Doge Vegas: Free to Play Metaverse Casino Experience

January 3, 2023
Doge Vegas Casino

Doge Vegas is a Virtual City built on top of the Sandbox Metaverse. It is the world’s first Play-to-Earn casino in the Sandbox Metaverse.

Doge Vegas owns LAND, creates and develops unique ASSETS and gaming experiences on The Sandbox Metaverse.

LANDs can be monetized through Gaming Experiences with entry fees, sponsorships, product placement, renting out space to game developers or brands and by selling in-game advertising and of course by its merch store. Additionally, ASSETS can be sold in the Sandbox Marketplace.

The native token $DVEGAS is a utility token used for staking, governance and to buy exclusive Doge Vegas NFTs.

Profits from LANDs, ASSETS and Consulting Gigs are swapped into $DVEGAS and are distributed in the following way:

  • 33% Staking pool
  • 33% Operations And Marketing
  • 33% Burn Wallet.

Doge Vegas Mission

Doge Vegas mission is to attract artists, game makers, brands, community members and great partners to create and monetize high quality ASSETS and gaming experiences in the Sandbox Metaverse.

Facts about Doge Vegas

  • Doge Vegas owns digital LAND in the Sandbox Metaverse. You can visit it by clicking the button below.
  • Doge Vegas focuses on developing and renting out metaverse real estate to brands and game developers looking to publish their experiences or advertise their products.
  • The project focuses on creating and developing gaming experiences and ASSETS in the Sandbox Metaverse

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a decentralized gaming platform that allows players to create, share, and monetize their own gaming experiences using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Ethereum blockchain. One of the key features of the Sandbox is its game creation tools, which include VoxEdit, a powerful voxel editor for creating 3D objects and environments, and the Game Maker, a platform for building and publishing games.


VoxEdit is a versatile and user-friendly tool for creating 3D assets, characters, and environments for use in games and other virtual experiences. It offers a wide range of features and options for shaping and texturing voxels, as well as a library of pre-made assets and templates to help users get started. With VoxEdit, creators can build everything from simple shapes and structures to complex and detailed objects and worlds.

Game Maker

The Game Maker is a platform for building and publishing games on the Sandbox platform. It offers a range of tools and resources for creating and testing games, including a game editor, a library of assets and templates, and a range of customization options. The Game Maker allows creators to build games of all types and sizes, from simple puzzle games to complex multiplayer experiences.


In addition to its game creation tools, the Sandbox also features a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs. These NFTs represent unique virtual assets, such as characters, items, and in-game currency, and can be bought, sold, and traded on the marketplace. The marketplace is a key component of the Sandbox ecosystem, as it allows creators to monetize their work and players to collect and trade rare and valuable virtual items.

Doge Vegas Sandbox

Why The Sandbox Metaverse?

The Sandbox Metaverse has secured partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the world showing that they are aiming to be the leading Metaverse in the future.

The Sandbox Metaverse offers a lot of benefits for both players and creators. Below you can find some examples.


  • ASSET Sales Revenue: Creators are able to sell their assets in the marketplace, receiving $SAND for their virtual creations.
  • In-Game Purchases: Experience creators will be able to set up many different monetization systems that will let them charge players $SAND for exclusive content. These monetization techniques range from item purchases to stat boosters, subscriptions, or even entry fees to the game itself. This requires that the creator own or rent LAND.
  • Rent Out Land to game creators and brands: LANDS can be rented out to game creators and brands looking to publish games or experiences.


  • Playing: Players will be able to earn $SAND tokens while playing the different games uploaded to The Sandbox ecosystem. They might win $SAND by slaying a legendary monster, opening a chest, or even completing a quest; nearly endless possibilities can be created in games.
  • Skill-Based Challenge: Players will be able to pay an entry free to enter a challenge such as a race, card game, battle royale, or any other type of competitive contest. The winner takes all of the prize pool. The experience creator might take percentage of the total pool for creating and hosting the experience.

