HighStreet World: Metaverse & Casinos Review

September 2, 2022
HighStreet World Metaverse

Don’t get us wrong – there’s no shortage of good ideas for metaverse gambling projects nowadays. But that’s precisely the problem. At the end of the day, ideas are just ideas. What most virtual worlds fail to accomplish is cohesion. Too many elements and features are added but without any goal or plan. That’s where HighStreet World emerges as an exception.

Sporting an interesting concept and showcasing fun gameplay, this decentralized website has all the tools to become the next virtual Vegas. If you want to know exactly why, continue reading our HighStreet World metaverse review. Since the project is still in development, we won’t cover just the best HighStreet World casinos but also more details about the world itself. Let’s dive in.

What is HighStreet World?

HighStreet World is a commerce-oriented metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain. It started as an idea in 2020, as the project’s founders were shocked by the impact the global pandemic had on traditional retailers. After spotting the difficulties surrounding commerce, the HighStreet team saw blockchain tech as the perfect solution.

The best way to describe this project would be as a P2E metaverse that incorporates elements of massively-multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). However, instead of just including player vs. player (PVP) combat, HighStreet World will also feature a Shopify-like model, where individual vendors can showcase their goods and exchange them for cryptocurrency.

So far, HighStreet is planned to function as the only fully cross-platform metaverse. There will be support for PCs, smartphones, tablets and VR headsets from all the biggest manufacturers. The VR part of the project is influenced by CEO and founder Travis Wu, who, along with a couple of other employees, worked for a company that produced VR tours of properties for sale.

How Does the HighStreet Metaverse Work?

Compared to other virtual worlds, HighStreet World is more oriented towards profits and maximizing the value of every inch of space. As a result, this metaverse sells and rents out plots of land where merchants can set up shop and sell NFTs and other goodies. It’s also possible for players to become entrepreneurs and lease out their land to casinos. They will receive a cut of the profits, of course.

However, the easiest way to profit in HighStreet World is to resell NFTs. This is in large part thanks to the StreetSmart Bonding Curves technology which constantly measures supply and demand in the HighStreet Market. Once it completes the analysis, this algorithm automatically adjusts the price so that the seller can both make a profit and not wait too long to find a buyer.

The Goal of HighStreet

In addition to providing NFTs as resellable goods, brands will also use tokens to verify physical goods and rewards which can be acquired in HighStreet World. Thus, this decentralized casino is clearly looking to popularize blockchain technology as a means of verifying contracts and all kinds of transactions.

Land in this metaverse is measured in Hexes (plots) and comes in 10, 50 and 150-Hex lots. Some are for sale, while others have been reserved by various brands and corporations. There are also HighStreet Homes, which players can furnish and show to others on the server. And last but not least, there’s the Forever FOMO Duck Squad NFT collection, which serves as this metaverse’s official mascot.

HightStreet World Land

HighStreet World Tokenomics Explained

The economy of HighStreet is based upon two different cryptocurrencies, HIGH and STREET. HIGH has a fixed supply of only 100 million tokens and is available on Crypto.com, Binance, Coinbase, Uniswap and Pancakeswap. It can also be staked, along with UNI LP and DUCKS tokens.

STREET, on the other hand, will serve as an inflationary token and the main in-game currency. While HIGH has more of a monetary purpose, Street Creds tokens will be able to power various projects, including VR casinos, poker rooms, retail stores, and more. For insurance, one upcoming feature involves betting on the next song in HighStreet Clubs.

In addition to monetary benefits, HIGH holders will also get votes in the HighStreet DAO and get to receive transaction commissions by providing liquidity for the HighStreet Market. So far, both tokens are valued quite highly and see an ever-increasing daily trade volume.

HighStreet Metaverse Gambling Options

So far, HighStreet World is still in development. However, staff members have confirmed that they’re negotiating with several world-renowned gambling software providers. It’s yet unknown what the scale of these projects will be. However, community members have a hunch that blackjack, roulette and poker will comprise the majority of early content in HighStreet World.

As always, you can expect the GamblingVerse team to keep you up to date. Check back with this review to see the latest updates, improvements and changes to the HighStreet World.


HighStreet World has the potential to be the best metaverse website for decentralized gambling. Not only is the whole realm commerce-oriented, but gambling will be incentivized in a responsible manner.

This, along with the graphical quality, tokenomics and investors behind the project, leads us to recommend HighStreet World Casinos. As soon as they launch, we’ll review them all.

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