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  • Owner:
    Decentral Games
  • Metaverse World:
  • Coordinates:
    -120, 135
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Tominoya Casino

Since Chateau Satoshi Casino was launched in 2019, the online world has been infatuated with decentralized gambling. And when you think about it for a bit, the infatuation was perfectly reasonable. However, Tominoya Casino took notice of its predecessors and took things a step further.

Instead of just focusing on one game or activity, this venue wants to be the most important entertainment hub in Vegas Plaza. That’s why GamblingVerse is putting them to the test right here and right now.

Bear with us as we look at why players consider Tominoya Casino as one of the best metaverse options.

Tominoya Casino Location

The entrance to Tominoya Casino is located at -120, 135. It’s right in the middle of Vegas Plaza, across Streamers Plaza and the Amnesia Ibiza nightclub. Once your avatar appears in Genesis Plaza, you can jump in right away or use your WASD or arrow keys to move there manually.

One of our favorite things about this decentralized casino is that even specific tables have their own coordinates. For instance, you can jump to -118, 135 on the Upper Floor to directly play roulette. This greatly helps new players and makes it easier to find a spot during rush hour. It’s a feature other casinos in Decentraland haven’t thought of yet.

How to Start Playing at Tominoya Casino

As with other venues in this virtual world, there are two ways to enter Tominoya Casino. The first one allows you to get the full experience right away and goes as follows:

  1. Create a crypto wallet. Before you pick a service provider, make sure the wallet can hold NFTs and all the coins you intend to play with. MetaMask is the most popular option, but there are also other solutions that get the job done.
  2. Connect your wallet. To do this, you’re just going to need to give Decentraland your public key. Don’t worry – this isn’t anything different from peer-to-peer crypto transactions. Think of it as an eCommerce store remembering your PayPal account, but much, much safer.
  3. Build an avatar and choose a name. Since you’ll be entering a virtual realm, you’re going to need to present yourself in a certain way. That’s where the avatar comes in. Besides basic clothing options, you can also purchase ICE Wearables NFTs, special accessories that will grant you rewards and additional earnings.
  4. Enter Decentraland. If you haven’t stepped foot into Decentraland before, your browser/desktop app might take a few seconds to load. The better your PC and internet connection, the less time you’ll spend waiting.
  5. Go to Tominoya Casino. Jump straight to -120, 135 or take a relaxing stroll towards Tominoya Casino. If you’re walking, the map will notify you of your location once you enter the venue.

In addition to the process described above, you can also explore this Decentraland Casino in Guest mode. This option requires only an avatar, without any need to connect your wallet. It’s not possible to enjoy casino games this way, but you can still explore the venue and mingle with other patrons.

Interior Design

Like all other metaverse options, Tominoya Casino wants to stand out. Instead of focusing on just games or entertainment, Decentral Games wanted to create a unique atmosphere. In contrast with the somewhat in-your-face Art Deco design of Satoshi Casino, this venue adopts a more soothing Japanese theme.

Even the entrance is reminiscent of a zen garden, as you have to cross a wooden bridge over a water stream. One of the first things you see inside is an outline of Japan, highlighted by neon lights. The imagery is stunning, but Tominoya Casino wanted to experiment, and it shows. So instead of just basic elements, you get neat mahogany structures and dazzling chandeliers.

The structure is split into two parts – the Bottom Floor and the Tominoya Conference Center, also known as the Upper Floor. The interior design stays the same, the only addition being three big screens. These are often used for big events, streams and giveaways. On weekends, expect to hear funky music and see many people congregating here.

If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s also a teleport hub that’ll take you to the roof. Even though the Vegas Plaza is still far from finished, the view is splendid, especially if you’re amidst a social event.

Tominoya Casino is undoubtedly unique, but also spacious and versatile in its entertainment. Thus, GamblingVerse considers it one of the best places to be if you’re a fan of metaverse gambling.

Available Games

Instead of focusing on just ICE Poker like Satoshi Casino, Tominoya has taken a more Vegas-like approach – all the games, everywhere. Thus, you won’t have to search for a specific table and lose valuable time.

Perhaps the main game here is Decentral Games blackjack. It’s played with four decks instead of the standard eight. One to four players can sit at a single table at the same time; there’s no betting behind. The maximum any player can stake is 1000 DAI/1000 MANA, with wins and Blackjacks paying 1:1 and 3:2, respectively.

Decentral Games roulette is also a hit at Tominoya Casino. It’s a single-zero European Roulette game, with your goal being to guess which of the 37 slots will the ball fall into. There are several bet limits you must adhere to:

  • 2000 DG/ 1 ETH/ 1000 DAI/ 100000 ICE/ 1000 MANA for all bets combined
  • 120 DG/ 0.06 ETH/ 60 DAI/ 6000 ICE/ 60 MANA for each straight-up bet
  • 1000 DG/ 0.5 ETH/ 500 DAI/ 50000 ICE/ 500 MANA for all non-straight-up bets

And last but not least, we also have Decentral Games’ ICE Poker, which can only be played if you have an ICE Wearables NFT. It both gives you a right to sit at a table and earn extra winnings as you play. Blinds are always $10-20, while the bet range is $400-2000, with all tables housing 2-6 players. Note that the prices are in dollar equivalents of chip quantities, the main you get by playing ICE Poker.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Tominoya Casino, just like all metaverse websites, accepts only cryptos. That’s why you’ll first going to need a crypto wallet. The venue accepts ETH, MANA, ICE, DAI and DG, the proprietary currency of Decentral Games. There’s also PLAY, free and fictional money that you can use to practice blackjack, roulette and poker.

Rest assured – Tominoya is a verified and reputable casino with no reports of wrongdoings, scams or anything of the sort. All withdrawals are paid in no more than 45 minutes, depending on the chosen coin.

Customer Support

This decentralized casino doesn’t have its own customer support, but you can ask the Helper robots and dealers for some basic tips. They’ll let you know about the rules and bet limits, as well as other options related to their specific game.

If you run into any issues that can’t be solved with a simple tip, go to the Decentraland Discord, and the community will run to your aid. For those of you that are fans of old-school means of communication, shoot them an email at There’s always someone at your service, 24/7.

Extra Features & Facilities

As of July 2022, Tominoya Casino is in the midst of a restructuring phase. There’s a yellow-and-black tape near the terrace of the Conference Center, indicating that there’s something in the works.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try out one of the casino’s special features, of which the DG coin is the most popular. If you convert your MANA/ICE into DG or buy the coins from an exchange, you get one or more votes in the Decentral Games DAO. The more coins you have, the more powerful your voice is. This allows players to affect the direction of the casino in the future directly.

In addition, there are also special events and giveaways, reserved for holidays and parties. The Upper Floor area is always full of people, so it’s safe to say that social life is also a feature at Tominoya Casino. And with the imminent opening of a new area, the mingling between players will be even better moving forward.

As with other DG casinos, you can purchase ICE Wearable NFTs and get bonuses and passive earnings for wearing them while playing poker. You can also rent them to other players and get a cut of their winnings.

Final Verdict

Tominoya Casino is perhaps our favorite gambling venue in all of Decentraland. It doesn’t try to do too much but still provides a unique and amazing experience. At first, the Japanese-styled interior design drew us in, but the entertainment and the games kept us in.

You can play poker, blackjack and roulette, in addition to enjoying streams, screenings and other events in the Tominoya Conference Center. And with five different payment options available, there’s no doubt in our minds that this is a casino that’s welcoming to beginners. Give it a try!