Decentralized Sportsbook

October 18, 2022

Just stop for a moment and imagine if there was a casino/sportsbook that offered you the privilege of betting on a platform that is 100% risk-free. You can place your bets and enjoy the game without the fear of late or declined withdrawals or being ripped off by the bookmaker.

With, your imagination becomes a reality. Making it possible to enjoy a permissionless gambling experience through the use of blockchain technology and decentralized finance.

Without further delay, let’s highlight the amazing features of and how you can enjoy an amazing experience as a bettor on the platform.

Let’s look at what this new innovation in the gambling market is all about!

What is is a decentralized betting platform (sportsbook) built using the Azuro Protocol and running on the Gnosis blockchain.

The decentralization feature removes the need for a bookmaker, sportsbook, or any form of central authority that regulates the game.

The gambling platform currently allows users to bet on football and esports while also conducting transactions without the need for a regulatory authority.

Launched in 2022, the project aims to revolutionize the betting industry by combining the concepts of crypto, decentralized finance, and web3. While also introducing the concept of decentralized betting to the crypto, web3 and online betting communities at large. Sportsbook

How Does Betting on Work?

Unlike traditional betting platforms where you have to deposit money and await the approval of the bookmaker before you can withdraw your money, is totally different.

Firstly, the betting platform has no access to your funds, so they don’t get to decide when you can withdraw your money or deny you a withdrawal.

In addition, the platform also operates using smart contracts, a blockchain program that automatically executes predetermined events once the conditions put in place are met.

The smart contract locks your money when you place your bets. Once your stake meets the predetermined outcomes and the game finishes, the smart contract automatically allows you to redeem your winnings.

How To Get Started on

There’s actually no registration process required to start betting on the platform.

The betting platform is designed to allow you access to a gambling experience that protects your privacy. Therefore, you don’t need to enter your personal information or deposit money before you can bet on the betting platform.

Here are four steps to take to begin your betting journey on

  1. Install the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet (make sure to secure your seed phrase so you can recover your wallet in case of a loss) and hold xDAI cryptocurrency in your wallet.
  2. Go to the website and select “connect wallet” in the top right corner, then connect your MetaMask wallet.
  3. Select an event and start betting. You can bet on sub-market picks such as full-time result, over 2.5 goals, double chance, both teams to score (BTTS), and so on.
  4. Wait for the event to finish and claim your winnings.

The platform currently offers only football and esports, with users being able to bet on international tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League and various leagues across South America in the football category, as well as Dota 2 and CS:GO in the esports category.

Decentralized Sports Betting

Features of

As the first decentralized betting platform, brings amazing new features that make it stand out among betting platforms.

Below you can find some of the amazing features of the crypto betting platform.

No Bookmaker

You read that right, doesn’t offer the services of a traditional online bookmaker.

The platform is simply a decentralized betting platform, allowing users to bet without the need for a bookmaker, intermediary, or regulator.

The betting platform operates through smart contracts on DApps (decentralized applications) on the blockchain. These DApps allow programs to operate without the need of a centralized authority. 


Another interesting part of this betting platform is the bet-to-earn feature. This feature makes it possible for you to earn cryptocurrency no matter your experience on the platform.

In short, win or lose, you’re entitled to giveaways, airdrops, and other rewards for betting on the platform.

You also earn Gnosis (GNO) tokens for every bet you place, despite the outcome. 


As a user on the betting platform, you do not need to wait for anyone to approve your withdrawals before you can get the money you earned. There are no withdrawal issues such as late or declined withdrawals.

The contract automatically approves your winnings once your bet results meet the predetermined conditions.

Anonymity and Privacy

Unlike traditional online betting platforms that ask you to provide personal information such as your real name, email, username, and address before you can place bets on their platform, your personal information is not required on

You don’t have to do KYC or verify your identity. You’re betting on a platform where all you need is a crypto wallet

There is no need to create an account before betting

Betting on the platform is a hassle-free process, especially if you already have a crypto wallet and some cryptocurrencies. You just connect your MetaMask wallet and start betting without signing up.

No Deposits Required

Your money remains with you all through your betting experience on the betting platform. You don’t have to deposit money with a bookmaker or put your funds at risk with an unregulated bookmaker.

Crypto Withdrawals

The platform doesn’t deal with fiat currency. You can only bet with and withdraw in crypto.

Final Thoughts

In the gambling world, there are three parties: the bettor, the game, and the bookmaker. Of all three, there can only be one winner, but unfortunately for the bettors (the most important of the three), they end up being the losers on most occasions, just as planned by the bookmakers who designed the system.

It’s therefore important for a gambling system that puts the bettor in a better position with a secure gambling environment in place.

That’s where comes in, giving bettors the opportunity to enjoy a better gambling experience than the current setup of the gambling market.

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