Anarcade: Web 3.0 Integrated Amusement Arcade

September 30, 2022

The online gaming and gambling industry is expanding at an exponential rate. With that said, there’s still more room for new crypto GameFi projects and casinos to enter the space. One crypto firm is taking advantage of this space by launching their own project.

Anarcade, as it’s called, is building a completely different platform. Their platform seeks to provide several blockchain arcade games that can be accessed cross-chain. Wondering what Anarcade is all about? Let’s take a deep-dive into what it is and what you can expect from it.

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What is Anarcade?

According to their official website, Anarcade is a “Web 3.0 integrated amusement arcade” that’s dedicated to cryptocurrency gamers, enthusiasts and degenerates. At its core, it’s a mini games gambling platform that incorporates the degenerate nature of crypto and NFTs.

The Anarcade platform is not meant to be traditional. Therefore, it has been created to be exciting and rebellious. You’ll first notice this when you visit their official website for the first time. As a platform, Anarcade will host a number of low-risk arcade games.

Anyone, regardless of their financial or economic background, can participate in the games. The idea is that anyone who participates has an equal chance at the jackpot or at the very least, a good time with minimal losses.

Anarcade Casino Games

How Anarcade Works

Although blockchain technology has brought about a wind of transformation across several industries, there are several flaws and exploits still present. Therefore, the Anarcade platform utilizes a combination of both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technology to ensure the safest way forward.

Metamask is the crypto wallet you can use at Anarcade. Metamask consists of three main EVM payments; Ethereum, BSC and MATIC (to be implemented later). The platform will also support PWA technology. This will allow users to install the app on their PC or mobile device.

Anarcade’s virtual currency, known as USDZ, is native to the platform and will be 100% pegged to the USD. The platform will also only accept payments in stablecoins. This is because Anarcade is not working with any 3rd party providers to convert currency and exchange coins. Therefore, it will strictly work with stablecoins only.

Progress So Far

So far, Anarcade has officially launched the BETA version of their mini-games arcade platform. The BETA platform comes with a $10 Mutant Ape (MAYC) NFT Raffle, $30 Daily Free Raffle and a $100 Raffle. These raffles are just the first features in a list of soon to come features.

To participate in the MAYC NFT Raffle, all you have to do is:

  • Sign up to Anarcade
  • Connect your Metmask wallet, whether ETH or BSC
  • Deposit $10 in USDC or BUSD (you’re free to deposit how much you want)
  • The funds are credited to your balance on Anarcade in $ value
  • Enter the raffles or other games such as blackjack, slots or coin flip without transactional fees

Features of Anarcade

Some of the key features of Anarcade include:

Anarcy Apes OG NFTs

Anarcade has created a collection of 125 NFTs each valued at 1 ETH a piece. These NFTs are dedicated towards early investors and entrepreneurs.  Anarcade will use the 125 ETH raised to accelerate the progression of the brand, the platform’s functionality and interface and the marketing strategy.

These NFTs will bear utility and benefits for initial investors. This includes:

  • A 4 to 8% revenue share from platform profits (Mini Games and Casino)
  • 1,000 USDT of pre-sale tokens
  • Free access to future collections
  • Extreme rarity on every single NFT
  • Access to private alpha group with other investors, owners, and influencers
  • Free entry into monthly airdrops and NFT giveaways
  • Double commissions on affiliate program

Art Museum

Anarcade is also going to develop an art museum. In the museum, one-of-a-kind art pieces are going to be available for purchase. A percentage of the revenue from sales will go towards Save the Chimps Foundation.

Anarcade Art Museum


The project has a 20-phase roadmap lined up with about 6 phases having been completed at the date of writing. Below you can find Anarcade’s roadmap:

Anarcade Roadmap

All funds that are raised in the seed round will be allocated towards developing the V2 version of the platform. It will also go into the platform’s token launch and accelerating the onboarding of immersive gaming and gambling.

The team’s next ambitious step is to implement a number of arcade and casino games, such as slot machines and blackjack. This will immediately follow up with P2P poker where Anarcade will host tournaments and live poker games.

At the moment of writing only Blackjack and Punks vs Apes are available.

Team and Advisors

The team behind Anarcade consists of a number of individuals with different backgrounds in different fields. Some of the key team members include:

  • Conor Noon: CEO
  • Shane Harrison: Head of Operations
  • Slor Walbyoff: Head of Partnerships
  • Adelline Chang: Head of Brand

Anarcade Advisors include:

  • Paul Rogash: Founder of BetU, 1st metaverse casino and e-sports betting platform
  • Sean Demosthenous: Background in a top 100 and NASDAQ-listed company.
  • Andy Williams: F8 club leader with knowledge in the NFT space.

Final Thoughts

Anarcade is a one-of-a-kind project that offers a unique perspective and experience to the gambling and betting industry. With an already diminishing arcade gaming industry, it’s too early to say whether Anarcade will revive the arcade industry once more.

If you like what you’ve read and would love to know a little bit more about the Anarcade project, feel free to check them out on the following channels:

Website: Info

Gaming platform: Visit here

Anarcade Docs: Litepaper

Socials: Twitter, Discord, Instagram, FaceBook, LinkedIn

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