens start at Genesis Plaza. From there, you can use the portal, walk or jump to any location on the map. So take a look at the coordinates of each ICE Poker location and Jump there to start playing right away.
  5. Accumulate ICE. ICE Poker allows players to passively earn ICE, the game’s proprietary cryptocurrency. You can do so by being amongst the top earners for the day. The higher your percentile is (100 – lowest, 0 – highest), the bigger your multiplier is.
  6. Upgrade your ICE Wearables NFTs with ICE. One Ice Wearables NFT is enough to participate, but players can also collect kits and get combo multipliers. Further passive earnings can be acquired by upgrading the NFT to level 5 – Diamond Hands. ICE and DG are burned during the upgrading process, ensuring market scarcity.

Deposits & Withdrawals

ICE Poker is played with ICE, a coin minted by Decentral Games. You can use it to place bets on ICE Texas Hold’em, upgrade NFTs or as a means of conducting transactions. DG is also present, while some venues also accept DAI, MANA, ETH and other cryptos. Always ask the dealer for more information on what to do.

Extra Features & Facilities

Our favorite feature is that ICE Poker is a network of games, not just a single casino. Playing at the Art Deco-inspired Chateau Satoshi is very different from the futuristic ICE Poker DEXT Lounge on top of a tower. Thus, it’s evident that we’re talking about an experience that’s both immersive and customizable.

The social aspect is also impressive. Places like the Stronghold and the Osiris are always full. Even real-life pros take a few hours to fend off challengers and show off their skills. You never know who you’re going to run into. The GamblingVerse team loves this hint of unpredictability.

However, the biggest and most essential extra feature are the ICE Wearables NFTs. Let’s take a quick look at how they work.

What Are ICE Wearables

ICE Wearables are special NFTs obtained through the Decentral Games Marketplace. Any of them will grant you access to ICE Poker tables across Decentraland. You can buy them either from the minters themselves (DG) or a previous owner. Look at EtherScan and PolygonScan to ensure the price hasn’t been driven up artificially.

These NFTs have five ranks: 1, 2, 3, 4 and Diamond Hands. You can climb up the ranks by burning DG and ICE that you’ve accumulated through playing ICE Poker. The higher the rank, the more cryptos you have to burn. Multipliers also go up. Diamond Hands NFT holders will also get access to exclusive tournaments.

If you have too many ICE Wearables NFTs or haven’t bought one yet, delegation might be of interest. It’s a special process of ‘renting’ the token to other players for a percentage of their profit. Of course, you can also ask for a bigger slice since Rank 3, and higher NFTs grant big multipliers.

Customer Support

There’s no group of agents devoted solely to ICE Poker, but you can ask the community at the ICE Poker Discord. DAO members and active players are there around the clock, so you’ll always find someone willing to lend you a hand. We’ve had nothing but pleasant encounters with them.

Final Verdict

ICE Poker is one of the most intriguing metaverse gambling projects we’ve ever seen. Not only can you find tables at every casino, but the rules are standardized, and the player base is growing rapidly.

There are also new venues in development, such as the ICE Poker DEXT Lounge. Keep this in mind when playing, as there might be bugs or overall lag when there are too many players around. Nevertheless, good luck and have a great time!