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  • 10,000x opportunity
  • Provably fair lottery
  • NFT utilities
  • Monthly NFT Raffles
  • Active team
  • Only SOL is accepted
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WeBall is the first community-owned blockchain lottery project powered by Solana NFTs. The project team values community and ownership in the Web3. Hence, they aim to bring the best lottery experience to the blockchain together with their community.

In today’s review we will tell you what WeBall is all about and how you can participate in the lottery games.

WeBall Lotto

WeBall Overview

Below you can find an overview of some of the most interesting features of this project.

10.000x Lottery

WeBall’s first lottery game, WeBall Lotto, was launched on October 7th, 2022. This blockchain lottery game allows players to buy tickets for 0.01 SOL and win over 100 SOL every 24 hours. However, prizes of over 400 SOL are not uncommon nowadays. The project is quite popular, hence the growth in the number of participants and larger prize pools as a result.

WeBall NFT Collection

Each WeBall NFT is a piece cut from the WeBall’s logo stored on the Solana blockchain. WeBall NFTs unlocks perks such as profit share and access to WeDAO. Affiliates can profit even more from holding 1 or more WeBall NFTs. Below you can read more about these NFT utilities.

Profit Share

50% of the profit will be evenly distributed to 555 NFTs weekly. The diagram below shows how the revenue will be distributed and utilized.

WeBall NFT Profit Share

Tailor-made Lottery Site

White label lottery sites are available for affiliates in order to bring in more people to enjoy the game and scale up the prize pool. Some of the benefits are:

  • Ticket sale share from own site
  • White-label site integration
  • Logo showcase as WeBall’s Partner
  • 50% profit share if you hold at least one WeBall NFT
  • Access to WeDAO
  • Banner Ad Page Feature
  • Pop-up Ad Page Feature


With the creation of WeDAO, DAO members are able to vote on the future of the project, including future development, governance model, and more importantly how to reinvest the cash flow from lottery games.

Multichain Lottery Games

WeBall’s core team started developing more multichain lottery games, accepting more crypto coins to expand the prize pool.

How to Play WeBall Lotto?

Participation in WeBall Lotto is very simple. You just have to follow these 3 steps:

  1. Connect your Solana wallet – if you don’t have a Solana wallet, it’s recommended to use Phantom Wallet.
  2. Purchase tickets – Select the number of tickets you would like to purchase and click “Buy”. Remember, 1 ticket = 0.01 SOL.
  3. Pick your numbers – Pick 4 numbers from 1-40 and 1 ball from the 9 red balls or do a random pick to save time. After clicking “Purchase”, you will need to approve the transaction from your wallet.

That’s it! But, what is next?

  1. Winner Announcement – winners will be drawn on the Lotto website at 12 pm UTC every day.
  2. Redeem your Prize – if you are one of the lucky winners, congratulations! Your prize will be redeemable on the Lotto website.

WeBall Lotto Prize Pool

WeBall’s ‘Jackpot’ or ‘Grand Prize’ is called WePot and is your chance to 10.000x your initial bet. The WePot starts at 100 SOL, which represents the 10.000x opportunity.

If no one wins the WePot, the prize will move to the next pool. Since there is no upper limit, the prize pool can become very huge!

The winner of WePot will take 75% of the total pot. The complete prize chart can be found below.

WeBall Lotto WePot

Fairness and Security

WeBall provides an open-source smart contract and does not retain any user data.

Players are given the exact same opportunity and the exact same odds to win all available crypto/NFT prizes. WeBall does not require a player to purchase an NFT to play the game. While ownership of a WeBall NFT provides you with holder benefits, it does not and will not increase your odds of winning.

WeBall ensures the security of payment of lottery tickets through open-sourced smart contracts that run on a decentralized blockchain. Further, all payments collected are secured in several ledger cold wallets to ensure protection from attacks.

WeBall Lotto’s Smart Contract can be found on Github.


WeBall has an ongoing license registration in Costa Rica wherein all matters relating there to shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the same. Likewise, WeBall has an ongoing parallel business affiliate registration in the Philippines. Upon completion of the foregoing, WeBall will scale up through IRL partnerships starting in the Philippines.

Official Links

Twitter: click here

Lotto Site: click here

WeBall Discord: click here

NFT Marketplace: click here

Want to talk to the founder directly?

Wynn – Founder

Twitter: click here

Discord Handle: wyNN.SOL ⓨ (33.3%)#4626