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  • Rewards program
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  • Large selection of casino games
  • NFT utility
  • Restricted in certain countries
  • No first deposit bonus
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  • Owner:
    Bull Gaming N.V.
  • Year founded:
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  • Accepted currencies:
    BTC, ETH, LTC, SOL, USDT, BUSD and more


Since the first blockchain was created in 2008 to serve as the distributed ledger technology for Bitcoin (the first cryptocurrency),

Many industries have onboarded their businesses onto blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to make their businesses better and offer a better experience to their users.

The gambling industry isn’t an exception, as there have been several crypto casinos in attempts to adopt decentralized finance as their financial system, thereby making it possible for gamblers to deposit, withdraw, place their bets, and earn rewards in cryptocurrency.

Rollbit casino is one such crypto casino. Just that this crypto gambling platform isn’t just another crypto casino as it offers more than the “deposit and withdrawal in cryptocurrency” that the average crypto casino only has to offer.

So what is Rollbit casino? What are the fascinating features of this crypto casino? What makes them different from other casinos?

These and many more questions will be answered in this Rollbit casino review.

What is Rollbit Casino?

Rollbit is a crypto casino and NFT gambling platform that allows players to deposit, withdraw, place bets, and earn rewards in cryptocurrency in a user-friendly casino.

Players can wager on games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and slots. In addition, players can also bet on sports, such as football, tennis, rugby, cricket and basketball.

Rollbit casino is part of Bull Gaming N.V., a company that started in February 2020 and operates a casino, crypto trading platform, and NFT collection.

Since its launch, Rollbit casino has established itself as one of the best gambling platforms in the crypto space.

Rollbit Casino Review

How Does Betting on Rollbit Casino Work?

At Rollbit casino, players can bet with cryptocurrencies including $RLB token (the gambling platform’s governance token), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Litecoin.

Using the cryptocurrency of their choice, players can bet on a variety of games, including live games, slots, blackjack, NFT lootboxes, rollercoasters, roulette, and sports games.

In addition, you can deposit as little as $0.01 to bet on the platform, though new accounts are required to deposit and wager $10 before they can withdraw.

How To Get Started

1. Visit and click “register” at the top right corner.

2. Fill in your username, email, and password. 

3. Click “Start Playing” and verify your email to finish setting up your account.

Note that the casino also offers you the option of using a Steam account, Twitch account, or MetaMask wallet (browser extension).

If you want to start betting right away, you can click the wallet icon at the bottom of the page and choose which digital asset you want to deposit, then copy the personal deposit address (specifically for that coin you chose).

Once you’re done depositing, you can then join one of the games and start betting to earn rewards.

You can choose RLB (Rollbit coin), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL) or any other cryptocurrency. You can also deposit a rollbot NFT using your MetaMask wallet.

The Amazing Features of Rollbit Casino

For many players who have come across crypto casinos, the only part of the gambling platform that sticks with them is the deposit and withdrawal in cryptocurrency part. Nothing more.

This tendency for crypto gambling projects to promise so much and deliver so little has led platforms like Rollbit to launch a crypto casino that actually maximizes the potential of decentralized finance.

Here are some amazing features of Rollbit casino:

Rollbot NFTs

Rollbots are unique NFTs created by Rollbit to help owners boost their rewards in the Rollbit casino and crypto trading platform. 

Each rollbot has different traits and rarities that determine the utility and benefits of owning it.

The utilities that can be activated with each NFT are in the form of rollbacks, rollboxes, lottery stakes, lottery multipliers, revenue shares and market stakes.

Apart from the benefits of owning Rollbots, the NFTs also have value as they’re in high demand in the NFT marketplace, with Rollbit selling 2,000 Rollbots in less than 25 seconds during their NFT presale.

Rollbots can be traded on Rollbit’s gas-less NFT Marketplace or OpenSea.

Rollbot NFTs

RLB Lottery

The RLB lottery is another fantastic feature of the Rollbit casino. To participate in the RLB lottery, users are required to use only RLB coins as an entry ticket.

The participants then stake RLB (0.20% of your stake will be deducted as a staking fee) on the Solana blockchain in order to win cash prizes.

20% of the casino’s profits are shared between regular lottery winners and the jackpot.

The number of RLB tokens you stake determines your chances of winning a prize, with your chances increasing as you increase the number of tokens you want to stake, with the probability of you winning the prize also reducing as more participants join the lottery.

Instant Deposits and Withdrawals

Using blockchain technology as a payment system has helped making deposits and withdrawals at Rollbit casino faster and more convenient for players.

Your deposits and withdrawals are not delayed for a long time, and you don’t have to wait for anyone to approve your transaction, unless your account is suspected of nefarious activities.

Amazing Rewards Program

Rollbit aims to offer players a more rewarding experience than the average casino, with the gambling platform giving back up to 70% of the house edge they receive from user bets through their rewards program.

The casino has improved the rewards that players can now earn on their platform. The rewards that players now enjoy include: loyalty bonuses, lossback bonuses, up to 20% Rank Up Bonuses, 40% Instant Rakeback, 2.5% to 10% Rollback, and their daily leaderboard, which rewards the top 5 players with everyday prizes from $125 to $1000.

Rollbit Casino also runs a referral program. This program rewards you with 10% of the house edge of every bet your referrals place.

Rollbit Rewards

Final Thoughts

Rollbit Casino is up there among the best crypto casino’s in the crypto space.

Not only does the NFT/crypto feature create a fun and profitable gambling experience for players, but it also creates real utilities for the crypto and NFT space.