Doge Vegas Business Model

Sustainability is all about generating revenue. Hence, Doge Vegas came up with the following business model:

  • Advertising Revenue: Doge Vegas will capitalize their traffic with ads, sponsored content, in-game advertising and more.
  • Partnerships and Affiliate deals: Crucial for the growth of the ecosystem and an added revenue stream.
  • Metaverse Real Estate: The Doge Vegas team has the ability to develop anything from virtual concerts, wedding chapels, NFT galleries, virtual offices and more.
  • Games and experiences on Sandbox LAND: Within the Sandbox ecosystem, they can charge money for the Doge Vegas game experience, but also sell their assets on the marketplace.

Doge Vegas Revenue Model

Below you can find more information about the project’s revenue model.

Doge Vegas Revenue Model

Sandbox Monetization

  • Pay-to-Play: Players can be charged a fee in $SAND to access the Doge Vegas Experience.
  • Renting out LAND: Doge Vegas can rent out LAND to game designers and studios so that they can publish their experiences on it for the duration of their renting agreement.
  • Selling ASSETS in the Sandbox Marketplace: The Sandbox allows creators to mint any number of copies of the same ASSET into NFTs. Being able to mint multiple copies offers the ability for Doge Vegas to sell and use items in various gaming experiences.

Doge Vegas Partnerships and Affiliate Deals

Doge Vegas has already secured some premium partners to its metaverse property, offering space to existing projects that can be integrated to the Doge Vegas Sandbox infrastructure and generating value for their visitors.

One of these partners is This is a play-to-earn platform that allows players to earn coins by completing daily challenges like:

  • Logging in to the platform everyday.
  • Spinning the wheel of fortune.
  • Inviting friend to the platform.
  • Link social media accounts.

Those coins can then be used to compete against other players in daily tournament leaderboards in order to earn tokens.

  • COINS are an in-game currency that are earned through various daily challenges in the Slotclash platform.
  • These COINS are further used to participate in tournaments where you can get a chance to play-and-earn $DVEGAS.
  • Slotcash monetizes the traffic from Doge Vegas and pays a commission. This is called a revenue share deal.

Advertising Revenue

Advertising revenue will be generated from:

  • In-game billboards, banners and branded ASSETS.
  • AMA stage on Doge Vegas, hosting the newest partners to Doge Vegas.

Affiliate Marketing

Doge Vegas will be able to capitalize their traffic through different affiliate programs. Examples of brands they are working with are Amazon, Stake casino and many more.

Web3 Consulting Gigs

Thanks to their team of meta-architects and their Sandbox LAND, Doge Vegas can create anything in the various Metaverse Worlds. They will be reaching out to marketing agencies to form partnerships with major brands.

Doge Vegas Token Overview

Below you can find more information about the tokenomics.

$DVEGAS tokenomics

Buy and Sell Tax 3%

  • 2% Operations and Marketing
  • 1% Auto liquidity.

$DVEGAS Holder Benefits

$DVEGAS can be used to stake, trade or participate in special play-to-earn events. It will also give holders voting rights in the future.

Doge Vegas offers an exclusive staking program to their holders; 20% APR. All you have to do is staking your $DVEGAS tokens in the dApp and enjoy native token rewards.

Doge Vegas NFT Collection

Unique, hand-drawn NFTs inspired by pop culture based in Las Vegas to fit the theme and the aesthetic of Doge Vegas. On the roadmap and coming soon to the Sandbox Metaverse.

Doge Vegas Roadmap 2023

  • “The Expansion” – January 2023
    • $DVEGAS Presale
    • $DVEGAS Launch
    • Coingecko and Coinmarketcap
    • 1k NFT Genesis Mint
    • NFT Rewards Activated
    • Marketing Campaign
  • “Action” – 2023
    • CEX Listing
    • Sandbox Experience Launch

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