ZenSportsia Metaverse Review

October 18, 2022

The sports industry is currently worth over $400 billion globally.

With such an enormous value that the industry boasts of, it’s important that the various sports not only make sure to keep the numbers at such an amazing leve,l but also ensure to find ways to improve the industry.

And the metaverse has been proclaimed as the next big thing for the sports industry. It’s common knowledge that sporting events in the metaverse have so much potential. This is based on the fact that the metaverse, (through its immersive technology) can benefit the sporting industry in many ways.

It can increase engagement with sports, create new revenue streams for sports, and create a better viewing experience for users (imagine being able to watch your favorite sport event live in a virtual stadium).

These amazing potential benefits of integrating the sporting industry with the metaverse are what has led ZenSportsia to launch a project that explores the possibilities of using the metaverse to enhance how fans interact with sports.

In this article, we will highlight how ZenSportsia is making the potential of sports in the metaverse become a reality.

What is ZenSportsia?

Developed by ZenSports, ZenSportsia is a metaverse platform made for gamers, athletes, sports bettors and fans who are passionate about aiding the growth of the sports community in the metaverse.

The metaverse platform features an NFT marketplace, virtual sports tournaments, and sports betting events in a competitive community where members earn rewards and prizes in cryptocurrency and ZenSportsia NFTs.

ZenSports hopes to make the metaverse sports platform one that unites gamers, athletes, sports bettors and fans in a competitive community where members share ideas and improve each other’s skills.


How The ZenSportsia Metaverse Works

ZenSportsia has a collection of 10,000 unique NFT characters called Zensportsians.

The ZenSportsians are said to be “stronger, faster, and smarter than anything you’ve ever seen”.

These NFTs are avatars (male athletes) that members of the community can use to compete in tournaments and bet on esports events in the ZenSportsia metaverse.

To use the platform, gamers and sports bettors can fund their accounts using traditional fiat methods such as debit or credit cards or cryptocurrencies such as USDT (Tether), Bitcoin, and $SPORTS (ZenSportsia’s native cryptocurrency).

Once you’ve funded your account, you can participate in tournaments or bet on sporting events such as the Super Bowl. You can also bet with traditional fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies and earn rewards when you win.

Amazing Features of the ZenSportsia Metaverse

The ZenSportsia metaverse platform has some amazing features that entice new users to join the community and contribute to the development of the metaverse project.

The decentralization feature, which places the community above the ZenSports team, who are the founders of the metaverse platform, is one fascinating characteristic of the sports metaverse.

Below we listed some amazing features of ZenSportsia.

ZenSportsians NFTs

ZenSportsians play an integral role in the metaverse platform. The NFTs serve as avatars (players can use them to play the games and bet on events) for the metaverse and possess special abilities.

In addition, owners of Zensportsians can use them to earn rewards in the ZenSportsia metaverse, amongst plenty of other benefits.

Here are some benefits of owning ZenSportsians NFTs:

  • Reduced fees and increased rewards across the ZenSports betting app and cryptocurrency trading exchange.
  • Monthly prize drawings for all-expenses-paid trips to sporting events, such as attending the FIFA World Cup in person.
  • Access to side tournaments, monthly invite-only tournaments, and mulligan cards.
  • Access to exclusive NFT and cryptocurrency giveaways.
  • Exclusive access to physical networking events around the world. For example, World Cup watch parties with food and beverage provided, etc.
  • Automatic highest-tier status at all real-world ZenSports casinos.
  • Airdrop reward when the female athlete collection is launched.
ZenSportsian NFTs

It allows real-world currencies and digital currencies

The Metaverse platform makes it easier to fund your account than most sports betting platforms.

ZenSportsia allows you to fund your account with both fiat and cryptocurrency, making it suitable for both crypto users and those new to the crypto space.

Bet on Your Own Terms

As unbelievable as it may sound, the sports betting platform makes it possible for you to bet on your own terms and create your own betting odds against other bettors in the sports betting marketplace.

There are not many sports betting platforms that allow bettors to bet on their own terms.

Earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards

When you bet on ZenSportsia games or participate in the competitions, you can earn $SPORTS tokens or the community’s NFT as a reward.

Their use as a reward currency makes the digital currencies have real utility, which can drive up their value.


Betting on ZenSports grants you access to amazing bonuses.

For example, when you sign up and make a deposit into your account, you get 5% of your betting volume in $SPORTS tokens (after 15 days) as a welcome bonus (note that you only get a $250 maximum bonus if you didn’t use a referral code).

The best part about the welcome bonus is that once it’s credited to your account, you can decide what to do with it. You can place a bet with it or simply withdraw the $SPORTS tokens you received immediately.

Buying a ZenSportsian also comes with loads of bonuses apart from the value of the NFT.

Metaverse Sports Betting

With many sports betting platforms yet to enter the metaverse, ZenSportsia joins a handful of sports betting platforms that have successfully launched a project that will make gambling in the metaverse a possibility.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a sports bettor or just someone who is interested in the metaverse, it’s interesting to be part of the amazing project that ZenSportsia is bringing to the metaverse/web3 industry.

The online sports betting platform itself, is an amazing platform. How much more when the project integrates with the metaverse?

In short, ZenSportsia is a metaverse platform with a promising future, and it will be good for you as a sports bettor or metaverse enthusiast to join hands with the community and build that future while you earn rewards along the way.

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